Cyberpunk 2077 Westbrook Gigs Guide

Here we have a complete guide to all the gigs that area available in the Westbrook district of the Night City. Westbrook is the largest district of Night City with lots of gigs and side jobs for you and you can check them all out here and in your journal. So let’s get started.

Cyberpunk 2077 Westbrook Gigs

Gigs are what you get outside of your main storyline and you can complete these gigs given by different NPCs and corporations to get extra eddies, street creds and experience, which will help you gain more skill points to help you become more and more efficient in your main jobs.

In Westbrook, you have three main regions named as Japantown, Charter Hill and North Oak.

You will get gigs from all these regions with total number of gigs in the Westbrook to be 9. Here are the details of each gig in Westbrook:

Japantown Gigs

Greed Never Pays

Gig Type: Search and Recovery

Mark the location for the job in your map by getting it from the journal and then get to the map location, it is Leah Gladen’s apartment.

When you get into the building, you will need an access card which is on the counter on your right.

Get the access card to access stairs and use the code ‘2137’ to enter the apartment. Loot the apartment for all the extra stuff and then go to the kitchen and you will see a button just below the counter.

Press the button and go through the secret room that just opened. Look for the message ‘skeleton key’ and then go to the braindance club wired ahead.

The location will be marked on map, get elevator to the braindance club through in the building.

You can use stealth or assault approach here, that is totally up to you. All you need to do is take out around 10 enemies and then you can loot all that you want.

Then go to the room behind glass door and get the box that is placed on the counter.

Now all you need to do is to get that box to the location marked on the map and deposit the box to complete the gig.

You will get 1700 eddies and 727 street cred for this one.

Olive Branch

Gig Type: Special Delivery

This job will be close to Megabuilding MB, just get to the marked location on the map and you will get a call from Wakako Okada.

Then go talk to Sergei on the location marked on map and get in the car. After that, you are free to loot all the stuff around and then open the car trunk.

You will find someone in the car trunk, just talk to the person inside and here is all about your decision. You can either let him go, in which case the job will be completed.

Or you can opt to close the trunk with person inside and in that case, you will have to drive him to the nearest Tyger Claws restaurant. This will mark the end of this gig. You will get 3700 eddies if you save the person, or 1860 eddies if you don’t save him, 375 experience and 843 street cred.

Getting Warmer

Gig Type: SOS: Merc Needed

This one is near Sagan and Diamond in the Japantown and you will get a call from Okada for this one as well when you reach the location on map. Then walk on street after the call and get inside the building where the objective is.

Go upstairs to BugBear and you will face some enemies, there will be five to be precise, just get rid of them ad get to BugBear’s room.

Check the screen in front to get clues to unplug BugBear, go to the bathroom and get the coolant from the sink.

Use the coolant on BugBear’s body to lower the temperature and then unplug her. Disconnect BugBear by interacting with the screen and then carry her outside to the fixer’s car.

This will mark the end of this gig with 4020 eddies, 432 EXP and 972 street cred.

We Have Your Wife

Gig Type: SOS: Merc Needed

This one is close to Capitola street, reach the location on the map and Okada will call you about the job. You have to get inside the building at the marker, go from behind as the door is closed through the broken wall.

Then turn the camera off with the quickhack and break through the front door or go from the right-side garage door.

Clear the area from enemies and go through another door downstairs. Open the closed door and you will find Lauren inside, rescue her and escort her outside the building and the gig will be completed with 1860 eddies, 375 EXP and 843 street creds.

Wakako’s Favorite

Gig Type: SOS: Merc Needed

This gig will be close to Crescent and Broad, get to the marker location and Okada will tell you to find Chang Hoon Nam’s secret hideout. Go to the location marked on the map and force open the door if you have level 6 body or you can parkour your way in through the air conditioning vents.

Go through the door and go down a floor, be on the lookout for mines. Here you will talk to Chank Soon Nam, he will be in need of some help.

Then you have to interact with the computer there and your next objective will be to follow the lights.

Use the scanner to see in the dark, you will find a grated hatch in the ground which will open to make a path for you.

Take this to another room, keep an eye for the mines on this way as well. Make sure you loot everything here to make sure that you get the shard, take the shard to Chang Hoon Nam and put it inside his head.

Then you just have to talk to him, and the gig will be over with 4020 eddies, 432 EXP and 972 street creds.

Charter Hill

Until Death Do Us Part

Gig Type: Thievery

Requirement: Technical ability of level 6

This one will be close to Metro, just follow the quest mark to an apartment building in Charter Hill. Get the elevator to the 12th floor and make sure to comply with the objectives and do not get detected and find Gutierrez’s office.

If you have level 6 technical ability, you will be able to enter Gutierrez’s apartment. Go to the office room and here you will have to get the shard that is on the table close to computer screen.

Get back the elevator and out the building without getting detected and the gig will be completed when you are more than 40 meters away from the shard drop point.

You will get 1860 eddies, 373 EXP and 843 street creds.

Tyger and Vulture

Gig Type: Thievery

This one is close to longshore south, get to the location and you will get a call from Okada. This time you have to enter the casino and drop down from the terrace where there is some kind of a dam structure on the roadside.

Go under the street and get inside the casino, you can either kill the casino guard or pay him. Take down Tyger Claws members either by stealth or by assault and make sure you go through each and every corner and make a clean sweep of the casino.

Go to the left corner door of the casino and hack the computer inside to get some eddies. Then go through the hallway and get to the second floor, make a clean sweep on this floor as well and then you will find Cortex’s chip right beside a body in the room.

Get the chip and get out of the casino, leave the chip on drop point and the gig will be completed with 1860 eddies, 375 EXP and 843 street cred.

Family Heirloom

Gig Type: Search and Recover

This one is close to Dynalar, get to the gig marked location on the south side of Charter Hill. As you reach the spot, get ready for the fight in the parking garage.

After clearing the garage area, go to the back side of the garage and you will find some things of Johnny Silverhand.

You will also find a shard that has bootleg samurai performance and Dan’s car keys, get in the car that is on the left side of the garage and get the shard and car both to Dan and then go to the drop point and get your rewards of 6950 eddies, 565 EXP and 1270 street creds from Rogue.

North Oak Gigs

A Shrine Defiled

Gig Type: Agent Saboteur

This one will be marked in the North Oak, when you get to the job marker you will get a call from Okada. For this gig, you will have to infiltrate the honden.

Go upstairs from the main entrance and you can even climb the scaffolding if you have level 12 body and can break through the window.

Go to the courtyard and take down an enemy there, make sure to keep undetected. Climb through the window and take down more enemies inside without getting detected and also make sure that you have taken down the camera as well.

Go to the objective marker and install the malware in the computer there. When this is done, just escape the building and make sure you don’t get detected.

This will end the gig with you getting 6260 eddies, 453 EXP and 1041 street cred.