Cyberpunk 2077 Watson Side Jobs Guide

Side jobs are like side quests in Cyberpunk 2077 that you can do aside from the main storyline and they will give you extra rewards as well. We have prepared a detailed Cyberpunk 2077 Watson Side Jobs walkthrough for all the side jobs that are available in the Watson district.

Cyberpunk 2077 Watson Side Jobs

Watson is one of the six regions of the Night City and you will have multiple side jobs to complete in this district.

Let’s get through all of them one by one.

The Gift

This is the side job that you will be given by T-Bug when V is getting back home after dealing with the big gig from Night City. Just get to the Kabuki Market in Watson by fast travel and get to the main central building of the market.

Go upstairs to the 1st floor and you will see the Netrunner shop. Get inside and talk to Yoko about picking something up from T-Bug.

Here you will get your side job reward when Yoko tells you that T-bug has prepared daemon for you for free. You can get that free Ping Quickhack by going to the store menu and selecting it.

It will also have an exclamation mark on the side. After that, go to the main menu and equip the Ping and you are ready to scan.

You will see a camera in the shop marked by waypoint, scan it and use the ping on it to hack it. Now quickhack upload will be done and you will see your way to the local access point through a line.

Get in and now you will be playing a minigame of hacking. You will be rewarded Eurodollars, components or more quickhack, which you can see on the Datamine_V1 section of the screen.

Now upload the 1C, 55 sequence and select the row you need to hack and make sure that 1C, 55 code is in sequence to each other and is next to the timer and your side job ‘The Gift’ will be done here. Also, no need to worry if you select the wrong code matrix as you can disconnect from the server and then start again.

Paid in Full

The next quest or side job that you will get in the Watson district is ‘Paid in Full,’ and it will be available after you are done with the main storyline mission called The Ripperdoc.

This side job is about when you as V experience some visibility issues and cannot see clearly.

Viktor can help you, but you need around $21000 to get this vision upgrade through Kiroshi Optics. So first, make sure that you have 21 grand in your account and then go to Viktor.

After the upgrade, Viktor will reject your payment, but you have to insist for the payment and then you will unlock Viktor as your Ripperdoc. This is the end of another Watson side job.

Big in Japan

This side job will be available during Act 2 and you will get it from a man in Afterlife. We recommend you a level 9 or higher for this job and start the job by talking to a man in Afterlife in the Watson district.

Go to the rogue’s booth and talk to a man called Dennis, you can get to him by the green marker on him on the minimap. After talking, he will ask you to deliver a package, accept the offer and now you have to go to the Kabuki outskirts for the pickup.

When you are in the outskirts, walk around and when you get close to the object, the minimap will turn yellow.

Now look closely for a box that has ‘No Future’ written on it. You will find it in the container that is close to the water. When you get the package, open it.

You will get a surprise and then call Dennis to know that guys from Tyger Claws are also after your new friend (a body) and they just came outside the slum area.

Now you have two ways to approach the situation. You can either leave the body in the building and go to the other side to shoot the Tyger Claws guys from behind.

Or you can also carry the body with you and rather than engaging with Tyger Claws guys, you can sneak from behind and kill the people very sneakily.

You have to be very creative if you go from back side of the building and make sure to hack and use machines to your advantage and to clear your way.

Now put the body in the car and go to the location marked on the map and make sure to drive carefully so that you don’t alert anyone around. Reach the location and get out of the car and talk to Dennis.

Now you will come to know that the body you transported is of a surgeon who made some mistake while operating on a Tyger Claws boss and now they are after him.

You can ask them more questions and at the end you will get paid with the rare Iconic Katana called “Scalpel.”

Dennis and the other person will drive off and this will mark the end of the quest or side job in Watson district called “Big in Japan.”

The Gig

The Gig is a side job in Watson district which is the conclusion to the job called the Rescue.

For completing this side job you have to wait till Act 2 and for the lockdown to end. The recommended level for this side job is 8.

Reward: You will be rewarded with a Tattoo of Tiger claws dermal Imprint.

Beat on the Brat: Kabuki

You will get this side job in kabuki. You have to reach the side job location. Once there you have to go to the roof where twins are.

Start a conversation with them and you can bet 500 or 1000 Eddies from the money you have. After that, a fight will start with them in which you cannot use any weapons.

You have to use a strong attack to stun the twins for a moment. You can get rid of one of the twins and then you can have one to one fight. You can keep twins in front of you by moving to the side. This will prevent them for hit you from the backside.

You can dodge Twin attacks. Once the twins are defeated they will get to the side.

After a while, you can get your Eddies and street cred as well. After that, you will receive a congratulation message from Coach Fred.

Sacrum Profanum

This side job is started when you meet a monk close to the northwestern coast.

For completing this side quest and get inside you can use a container that will help you in not killing anyone. Here one of the guards is looking out.

You can get on the container and hide there can move forward till you reach stairs going up.

From here go to the warehouse back where you will encounter a guard. Now you can kill the gang members more easily without being noticed.

Take out the guard at the back and then move ahead and you will get into a room with three of the enemies.

You can kill them without being noticed. When you have killed all the five guards the monk will start to beg for their lives.

This side job will be completed after a little conversation. If you did not kill them using any weapon the monk will thank you.

You will be rewarded with 970 Street Cred Experience and 431 Experience.

The Gun

This job will be available in Little China. You can easily fast travel to it using Megabuilding H10 Atrium. To complete this job, you need to purchase a handgun from a 2nd amendment shop.

Go to the shop and talk to Wilson to pull the shop menu up and buy the pistol named Dying Night. This will complete the mission and you will get the gun itself and 134 Eddies.

The Epistrophy

This side job will unlock a series of related side jobs as soon as you re-establish connection with Delamain at the end of the side job Tune up.

To fast travel to this one, you can go through the Petrel ST. In Heywood, when you meet Delamain, he will tell you that some vehicles have gone rogue due to a virus and he needs your help to retrieve them. Each related side job will be explained individually.

As soon as you accept the jobs, you will get 3400 Eddies and 336 XP.


This side job is a consequence of one of the choices you make in ‘’ The Heist’’ mission. If you choose sending Jackie’s body to the Ripperdoc choice, then the mission is easier and shorter.

In this choice, the Heroes mission will be as follows, call Mama Welles and she will send you Jackie’s motorcycle’s key. As a result of which the mission end and you will have a motorcycle now.

You will also get 166 street Creds.

Burning Desire

This side job is available in Little China; you can fast travel to it through Goldsmith ST. Upon reaching the location, you will find out that you need to help a YouTuber, Jesse.

Drive Jesse to Ripperdoc clinic and then wait or keep your focus on other missions and objectives not related to this one. Eventually, you will get a call from Jesse that he has transferred you some money and the call will end.

You will get 1480 eddies.

Happy Together

Available in Little China, where you need to help two cops. Go down V’s apartment to see two cops banging on a former NCPD cop, their old friends; upon no response, they will go in the hallway.

Go to them to start the side job where you need to meet the former cop. Go to his apartment, number 0613 and knock on it only to receive no response.

Come back again after three hours( skip time through the menu ). He will finally respond, tell him you wanna talk to him and that his friends asked you to drop by and then say that you lost someone too.

Pick every blue option during the conversation and then use the safe dialogues, which are:

-What about your friends in the force

-Everyone has their limits

– Just stand

This will then result in a mandatory objective in North Oak, where you need to find Barry’s hidden message in Andrew’s niche. Use the minimap to find the message on the glowing blue area in the bottom left corner.

Fast travel back to Barry’s apartment using Mega building H10: Atrium and talk to the cops already waiting there. Choose the dialogue’’ I visited Andrew’s grave’’.

This will end the mission and you will be rewarded with 1020 Eddies, 228 XP and 513 street creds.

Shoot to Thrill

After the 2nd Act of Cyberpunk 2077 and when you are in the 2nd amendment shop, you will receive a call from Wilson, asking you to participate in the shooting tournament.

Go meet him near his apartment and go to the shooting range with him; shoot the targets at least 100 times in under 60 seconds. Avoid the revolver as it has only 6 bullets; use Dying Night iconic pistol instead.

Each target can be shot at 10 times! Make sure you shoot each one 10 times. Upon shooting 100 bullets, the mission will end and you will get a pistol, M-10AF Lexington and 500 eddies along with 121 XP and 295 street creds.

Tune Up

This job can only be unlocked if you finish ‘’ Human Nature’’ first. Go to your car and wait for Delamain’s cab to ram into your cab after you receive his call.

Travel to the mission marker in Heywood and you will eventually end up in Delamain’s headquarter. People will be complaining about the damages caused by the cabs. Eventually, 3400 eddies will be in your account and the mission will be completed.

Human Nature

This side job ties into the Delamain’s Cab incident where it hits your car. When you go down into the garage, delamain’s cab will hit and run your car.

You can get inside your car and still drive it around. The car will then be towed to Delamain’s headquarters to be repaired. You will then receive his call informing you that the car has been repaired. This will finish the side job.

The Prophet’s Song

This side job will be available in Little China while you are playing Act 2. The mission involves the story of Garry the Prophet. You need to repeatedly visit the conspiracy theorist and support him.

Eventually, two nomads will attack him and you need to save him. Once he is saved, the side job will start. Garry will tell you the whereabouts of the proves of his theories.

You will then go to a meeting and talk to Jhonny, hide and wait for Malestorm gang member so that you can attack them when ‘’ Seize the Conspirator Chip’’ objectives pops up.

Grab the chip and go back to Garry only to find another preacher; apparently, Garry is dead. This will finish the side job and you will get 120 XP and 290 street creds.

Venus in Furs

After the 2nd Act, you will find this side job in the Watson district. Meredith will contact you and send you the coordinates to her location, head to the motel and enter through the back door.

She will be waiting there and you will spend the night with her. This will end the side job, but you can look around the bed to find a very powerful iconic weapon.

This weapon will be your reward.

I Fought the Law

To play this particular side job, you need first complete Act 2, Lightning Breaks, Life during Wartime and then Automatic love with The Space in Between. Also, you should be at 12th level and 13th street cred level.

As the side job starts, you will get a call from Elizabeth Peralez. Enter the car and meet Jefferson. Now you need to find 6 clues while being in braindance editor.

The six clue clips are as follows;

-Audio 00:10 -> 00:32: Scan the two men near the stage.

-Visual 00:10 -> 00:14: Scan the man standing to the far left of the stage, near the door.

-Visual 00:29 -> 00:35: Scan the door to the left of the stage, the one the men are exiting through.

-Visual 01:00: Check the wall to the left of the metal detector

Visual 01:00: Scan the cyberpsycho who just came in the building.

-Audio 01:03 – 01:14: Scan the cyberpsycho to hear what he’s saying.

Now you need to exit the braindance and now talk to Jefferson so that he can tell you about the murder and give you River Ward’s information. Call the detective and meet him at the Chubby Buffalo and Choose to meet with the informer or the CI.

As soon as you find the CI, he will try to flee, and you need to chase him. You can find him in the alley of the market place too. Interrogate the informer and go to the club.

Enquire the vendors in the club about Christine and soon enough, her location will appear on your minimap. Go to the location and talk to Christine.

Go back to River’s car and deal with the tiger claws here, but you need to not hit them; instead, wait and head to the gate to the warehouse. The guy on the gate won’t let you through, so walk around the left corner and pass the two billboards to find the opening here.

There will be an animal here which you can distract by using the generator, and then you can go up the stairs and through the blue door to enter the warehouse.

Now to enter the club, you need to make sure you dump the dead bodies of all the animals here. If you are not able to, River will come to help you.

Once you are inside, explore the area and head upstairs to find the office in the left room. Look for the ‘’Surprise them’’ poster and go through the door beside it.

Interact with the computer and meet Jefferson to show him your finding. This will finish the side job.

The Hunt

This side job requires you to completely finish the above explained side job. Wait for 24 hours after you complete ‘’ I fought the law’’ side job and The Hunt will start automatically.

Drive to the location on the marker to meet River, wait for him to arrive, then hop in his car. News will appear, after which you need to follow the River to the lab.

Follow the marker and go straight through the entrance after going through the alley on your left. You can go through the door only if you have 12 technical ability points; otherwise, just Hop over the wall.

Go up the yellow ladder and open the window to enter the lab. Now you need to turn around and go down the hall to take the first door on the left. Enter the room behind you. It will be the right one if it has 2 BD chairs, 2 arcade cabinets and a whiteboard with drawings. Approach the cabinets on the right.

You now need to follow River and talk to Joss and Johnny on your way out to find about what happened to Randy. To find the clues, you need to actively search the area and you may find major clues if:

You go through the door down the hall from the bathroom, find the computer under the bed, return to River and punch the track title,  use the computer, access all files and join the net to follow the prompts.

Go back to Joss and to have a talk about what you found. Go to bed and then watch the recording after you wake up.

Scan for the clues in braindance, the clues in the two sections are are:

-Visual: A teacher

-Visual: The Bulletin board in cafe

-Visual: At 1:23 , there’s a trophy on the wall.

-Visual: Harris and the crow( 00:02)

-Visual: Harris’s dad( 00:08)

-Visual: Console to the left of Harris’s dad( 00:14)

-Visual: Cattle injectors( 00:15)

-Visual: Supplements in the crates( 01:05)

-Visual: Cartoon on Tv( 02:03)

For the third section of braindance, just scan everything, so you have as much information as possible. Talk to River and he will take you the farm. In case you couldn’t find the name of the farm in the braindance, it is EdgeWood.

Upon reaching the farm, enter the barn on the right. Access the computer to open the secret door, go to the second computer in this room to turn the cameras and turrets off.

Now you need to go inside the barn, use the ladder to go to the roof of the barn so you can avoid the mines and then drop down inside through one of the windows.

Eventually, River will find Randy and ask you to turn off the braindance devices, do it by interacting with a nearby computer and then return to River.

Finally, help other victims and talk to River again, this will end the mission, and you will be rewarded with 634 XP and 2175 street creds.

Send in the Clowns

You will be able to do this side job at a certain point during Act 2 where Ozob will ask you to contact him if you are interested in a driving job. Give him a call and take your car to Japantown to meet him.

Drop him off to his desired location and follow his instruction. Wait for the explosion nearby in the alley, which will trigger a fight in which you need to kill the gang members.

Talk to Ozob to get your reward, 2720 eddies.

Full Disclosure

This job is available in Kabuki as you play Act 2. Wait for Sandra Dorsett to call you to help her in retrieving her Databank from Scavengers. Go to the Scavenger hideout and enter through the window above the door.

Search the area and go to the center of the area with red lights and you will be able to find the databank. Go back to her apartment and tell her you didn’t explore the databank. This will complete the job and you will be rewarded with 880 eddies, 257 XP and 577 Street creds.

Both Sides now

You need to make sure that you have completed Double life as you can access this job in Kabuki only 24 hours after that. In this side job, Judy Alvarez will ask for your help.

You will find a dead body in her apartment, Evelyn is dead and she needs to be moved to her room. You must do this to advance the mission. Juddy will talk to the cops and then meet you again on the rooftop.

After the conversation, leave the building to complete the job and get rewarded with 286 XP and 643 street creds

Talking about Revolution

In order to do this side job, you need to first successfully complete ” Ex- factor” and wait for 6 hours to receive Judy’s message which will start the side job.

Go to her apartment near 5 pm. You can fast travel using Charter St. Find the stool in the kitchen and sit there. Now you need to either accept Judy’s proposal regarding the future side jobs, which will also give you an opportunity to have a romance with her, or leave it.

After the conversation, have some rest, accept Judy’s money and leave the building, you will be rewarded with 257 XP, 41 street creds and some eddies.


In this side job, you will be investigating again. This one is also available in Kabuki. You will receive a text message which requires you to meet Lizzy Wizzy in a no theme motel.

Lizzy will ask you to find out if the man she’s dating, cheating on her. Go to Riot Club near Afterlife and gather evidence regarding Liam Northom. You need to walk up to the bartender as he will tell you about Northom.

You can also bribe the bartender to give you more info. After that, you need to go to the elevator, following the marker. You will find a computer here, next to an employee’s badge, control the cameras and spy the VIP room in which Liam is.

Get the footage of his conversation about the sick plans he has for Lizzy Wizzy and give her a call. Finally, you need to meet her back at No-Tell Motel. Lizzy Wizzy will have killed Liam by then, dump the body to complete the side job. You will receive 2410 Eddies.

Chippin In

This side job is available in Little China and you can fast travel to it through Afterlife. You need to meet Johnny in the Afterlife bar and he will take over your mind here, which will start ” A Cool Metal Fire” side job.

You can’t do much here until you wake up next to Rogue later on and her a conversation about Grayson’s location. You need to wait for her call now upon which you need to meet her again in Afterlife.

She will give you a jacket, take you outside and drive you to Malestorm docks to find Grayson there. You will have to follow her as the night arrives, into the docks.

Follow the mission marker and search the computer, then go through the door in front of you to find messages relating to Smasher that can be found in Ebunike Ship.

Go to the ship and find Garry at the end of the ship next to some guards. Take the guards out to have access to Garry. You will also find Johnny and Rogue here. You can also get Johnny’s gun here.

Finally, drive to the Oil fields where Johnny is buried, a cutscene will start, and the job will be finished upon its end.

Your reward will be Johnny’s Porsche, 143 XP and 322 Street Creds.

A Cool Metal Fire

This is the connected side job that starts as soon as you talk to Johnny, which eventually leads to ”Chippin In’’ side job.

There isn’t much you can do here, and Johnny has control over you, but you can still opt for a few choices.

Nevertheless, this side job ends automatically as soon as you regain control of V and find yourself waking up next to Rogue. You will get 143 XP and 322 Street cred as soon as your conversation with Rogue ends.

Blistering Love

This side job is connected to ‘’Chippin in’’ side job too. You will once again let Johnny have control over you. This time you will have to call Rogue and set a date with her.

Meet her at Afterlife Club entrance and follow her to Johnny’s Porsche, drive to  Silver Pixel Cloud drive-in cinema enter the area by using the code 0000, which can be found on the computer in the office.

Enter the theatre, go up the theatre, use the project to start the movie and take the pill so that Johnny takes over.

Now a conversation between Rogue and Johnny will start and there will be a romantic episode between them. Whatever choices you make here will make no difference, and the side job will end as soon as you regain control of V and have a conversation with Johnny.

You will be rewarded 143 XP and 322 Street Creds.

Psycho Killer

This side job is related to taking out a number of CyberPsychos as you play CyberPunk 2077 main storyline. There are 17 different gigs that you need to complete to complete the job itself.

These will appear on your minimap as question marks and Regina will call you as soon as you get near them. You need to deal with the CyberPsychos but make sure that you do that non-lethally.

Subsequently, loot the cyberpsychos to gather the information and text Regina whatever you find. When all the gigs are completed, you will be rewarded with respective XP and Cred points.

War Pigs

This side job is available in Kabuki and you can fast travel to it through Kenndey North. You can do this side job only if you have already finished ‘’ Transmission’’ main job and have a Corpo background.

Having met the above requirements, wait for Frank’s Call, track the job and move the dumpster to find a briefcase behind it. Frank will approach you and you will have to make some choices.

If you want to get his iconic weapon, you might as well just kill him there even though you can talk him into living a new life. If you kill him, that will also finish the job and as a reward, you will get 1140 XP, 241 Street Cred.

Loot his body to get the iconic pistol, the Apparition.

Second Conflict

This side job can only be accessed if you have already completed ‘’Holding out’’. This one is available in Northside and you can fast travel to it through Martin St.

As the job starts, you will find yourself in Totentaz, a hotel. Go inside and use the elevator to go to the third floor and into the bar, where you will find BUM BUM if you didn’t kill him earlier.

If you killed him, you will find Royce. Nevertheless, you just need to follow the host, whoever it is.

If Brick welcomes you, then it will all be easy. If you deal with Patricia, be ready for some trouble. If you find Bum Bum and Royce, you can choose to steal the Data and escape, which you can do by involving Nancy in the plan.

You need to leave the area if you get the data from Nancy, go down the stairs and go right into the men’s restroom, go to the balcony using the window here. Stay close to the ledge and access the next window.

You can then talk to Nancy outside the club and she will take you to N54 news, where you need to find Henry and Denny. Look for some dirt tracks near the entrance and follow them.

A quick scene will start and you will have to choose who you want to watch in the Samurai reunion show. Your choice doesn’t matter here. Just make sure that you pick up the Gold Plated Baseball bat on your way out of the Villa.

This will end the side job and you will get 430 XP and 47 Street Cred.

Rebel Rebel

You need to complete A Like Supreme first to have access to this one. Head to Kerry’s place and wait outside for 12 in-game hours( Fast forwards in menu). Talk to him when he gets out, which will start the job.

Meet him in Rancho Coronado between 12:30 and 3:30 am as per his request and wait for him to arrive. Hop in his car and get out when prompted to grab the supplies out of his car’s trunk.

Put the stringers on the road as told by Kerry and then hide with him. As the car passes and slows down, force the passenger to step out of the vehicle.

Grab the card on the ground to access the back of the van to find the musical instruments Kerry wanted. Throw a grenade at the van and outrun the cops.

Finally, drive Kerry to Capitan Caliente and order some coffee. This will conclude the mission. You will get 425 XP and 513 street Creds.

I Don’t Wanna Hear it

This is a follow-up mission to the mission above where Kerry will call you, all outraged about a rival musical band. Follow the location on the map to the vendor outside the Riot Night Club.

Wait for Kerry and get the tickets so you can go inside the club. Now, this is the easiest way as you avoid much of the hassle here. As you advance further, you will find a door being guarded.

Grab the employee’s badge access card from the storage room right next to the bar. You will then have access to the rival band, Us Cracks.

You need to make a choice here. If you are interested in attending the concert, then use the three top dialogue options, and if you are not, then choose the bottom three dialogue options. This will end the side job.

The reward will be 436 XP and 27 street creds.

Off the Leash

This side job will be available only after in game 12 hours as soon as you finish ‘’ I don’t wanna hear it” side job. Eventually, you will get a call from Kerry, and you need to go to Dark Matter in Charter Hill. Enter the area.

Talk to the bouncer and he will allow you to go inside, use the elevator and go to the 35th floor. Wait for Kerry here and Us Cracks will be here too. Go and talk to Kerry.

If you want to have a romantic episode with him, then choose all dialogue options in his favor. This will end the job and you will receive 436 Xps and 210 Streed Creds.

Boat Drinks

This side job is a follow up of the” Off the Leash” side job. Once that is completed, wait for Kerry to call you and go to the Night city docks in Downtown area.

Wait till 7 pm and meet Kerry on the boat. Have a conversation with Kerry and follow him as the boat gets Vandalized. Help him when he asks for it and eventually, you two will be on the beach.

As the last dialogue option, choose the one that assures him that you two are in a relationship. This will end the side job and you will be rewarded with 314 Xps and 540 Street creds.