Cyberpunk 2077 Watson Gigs Guide

Our Cyberpunk 2077 Watson Gigs Guide will get you up to speed with everything you need to know about gigs in the Watson District in Cyberpunk 2077, including their locations, their types, and what you need to do to complete them.

Cyberpunk 2077 Watson Gigs

Gig in Cyberpunk 2077 is basically a task that you’ll be assigned by the fixers, in exchange for handsome rewards.

In the Watson district, you can get these gigs in two regions, namely Northside and Kabuki.

Below, we’ve detailed all the gigs that are currently available in these two regions. So, let’s get started!

Watson Gigs

Northside Gigs

Flight of the Cheetah
Gig Type: SOS: Merc Needed

Difficulty: Moderate

Head to the 1237 motel room and talk to Hwangbo. Once the conversation is finished, a group of five enemies will appear, looking for you and Hwangbo.

Since they won’t be aware of your presence in the motel, you can sneak past them. Otherwise, fight and kill them.

Then, make your way to Hwangbo’s car and drive to the meeting location. Once there, converse with Hwangbo after which this gig will be marked as completed.

Rewards: 1390 eddies, +234 Experience, +525 Street Cred Experience

Dirty Biz
Gig Type: Thievery

Difficulty: Moderate

Once you’re on the destined location, you’ll most probably be detected by the Maelstrom gang members. So, be prepared for a hot contest.

Once you’ve taken care of all the gang members, make your way to Gottfrid and Fredrik’s studio and ask them about the XBD recording of the preacher’s son.

They will hand over to you the BD_9430 footage. Go on and deposit this footage to the Drop Point to complete this gig.

Rewards: 1798 eddies, +234 Experience, +525 Street Cred Experience

Rite of Passage
Gig Type: Thievery

Difficulty: Moderate

Sneak inside the Gig Location through the rightward garage to avoid being noticed by the guard at the entrance. Be sure to disable the camera over the garage before you do so.

Next, kill the enemy in the garage and head upstairs to the server room stealthily. Here, you’ll see a computer containing the surgery recording.

Interact with the computer to collect the recording. Having done that, escape the yellow area shown in the mini-map to finish this gig.

Rewards: 1390 eddies, +234 Experience, +525 Street Cred Experience

Hippocratic Oath

Difficulty: Moderate

To enter this mission’s location, you can either sneak in or go in firing guns. Whichever option you go with, make your way to the Clean Cut clinic next.

There’ll be a plethora of Maelstrom gang members on its entrance. Take cover behind the pillars and half walls just outside the clinic while you clear out the entrance.

Once your pathway is clear, head inside the clinic and persuade Lucy to leave the clinic with you.

If you’re successful in persuading her, accompany her to outside the clinic where a fixer in a car will be awaiting her.

Once she enters the car, this gig will be marked as completed.

Rewards: 1390 eddies, +234 Experience, +525 Street Cred Experience

Occupational Hazard
Gig Type: SOS: Merc Needed

Difficulty: High

Make your way to the location of this mission and given that you level 5 Technical Ability, head inside.

Otherwise, rush back to the warehouse and ascend the yellow ladder to reach the roof. While you do so, take a peek or two inside the warehouse from the windows etched on your way.

If you take the second route to get inside the warehouse, you’ll have a tactical advantage of height against Anna Nox Mox Leader – the boss you’ll be facing in the mission.

Keep shooting it until it’s being killed. Next, proceed to find Hal Cantos.

There’ll be a blue cargo container downstairs. Go near it and you’ll get a knock option near the doors.

Once you’ve assured Cantos that Anna Nox is being taken care of, he’ll come out of the container.

You’ll have a small chat with him after this gig will be complete.

Rewards: 4860 Eddies, 328 Experience, 740 Street Cred Experience

Lousy Kleppers
Gig Type: Thievery

To head inside the Maelstrom warehouse with this mission marker, proceed to the warehouse fencing on the left and crawl in through the gap.

Now, move cautiously to the front entrance and disable the camera fixated over the entrance.

With the camera disabled, you’ll be able to sneak past the two Maelstrom gang members into the warehouse.

Once inside, just follow the mission marker to the databank, being wary of the cameras.

You’ll find the databank on a table next to a minivan. Grab it and head outside the warehouse silently.

Finally, deposit the databank at the nearest Data Point to mark this gig as completed.

Rewards: 4860 Eddies, 328 Experience, 740 Street Cred Experience

Freedom of the Press
Gig Type: SOS: Merc Needed

Make your way to Max Jones’ hideout and either enter through the front door (if you level 8 Technical Ability) or by climbing up the roof through the dumpster right around the side.

Once inside, continue following the mission marker to find Max Jones. There will be a lot of cameras and traps on your way. Avoid them at all costs to proceed with this mission.

When you’ve finally reached Max Jones’ room, he’ll threaten to kill himself. Respond with the dialogue, “Nope, I’m not.” to keep the conversation going.

Throughout the conversation, another dialogue will have a couple of choices to choose from; “Regina was your mentor?” will be the right choice.

All other dialogue options will be pretty straightforward.

After you’ve persuaded Max Jones to leave with you, lead him to a car waiting outside.

As soon as he enters the car, leave the area and this gig will be complete.

Rewards: 4860 eddies, +328 Experience, +740 Street Cred Experience.

Many Ways to Skin a Cat
Gig Type: Thievery

This nifty little thievery gig has you breaking into a warehouse to steal a van. You can find it in the Northside of Watson.

You’ll find yourself at the front of the warehouse initially. This is a more direct approach, a more favorable and quieter one can be found on the side along the left of the fence. Sneak inside and you can sneak into the warehouse along the crates.

Open the door using your Technical Ability 5, or go upstairs. You will find yourself at the root with the windows on your left open. Be careful of the cameras and drop down cautiously.

Follow the marker and go to the computer room near you to sync up with the van. Now, either head to the van stealthily or cause up a ruckus. The gate will open automatically and you can drive it to the marked location to complete this side-job.

Rewards: 1478 eddies, +234 Experience, +525 Street Cred Experience

Catch a Tyger’s Toe
Gig Type: Agent Saboteur

This side-job pushes you to upload malware to the H11 megabuilding. Ready yourself up for some resistance from the Tiger Claws.

Your first objective lies in the main server room. Take the elevator down to the room and be vigilant of any Tyger Claws members. There are cameras all around, so you might want to sabotage them before you start going about.

Take a right after getting out of the elevator and use the doorway that leads to a stairwell with a camera. Take care of the camera and creep your way through the large server towers.

Sneak into the back room and install the malware on the computer. Once done, retrace your steps back to the elevator and get out of the facility. Regina Jones will call you and grant you your rewards, thus completing the side-quest.

Rewards: 1160 eddies, +177 Experience, 398 Street Cred Experience

Cyberpsycho Sighting: Where the Bodies hit the Floor

With this side-job, you’ll find yourself squaring off against a Cyberpsycho. Kill him, or use non-lethal force; the decision is up to you.

Ellis Carter is a formidable foe who will try to set you ablaze as much as possible. Having perks that grant you bonuses while being set on fire really help here. If you don’t have those, then make sure to get your Maxdoc meds ready.

After you finish off Carter, you will get a Breach Protocol skill shard to level your Breach Protocol.

Loot the Archived Conversation between Brick and Ellis. Check your messages and tell Regina of everything that transpired which will complete this side-gig.

Rewards: 1300 eddies, +118 Experience, +265 Street Cred Experience

Cyberpsycho Sighting: Six Feet Under
This is another addition to the Cyberpsycho series as you are set to fight another Psycho Killer.

Tracking the Cyberpsycho, you’ll find yourself at a closed end. The weakness of this particular enemy is electricity. You can take out some shock damage options to make the fight easier.

Pick up the Farewell shard after dealing with the Cyberpsycho and send Regina the information regarding your success which will complete the Six Feet Under gig.

Rewards: 1300 eddies, +118 Experience, +265 Street Cred Experience.

Cyberpsycho Sighting: Bloody Ritual
The third Cyberpsycho Gig in Northside. You are to take down another mini-boss and it’s better to use non-lethal means to do so.

The Cyberpsycho is in the back alley in a satanic ritualistic area. In the center is a tub, filled with water, this is where the Cyberpsycho is.

Stand around in the area and scan everything to make the Cyberpsycho emerge, then take her down.

Use quick hacks to slow her down, then use either melee weapons, or any other gun with higher electrical damage as she has a 30% weakness to electricity.

Once done, Regina will contact you.

Rewards: 1300 eddies, +118 Experience, +265 Street Cred Experience


Welcome to America, Comrade
Gig Type: Agent Saboteur

Proceed to the docks towards the east side. Form the main gate of the docks, turn right and you’ll find a fence door up ahead.

Disable all the cameras and get to the car sneaking to the embankment. Plant the GPS Tracker on the car and then, immediately exit the docks to finish this gig.

Troublesome Neighbours
Gig Type: Gun For Hire

Difficulty: Moderate

Proceed to the residential block at Cortes and Kennedy. From here, make your way inside the mission location.

You can either sneak in or go in blazing guns. If you choose to move in silently, use the vending machine and the generator near the fence to distract the guards and then, knock them out.

Now, follow the mission marker to find Taki Kenmochi and then, pick her up. Exit the area and take her to the fixer’s car truck waiting outside.

Once she’s in the car truck, this gig will be marked as completed.

Rewards: 1240 eddies, +195 Experience, +438 Street Cred Experience

Woman of LA Mancha
Gig Type: Gun For Hire

Difficulty: Moderate

Firstly, make your way to the Kabuki Market and find the location where Anna Hamil lives.

Once Anna’s location is known, follow the mission marker by jumping on stalls, balconies, and air conditioning units to reach Anna’s balcony.

As soon as you’re on the balcony, she’ll point a gun at you. Stay still and a conversation will be prompted.

Choose the following dialogues in succession to convince her to give up the NCPD investigation, “Here to warn you”, “Just wanna help you”, “Your buddies at the NCPD”, “Thanks, Anna.”

After that, get out of the yellow marked zone on the mini-map to be done and dusted with this gig.

Rewards: 3700 eddies, +195 Experience, +438 Street Cred

Shark in the Water
Gig Type: Gun For Hire

Difficulty: Moderate

Make your way to the mission location and head inside the Pharmaceuticals shop guarded by animals.

Eliminate all the animals quietly unless you’re looking for a long and hectic battle with the NCPD!

Next, move inside the shop, take out all the animals there silently before making a move for Blake Croyle who’ll be sitting in front of a computer.

You can either kill him inside the shop or knock him out and then take him to the fixer’s car to finish him off.

Either way, as soon as he’s dead, this gig will be complete.

Rewards: 1240 eddies, +195 Experience, +438 Street Cred

Monster Hunt
Gig Type: Gun for Hire

Difficulty: Moderate

This mission is located in Ho-Oh Casino towards the east side.

Firstly, distract the bouncer on the front door of the casino and head inside. You’ll come across a stairway leading to the upper floor.

Ascend the stairs. At the end of the stairs, you’ll see a door. Smash open this door and take care of two Tyger Claws inside the room.

Now, wait for Jotaro Shobo and when he appears, neutralize him by either using a quickhack or taking a headshot with a silent weapon.

Having done that, escape the yellow marked area on the mini-map to complete this gig.

Rewards: 1310 eddies, +214 Experience, +480 Street Cred Experience

Back Against The Wall
Gig Type: Search And Recover

Make your way to the apartment marked on the mission location.

Enter the apartment and go to the first floor. Look for the bathroom in which you’ll find the person of interest.

As soon as you open the bathroom door, a conversation will be prompted between you and the person.

Stay still while conversing otherwise, the person in the bathroom will start to fight you.

Keep the situation calm by choosing the first dialogue option from each dialogue choice that you’ll get.

After the conversation, search for the stolen medicine. You’ll find it on a container attached to a wall.

Exit the area and deposit this medicine at a Drop Point to finish this gig.

Small Man, Big Evil
Gig Type: Gun For Hire

Proceed to the rooftop slums near the Allen Street. Use the air conditioning units adjacent to the stairway to climb up to these rooftops.

Quietly take out the guard here before you go on.

Once you’ve reached the ladder, look down and kill Jae-Hyun to complete this gig.

Last Login
Gig Type: Thievery

Difficulty: Moderate

As marked on your mini-map, head to the housing block on Eisenhower Ave and get to its basement.

Carefully proceed ahead and kill both the scavengers who’ll cross paths with you.

You’ll see a laptop on the desk. Grab it and exit the area from the same way you came in.

Deposit this laptop to the nearest Drop Point to complete this gig.

Rewards: 2930 eddies, +254 Experience, +572 Street Cred Experience

Fixer Merc, Soldier, Spy
Gig Type: Thievery

Make your way to the Hotel Rairo on Adam Street.

Once inside, distract the receptionist and get the key to the elevator.

Take the elevator to get to the upper floor. When you come out of the elevator, take the stairs to go further above.

Now, get to the balcony in front, and from there, jump to the penthouse’s terrace.

As soon as you land in the living room, quickly grab the shard from the bag below the TV. Now, make your way the street outside before the enemies in the living room can notice your presence.

Once you’re out in the clear, call Regina who’ll ask you to deliver the shard at a specified location.

With that being done, this gig will come to its end as well.

Little China

The Heisenberg Principle
Gig Type: Agent Saboteur

A dangerous drug by the name of Glitter is being peddled around, which is unfortunately much easier to overdose on compared to any other drugs. Arati Kapoor’s son passed away due to the drug and she hopes to bring the men responsible to justice.

The lab that you need to infiltrate is crawling with Tyger members. Sneak your way through or go in guns blazing. Your objective is to go past the front door (Beware of the camera) and go downstairs. If you have Level 9 Technical Ability, you can use the door as an alternative path. Otherwise, follow the mission marker and go deeper into the lab.

Your objective will be lit up red, take the three people out in this area. Blow up all of the tanks in this area and fight your way out. Regina Jones will call you and give you your rewards on a job well done.

Rewards: 3930 eddies, +214 Experience, +480 Street Cred Experience

Gig Type: SOS – Merc Needed

Someone requires your abilities to free them from the grasp of the Tyger’s Claws.  Regina Jones’ clients have found himself in trouble after refusing to lose a boxing fight, and it is up to you to save Roh Chi-Won.

Roh Chi-Won is being held captive in Tyger Claws dojo. The open area is safe to walk around, so head right from the entrance around the back and jump onto the roof using the shop stalls.

You can find two windows, one that requires Technical Ability level 8 to open. There’s one enemy as soon as you drop down the window and one opposite of him.

Be careful of the camera and go around the outside of the center dojo room. Keep continuing through to the marker until you get to a gym room. Knock the one gang member out in this room and proceed downstairs to find Roh Chi-Won being beaten up.

You can either ask Roh to wait or follow you outside. There’s an exit door above the stairs that will take you out. If you’ve been stealthy up until this point, you can take the coach from this exit immediately and take him to the Drop Point to earn your reward.

Rewards: 2620 eddies, 214 Experience, 480 Street Cred

Playing for Keeps
Gig Type: Search and Recover

Unfortunately, someone has lost their eye. Jacob Lamb decided that it would be a good idea to put his vision on the line at the casino. Regina Jones needs your help to recover the eye back from the casino with whatever means necessary.

Try not to enter the casino through the door with the “Keep Out” sign. A good way to enter the casino is through the alleyway to the right of the entrance. Distract the guard and go in where you will find another guard.

If you have Body Level 4, you can bust through the door on the opposite end. Here lies the eye we have been searching for; in the freezer. Grab the ID card and go left from the freezer room. You can find it left from the double doors on the counter.

Grab the eye and go back out to the drop point. Deposit the eye, and you will complete this side-gig and receive your reward.

Rewards: 1080 eddies, +160 Experience, +359 Street Cred Experience

Cyberpsycho Sighting: Ticket to the Major Leagues
Another Cyberpsycho roams the streets of Night City and it’s your job to take them down.

Walk along the coast to discover numerous bodies leading to the Cyberpsycho. The name of this particular deranged lunatic is Alec Johnson. He will be staring at the garage door.

Start the fight, and once you deal enough damage to him, he’ll try going to the helipad nearby.

Knock out Johnson, and loot the two shards from him. This will complete the objective, relay the information to Regina and claim your rewards.

Rewards: 1050 eddies, +126 Experience, +284 Street Cred Experience.

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