Cyberpunk 2077 Totalimmortal Walkthrough

Read below to find our step by step breakdown of the Cyberpunk 2077 Totalimmortal main story quest. We will be covering each major objective, location and people you will meet along the way. So let’s dive right in.

Cyberpunk 2077 Totalimmortal

Totalimmortal is a main job that takes place after the point of no return, Nocturne Op55N1, depending on which ending you chose.

Arasaka Tower

Get out of the AV at Arasaka Tower, and follow Hanako to Saburo’s office. Enter the marked elevator and after it stops, get out, sit with Mikoshi, and listen to the conversation.

Make your way back to Hanako and join him in going to the board meeting. Once there, take an empty seat.

After you have participated in the meeting, you will be assaulted by some Arasaka Agents, deal with them and talk to Hanako again.

Now it’s time to start forcing your way across the building. Use the elevators to reach the Atrium.

Once there, you will have to deal with a bunch of security guards on the floors.

Make your way to the first elevator, which will be blocked, so you will have to climb up to the third floor to take the next one. This will now take you to the 140th floor.

Your next stop on the 140th floor is Yorinobu’s office. Handle any guards along the way. But as you are making your way to the office, Adam Smasher will be waiting to ambush you and you will be forced into a boss fight.

Adam Smasher Boss Fight

Adam is a very tough enemy, especially since his Hp will be very difficult to reduce using normal physical damage.

The most effective method of defeat Adam Smasher involves exploiting his weakness to electrical damage attacks, weapons, and Electrical damage Quickhacks. EMPs and attacks with similar effects are good ways to disable Adam temporarily.

After you reduce Adam’s health to about 50%, he will get some backup in the form of Arakashi Ninjas, who are particularly annoying.

As the fight drags on, his attacks will keep on getting more aggressive. Check out our boss guide for a more detailed breakdown of the fight if you need help.

After you take him down, grab the Access Code off of him.


Now finally, head inside Yorinbu’s office and confront them. Finish the conversation and then stand up and follow Hellman to the elevator where you will black out and the quest will end.

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