Cyberpunk 2077 The Ripperdoc Walkthrough

The Ripperdoc is the first mission of Cyberpunk 2077 Act 1 and the fourth main story mission. In this mission, you will be meeting with Ripperdoc and Viktor. In this guide, we have the complete walkthrough of The Ripperdoc mission in Cyberpunk 2077.

Cyberpunk 2077 The Ripperdoc

This mission can be started by talking to Jackie in the Watson area. After the mission has started, exit your apartment and head to the objective marker to find Jackie.

While on your way to Jackie, you will receive a call from Regina Jones who you can talk to later on in Watson for side quests.

Head down to the objective marker which will take you to the elevator to the gun store.

In the gun store, a side quest ‘The Gun’ will be started in which you get V’s weapon back. You will have to find the Dying Night pistol in the store which you can keep then.

After completing the side quest, head back outside and make your way to the objective marker to meet Jackie. Interact with Jackie to start the dialogue.

This dialogue includes lifepath choices so be careful when making them as they impact the story later.

After the conversation with Jackie is done, head to the Ripperdoc with Jackie in your car. The Ripperdoc location will be marked on your minimap.

Once out of the car, head to the Ripperdoc’s location by crossing through Misty’s Esoterica. Viktor will be downstairs, so head down to start the conversation with him.

Sit in the chair to get upgrades installed. From the Cyberware menu, choose ‘Ocular System; for Kiroshi Optics MK.1 upgrade and the ‘Ballistic Coprocessor’ upgrade for your hands.

You won’t have money to pay for these yet but you can pay Viktor later. After you have chosen the desired upgrades, you will go under the procedure of getting the upgrades installed.

Viktor will put you under to perform the upgrades. When you wake up from the procedure, you will have access to NCPD file search and new optics as well.

You can also access the Police Department’s wanted list now. You can test out your new upgrades by canning Viktor.

After the dialogues are done, the mission will be complete and the next main story mission, ‘The Ride’ will unlock.

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