Cyberpunk 2077 The Ride Walkthrough

The Ride is the second mission of Cyberpunk 2077’s Act 1 and the fifth main story mission. After you get your new upgrades in Act 1’s first mission, you will now be meeting up with Dex. In this guide, we have the complete The Ride mission walkthrough for you in CP 2077.

Cyberpunk 2077 The Ride

After getting the upgrades from Viktor, you will be outside Misty’s Esoterica with Jackie. Talk with Jackie to start this mission. Jackie will tell you that Dex is waiting to meet you.

Start heading towards the objective marker, during which you will get a call from Regina Jones again about some side quests which you can deal with later.

Head to the marker location where there will be a car parked with a man standing outside. Approach the man who will let you in the car to meet with Dex.

A dialogue will start between you and Dex, with Dex asking you different questions. Dex will describe the various missions he has lined up for you.

You will have to make different dialogue choices to get information about the various gig missions.

When you ask Dex about ‘Maelstrom’, he will offer you a shard. He will then tell you about a Flathead bot that has been stolen by the Maelstrom and he wants you to recover it for him.

He will explain that he tried to buy it off from the gang but the leader has refused to sell it.

Another sub-quest will be meeting Evelyn Parker instead of Dex. You will have to meet Evelyn Parker at Lizzie’s bar in place of Dex.

After all the dialogue options have been chosen and all mission details have been discussed, exit the car after which you will get a call from Jackie.

During the call with Jackie, you will have to choose which discussed mission with Dex you want to go through first.

The option you choose will become your primary objective and the Ride mission will then be completed and you can start The Pickup main job.

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