Cyberpunk 2077 The Rescue Walkthrough

Our Cyberpunk 2077 The Rescue Walkthrough will help you through the entire “The Rescue” mission to finish the prologue of the game. Let’s just dive right in!

Cyberpunk 2077 The Rescue

V is ready to take the first gig from Wakako Okada. He wants you to rescue a woman that’s been kidnapped by scavengers that intend to harvest her implants and sell them on the black market.

You must rescue this woman with the help of your newly learned combat techniques while being assisted by Jackie.

At the Location

At the location, exit the vehicle and follow Jackie towards the elevator. Halfway through the garage, you’ll find a suitcase between two leather chairs; it holds a new piece of armor for level 2 V.

Quickly get to the elevator behind Jackie, at which point you’ll get a call from T-Bug with additional information about the woman that your rescuing.

Her name is Sandra Dorsett and they’re not sure whether she is still alive. But you better do your best to save her.

Exit the elevator, turn to the right and move towards the target room. Grab the Maxdoc MK.1 and any Bounce Back MK.1 you find on the way. You’ll also get to collect shards and other lootable items in this area and the rooms.

The second room in your way has a harvested dead body, get past it and into the next room where an enemy is, perform a takedown on him and toss his body into the container. Continue to the next area.

The Large Hall

This area is a large hall with a couple of enemies. Scan the area to tag all the enemies.

Now, you can either take these out with stealth, whereby you’ll have to sneak up on each one of them by hugging the wall and using the obstacles to hide and take them down one at a time.

Alternatively, you can have a shoot out right here, with plenty of cover for you and Jackie.

Quickly eliminate the handful of enemies here, including those who come out of the next area when they hear the commotion and get ready for the boss.

The Boss

The boss is packing a very powerful weapon, which causes a little trouble. Use hacking as soon as he comes to blind him using Reboot Optics and put a couple of headshots on him before he causes any trouble.

The Rescue

Having dealt with all the enemies, move towards the back of the area where there’s a blue-lit bathroom. Inside, in a bathtub, you’ll find Sandra lying there. T-Bug will guide you on how to save her.

Remove the shard in her rescue device and she’s safe. When you get the option, hit the prompt to ask Jackie to call for the airhypo to save Sandra.

Walk her to the balcony where armed medics will come to pick her up. At the balcony, stay back by the door and wait for the medics to land and tell you to leave Sandra on the stretcher.


Once that’s done with, sweep the area for shards, ammo, junk and weapons lying on enemy corpses. After that, get back to the elevator and head to the garage. On the elevator, you’ll get to call and check with Wakako about the Gig.

Get into the passenger seat of the car and wait for Jackie to drive you home. But the quiet ride home turns into a shootout as the remaining scavenger cut you off on the path.

Take out all the enemies, followed by a few more as another carr pulls up on your left.

A couple of headshots ought to do the job. When that’s done with, you’ll come to a police barricade where you must back Jackie as he sweet talks the policemen.

After that, get back into the vehicle and ride home.

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