Cyberpunk 2077 The Nomad Lifepath Walkthrough

This guide for Cyberpunk 2077 is a walkthrough for The Nomad lifepath Prologue. We’ll outline all the details, including all collectibles found in this Prologue mission.

Cyberpunk 2077 The Nomad Lifepath

The Nomad Prologue mission in Cyberpunk 2077 is accessible for those who chose the Nomad lifepath choice for V. Now, let’s look at what you have to do once you’ve made the selection.

So, the first thing you need to get done when you start The Nomad mission is to get your car fixed.

Before talking to the mechanic, look around the shop to find a Shard (read it to get to know the lore). You will also find water and Tiancha Pomelo along with it.

Talk to the mechanic. It doesn’t matter what dialogue you use; you will have to fix the car yourself anyway.

You may also check into the mechanic’s office to get your hands on stray 100$ cash.

Interact and hotwire the car to get inside. The Sheriff will now pop into the shop. Let him know that you’ll be on your way and then drive off towards the Badlands.

Telecom Tower
Before taking the road to the Telecom Tower, you may walk between the trailers and you’ll hear a guitar. You will find another Shard and 61$ next to the guitar-guy on the couch.

Now head towards the Telecom Tower and walk towards the gate. Kick it open and climb the stairs. Then, climb the ladder at the top of the stairs and walk towards the radio box.

Connect your radio here and establish a connection with the Nomad, pal McCoy. He will give you the information about your client’s location.

There is a gap to your left from here. Hop into it and you will come across a small platform with a crafting container. Descend the tower and get back to your car to get to the meeting location.

The Meeting Location & The Border
Open the map and you’ll see a new waypoint that is the meeting location. Get to the location and go towards the trailer.

Get inside the trailer, then to meet Jackie Wells. Talk to him and while you are talking, you may explore the trailer to get your hands on a Shard, 45$ and some junk.

Tell Jackie then to load up, and help him load up the cargo to your car by opening the trunk. Once everything is packed, get back inside your car and drive to the Border.

So, drive towards your next objective and as you approach the checkpoint, you will see some guards patrolling around. Drive in slowly and wait until the border guard asks you to report for inspection.

Once it is grabbed, you will exit the car and will have to be on your foot from now on. Follow the arrows to the customs building and stay cautious of the cars on the road.

The Interrogation
Upon entering the building, handover your weapons at the right counter and then head into Room 2 for an interview.

You have to play smart enough to get past without getting caught. Hence, start answering normally and when the interrogator double checks with your provided information, try to bribe him.

As soon as you bribe him, he will cover the credit chip with the manifest. Also, when he asks about your Nomad Group, you have to reply that you are a lone wolf now.

Once the interrogation is over, exit Room 2 and collect your weapons from the counter. Then head back to your car and sit in the back seat since Jackie is going to drive this time.

The Drive-by
As soon as you guys get onto the road, some corporate agents will start attacking from the back. You need to counter-attack in case you want to keep the stolen cargo.

Instructions on how to drive-by will start popping onto the screen. Just follow the instructions and use both side windows and the rear one to keep attacking them.

The best thing about this drive-by is that you will have unlimited ammo. So just focus on reloading and keep shooting.

Another extreme tactic is that if you want to end the mess quickly, shoot the grill between the headlights of the vehicles and they will explode instantly.

The Stolen Cargo
After all the dust has settled, Jackie will stop the car in a garage. All you need to do at first is to talk to Jackie and collect the items that you find valuable from the surrounding.

Then, Jackie will want to take a look at the stolen cargo crate to find an iguana.

Everything has settled now. Jackie also wants to keep looking out for you and is willing to work for you. The prologue ends here and you can then continue to the first mission – The Rescue.