Cyberpunk 2077 The Information Walkthrough

In this guide, we will take a look at the complete walkthrough of The Information questline in Cyberpunk 2077. We will tell you how to complete Cyberpunk 2077 The Information main job easily. There will also be some tips and tricks in the guide.

Cyberpunk 2077 The Information

This will be your first interaction with Braindance regardless of the order you play in. The recommended level for this quest is 3 and you will get 1 perk and 1 attribute point along with Evelyn’s number and you will also Level up.

Starting this quest, you will walk to Lizzie’s Bar within 12 hours after 6 pm. When you go to the bouncers, you will be offered some Braindance and you will have to accept the offer for going into the bar.

Then you will meet Evelyn across the lobby. Have a chat with the bartender while you wait and Evelyn will show up regardless of how you talk to the bartender.

After a little chat, you will have to follow her to the VIP room, and you will have a business meeting.

This meeting with Evelyn will involve questions about your Skill and your affiliation with Dex.

Your ability skills can impact how this conversation goes. But in the end, you will get a mission from Evelyn that states that you have to get a chip from Yorinobu Arasaka.

The Relic that you have to steal in The Information main mission of Cyberpunk 2077 is a biochip which is already very famous.

Something is going down at the company so Yorinobu has taken the chip from the Family’s company with him. The security is lax, so it would be easier to steal the chip now.

You should get all the information you need from Evelyn then you have to follow her more into Lizzie’s Bar.

The path will be down the stairs after you cross the changing room.

This is where you would come to know that Evelyn and Yorinobu are close and she even has the Braindance footage from the Heir Suite of Arasaka present in Konpeki Plaza.

You will head-on and meet Judy who is Evelyn’s Mox pal. She is supposedly the best Braindance editor.

You will have a conversation with Judy and she will ask you to sit down. Then she will launch a Braindance Calibration Test.

Braindance has an epileptic warning attached as the light sequence is made in a way that it can trigger an epileptic episode.

So if you are prone to seizures just close your eyes. There are multiple layers inside the Braindance i.e. Soundwave layer, thermal layer, and another layer that is a little more digital.

This will help you understand how Braindance works and then there will be a scene with two thugs and then you will wake up. After you have been tuned, you will be trained to use Analysis mode by Judy.

For progress, you need to listen to Judy. She will tell you to: look around and then rewind to the beginning, then fast forward and reset the recording and then play it till 0:22 till the gun is spotted,

Then she will ask you to inspect and scan the gun and then turn to the audio layer. Listen to the audio after scanning the source and then convert it to the visual layer. Get to the point where the customer is hit.

Take a look at the hurt woman and inspect her. Now move to 0:51 and rewind to 0.48 you will see the robber being shot and the CCTV screen respectively at these times. Then you can scan the TV.

When she is done with the direction, you can explore the editor yourself or you can exit through the prompt.

Your character will need a break after this but Evelyn won’t let you have it. You would want to talk to T-Bug but Judy doesn’t like him. Evelyn reassures Judy and she agrees.

When you are on the call with T-Bug you will go into Braindance once again and here’s what you need to do: Use Analysis Mode to examine the Braindance and find the relic, it is optional but you need to scan the apartment and, in the end, Watch the whole thing from Evelyn’s point of view.

These tasks can be done by following T-Bug’s prompts at specific points. When you’ve watched the whole thing, go back to the beginning and scan the security systems.

You will need to scan one of each thing only but you will find the detail of each device down below if you need them. Go to the Visual editor immediately after restarting Braindance.

Scan the smasher, a motion sensor camera, and an alarm after the door opens. This will happen around 0.13 timestamp.

When you get to 0:16, there will be an Alarm System on the right of Evelyn. Opposite to the one you scanned before. Evelyn will then approach the middle screen and scan the other motion sensor camera.

You will see an automated turret at 2:09 if you take look at the ceiling. The security system scan objective will be completed.

Now you have the option to listen to the conversation at 0:32 by switching to the Audio layer and scanning the phone.

You will learn from this conversation that you should scan Yorunobu’s datapad for storing the relic. This is present next to a gun at 2:44 in the visual layer.

The Cold Storage
When you convert to the thermal layer you have to find a blue smokey area. This means that the temperature at this point is low. Move to 0:47 and If you look on the right you will see a hidden safe.

Exit the Braindance after scanning it. You will get a portable BD device from Judy. Then talk to Evelyn and you will be escorted out of the room by her and you can ask her more about the job.

Select the “So, What now?” option to advance.

You will be offered a job by her but you will have to cut out Dex. You will have two options; wither think about it or keep Dex as well.

*******SPOLER ALERT******

If you think about the offer, the outcome will not change. If you choose to keep Dex in the deal Evelyn will say fifty percent and you can say yes but that’s about the only difference.

Then you will go away and leave the workshop. Dex will call you afterward telling you that he has talked to T-Bug and tells you that you need to find out what wrong with him.

Your next mission will The Pickup if you have not done that already and this quest will be completed.

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