Cyberpunk 2077 The Hunt Walkthrough

The Hunt is one of the Side Jobs in Cyberpunk 2077 assigned to you by River Ward. After completing the I Fought The Law mission in the game where you first meet with Detective River, this mission is unlocked. This Cyberpunk 2077 The Hunt walkthrough will explain all the choices available to you in The Hunt and how to get the best possible result.

Cyberpunk 2077 The Hunt

The main objective of the Hunt side job in Cyberpunk is to help River rescue his nephew Randy from Harris’ farm. After you’ve unlocked this mission, read River’s message, and meet up with him at the location he will send you.

The Lab

Follow the location that River will send you; note that you can only meet River from 7 PM onwards, so wait for the right time.

After River arrives, sit in the passenger seat, and he will instruct you with all the details. Your goal is to break into the NCPD lab that contains a braindance. The building will be empty for the day.

There are three ways to break into the lab; If you have a high Tech Ability attribute, you can open up the door in the alleyway to your left when facing the main entrance.

If you do not have a high Tech Ability attribute, then you can climb up onto the back yard boundary wall using piles of tires as stepping stones.

The third way to break in is applicable only if you have enough body skills; you can forcefully open the main gate on the main street.

Enter the yard and head on upstairs using the metal staircase to find an open window. Both the window and door will lead you to the same corridor.

File on Anthony Harris

Head on to the evidence room; this is the large central room. It contains two side rooms; head on to the room after the large room.

This room should be lightly colored with kid’s colorings pasted on the wall. Scan and search the drawers and the cabinets in the room. You can use your Kiroshi optics to find the correct cabinet.

Talk to Yawen Packard

Yawen will make a surprise entrance, confront you, finish the conversation with her and leave the lab through the front door. Head on back to River’s car.

Randy’s House

Detective River will take you to Randy’s house, where your goal is to find as many clues as possible.  You will first meet Joss, Randy’s mom, and talk to her; then, you will head on to the trailer outside.

Turn on your scanner to thoroughly look for objects highlighted with the yellow glow.

Look for clues, especially in the locked drawer; you can open it with the key found in the kitchen. The key will also be found on the shelf next to Randy’s desk, labeled “Randy’s Antique Key.”

Now go ahead and find the laptop under Randy’s bed and then turn on the record player. The computer will ask you to enter the password; the password will be the title track of the record you just played.

Randy’s Laptop

Now that you’ve managed to access Randy’s laptop, sit with River and look through Randy’s messages. Search for the missing file in the Net Tab of the computer.

Don’t open the computer files tab; instead, go to the images in the “Drugs are Bad” website and click the files account of “Tony’s Shelter.”

Now click the files tab of the computer and play “ATT_CART_VIDEO.” Now exit the laptop; if you have an intelligence attribute of 12, then you can attempt the optional task of tracing Harris’s IP address.

Return to the house and speak to Joss again; you can choose to skip to the next day now.


River will wake you up, and he will recommend exploring a series of three brain dances.

First Braindance

Now enter the first braindance of Anthony at his school. You’ll find four visual clues here; the teacher, the two bulletin boards, and the trophy case. Press X to exit to the next segment.

Second Braindance

Enter Anthony’s second braindance at his father’s Barn; there are five visual clues here; the cow, the father, the console, the injection system, and the dietary supplements.

Third Braindance

The final braindance has some important clues. The last braindance includes Anthony at his Barn with kidnapped toys.

There are a total of thirteen clues; the solar box, the clock, the turret, the fuel barrels, the three unconscious victims, the infusion pump, the number next to the barn door, the FDMC certificate, the escaping victim, and the lights outside the barn door.

Consider these two critical clues in the last braindance for the best possible results:

  • The solar panel found at the 00:27 time stamp, located in the room adjacent to the computer.
  • The farm model number at 01:00 on the wall situated between the two farm gates.

Once you’re done exploring the third braindance, there are two possibilities. If you’ve found one of the two critical clues, River will drive you straight to the correct farm.

If you haven’t found either of the essential clues, you will have to guess the right farm name, i.e., “Edgewood.”

The wrong guess will lead you to the wrong farm, where you’ll most likely have a violent encounter.

Edgewood Farm

Get in River’s car and follow him to Edgewood Farm. Enter the house at your right and proceed upstairs. Beware of any turrets and mines scattered around the field.

Now you have to deactivate these farm’s security if you want. This is done by activating the button inside the secret room; this button is found under the personal computer’s desk, which will open the wall to a hidden room.

Now proceed to deactivate the security through the computer in the secret room.

The Barn

The Barn is not accessible through the gates as they are closed. However, you can climb up the ladder on the Barn’s left side then drop down via a roof window.

For easiness, deactivate either one of the turrets with a QuickHack, so you have an opening to sneak past into the house.

Now reach for the computers in the central room to switch off the braindance systems. After deactivating the computers, you can now go and rescue the victims.

Randy is the abductee closes to the central room. After the time skip, you get to discuss the entire case with River.

Romance Option with River

The option to Romance River is only available if you’re a female V. The choices that you make in the Hunt will have a significant impact on your relationship with River. Check out our romance guide for a detailed breakdown of this romance.

In the final conversation, show interest in River after you find Randy alive. It would be best if you kept the possibility of romance alive by convincing River that vengeance will not make him feel better by selecting “Don’t do it, River” or tell him you’re happy to help him by selecting “We both will.”

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