Cyberpunk 2077 The Heist Walkthrough

“The Heist” is a main quest in Cyberpunk 2077 and is going to be one emotional roller-coaster ride. This Cyberpunk 2077 The Heist walkthrough will go in-depth to cover all the details of the daunting The Heist main job.

Cyberpunk 2077 The Heist

After completing The Information and The Pickup missions of Cyberpunk 2077, meet Dex at the Afterlife to get tasked with The Heist. You can also fast travel to this mission once you’re in the Afterlife.

Meeting With Jackie

You’ll find Jackie by the doorway outside of the Afterlife club’s entrance. Head on inside to the bar with Jackie and get seated.

You can order if you want to; Jackie will order a tequila drink called The Johnny Silverhand. Claire will tell the meaning behind the name of certain beverages.

Jackie and Claire,  the bartender, will do a little bit of flirting. You inquire Claire about Dex, and she’ll tell you that he’s been away for about two years.

Dex’s Booth

Shortly a bodyguard will appear and take you and Jackie to Dex’s booth. You’ll see T-Bug is waiting with Dex. Drop the bot you retrieved and pick up the Militech suit. Now get seated at a spot where you can see the three.

Dex will begin the conversation by asking you about how things went with Evelyn. You can either tell him about the truth or keep things to yourself for now.

You’ll get another chance to say to him later on. Take the Shard and plug it in. Go over the instructions for the mission and ask questions if you have any.

Jackie will ask for a split of about thirty percent. You have the choice to either take Jackie’s side or Dex’s side in this matter; Jackie will forgive you later on if you don’t take his side for now.

Now that everything’s set, you can ask T-Bug further questions if you have any.

T-Bug will tell you about her plans to burn all the bridges and retire after payday if you ask. Once you’re ready to go, say so, and you’ll be on the ride to the Heist.

The Ride

The ride starts with you and Jackie entering an AI-operated cab. You will be given an Excelsior package at this point.

Navigate through the conversation with Jackie with whatever options you like, and eventually, T-Bug will call you.

After testing your private comms and storing your weapons, exit the vehicle once you’ve reached your destination.

The Hotel

Now that you’ve reached your destination, Jackie will grab Flathead from the trunk and enter the hotel.

You will have to tell the hotel security that you’re an arms dealer and have an appointment. Step into the scanner and follow Jackie. Jackie will convince the receptionist, and you’ll have to play along with whatever he says.

After finalizing the check-in, you can accompany Jackie upstairs and help him carry the Flathead, or you can have a look around the bar.

Jackie will be frustrated if you choose to look at the bar. After all of this, take the elevator to the 42nd floor, where Jackie will be waiting for you.

Controlling The Flathead

Now head inside the room with Jackie, and T-Bug will tag along. Jackie will boot the Flathead, and you’ll have to use your scanner to find a vent. It’ll be near the window on the right sidewall.

The bot will get stuck, and T-Bug will instruct you to use the Shard to control the bot. Now you’ll see some rooms.

Your job is to get the bot to the next vent; for this purpose, scan the room and find the nearest vent. Send the Flathead into the flue. The green hallway will direct you to the next duct.

Security Room

This leads you to the security room. Connect the Flathead to the CCTV; otherwise, it won’t be able to open the door. You’ll get access to an additional camera.

You’ll find another vent in the bottom right corner of the room. Scan it and switch to the next camera. Now scan the room, and you’ll find a floor vent in the extreme corner.

Send the Flathead inside this vent and switch to the camera in the Netrunner’s room. Once the bot changes rooms, instruct it to connect to the Netrunner’s chair.

Now from this point on, T-Bug will do her work. After three and a half hours later, T-Bug will inform you that Yorinobu Arasaka has arrived. Follow Jackie to the elevator and go to the 100th floor.

Yorinobu’s Penthouse

Now that you’ve reached the penthouse, head on to the left and follow the small staircase up. You’ll find Yorinobu’s clothing items, and here you’ll find some unique and valuable items.

These items include his clothes and weapons; feel free to collect them as they will come in handy later. Scan the room thoroughly and collect everything you can.

Now at the left of Yorinobu’s bed, hit the switch to access his safe. The safe will emerge from the hiding spot, and you’ll be able to plug in the safe.

Jackie will check the safe and grab it. Follow Jackie to hide at the maintenance shaft in a pillar in the middle of the room.

Yorinobu and his father will enter and have a heated discussion. Yorinobu will leave with blood on his hands, leaving you all in a risky position.

Escaping Yorinobu’s Penthouse

You will have to escape as soon as possible. Scan and collect everything you can; you can even scan Saburo’s body to collect his dog tag. T-Bug will spot a ladder outside, and while trying to escape, she’ll get caught.

T-Bug still manages to open the window before getting disconnected; this is your chance to run with Jackie.

While trying to escape through the ladder, you will be stopped by security drones, and this is where things will get tough for you.

Under the dire circumstances, the only option for you will be to carry the Biochip in your neuroports.

Jackie’s condition will worsen, but he will volunteer. Now follow Jackie and collect the Shard and Oxy Booster before going out the door.

Making Your Way to The Elevator

This is where the pistol stolen from Yorinobu’s stuff earlier will come in handy.

You can use guns to penetrate through this area, or you can also use this chance to increase your experience in stealth.

When you go down the stairs, two Konpeki Security guards will be awaiting you.

Choose the one on the left, and Jackie will deal with the other one. With four points in intelligence, you can connect to Konpeki Plaza’s system to make things easier for you.

Once you’ve reached the corridor, you’ll find two enemies. You’ll need to look out for a camera on the left side of the hallway.

You’ll encounter two guards here; one of them is Netrunner, which you’ll have to be cautious about.

One useful tip here would be to hack the surveillance camera on the right with Breach protocol. This will allow you to quick-hack all the enemy devices nearby.

Now keep the security guard occupied while subduing the netrunner guard.

You can do this by using the Distract Enemies Quickhack on the far TV. Keep an eye on the Netrunner and get behind him while staying unnoticed.

Make your way forward slowly, and you’ll encounter two Konpeki security guards. Quietly sneak behind one guard, take him out and hide his body.

Repeat the same steps with the second guard. You’ll have to be super smart in the next room. Hide behind the desk and get ready to takedown the approaching guards.

You can use the TV to track the patrol patterns of the two guards. You can dump their bodies behind the desk in the first part of the room.

You’ll encounter two more guards after passing the coffee station. One will be facing away from the other, allowing you to subdue the other one quickly.

Be quiet and smart and eliminate both of them. Hide their bodies and collect whatever Shards and items you want.

Finally, you’ll encounter four more guards in front of the elevator. One of them will be standing alone; subdue him quietly and proceed towards the next two. Take them out while their attention is fixed on the elevator. The last guard will be even more armed.

The Elevator

After carefully securing the area, approach the elevator, and you’ll find out it’s locked down. There will be another elevator not too far away; approach it slowly as guards are nearby.

You’ll find three guards in this area. You can take them out quietly with quick hacks. Be careful about the camera on the right wall as you take them out. Now enter the elevator with Jackie.

The Lobby

There will be a fair amount of security with their weapons drawn waiting for you at this point. Jackie will help you fight them; you can choose to stay at the corner of the lobby if you want.

There will be enough supplies to keep you going while the four security guards attack you.

Arasaka Mech

After dealing with the four guards, and Arasaka Mech will drop at you. Use all the grenades that you’ve gathered till now to cause grave damage.

Be careful about the status of your health during this match and shoot where the arms are destroyed. Once the Arasaka Mech is destroyed, collect all the items you’ll need.

The Drones

After looting all your dead enemies in the lobby, join Jackie at the elevator in the garage. Jackie’s situation is not looking so good at this point.

Get to the cab as soon as you reach the garage, and you’ll find three drones tailing Delamin. Take out these drones one by one.

Where to Send Jackie

You’ve made it so far in the mission, but things are not looking so good for Jackie. Jackie’s condition will worsen at this point.

You can handle the conversation with Jackie at this point; however, you prefer. Jackie will give the Biochip to you.

Delamin will take you both to the safe house, and it will be up to you to instruct Delamin about where to take Jackie. Take your time and select either of the three choices.

  • Have him wait for you
  • Send him home
  • Send him to Viktor

This is one of the major choices in the Heist mission of CP 2077 and will impact one of the side missions related to Jackie later on, so choose wisely.

The No-Tell Motel

Dexter DeShawn will be waiting for you in room 204 of the No Tell Motel. There will be a Drop Point right by the door to the No Tell Motel. You can select whatever you want to keep or sell from the items you collected from the Konpeki Tower.

Proceed to the No Tell Motel and go to room 204. This is the last room; knock on it twice to get inside. You can navigate the conversation with Dex in any way you prefer.

In the end, Dex will ask you to wipe the blood off of your face. You’ll follow Dex’s advice as usual only to come back and get punched by his guard in the face. Dex will inform the others that he’s looking for number one and that you’re on the way.

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