Cyberpunk 2077 The Corpo Lifepath Walkthrough

Every epic story has a great start. This page contains the guide for the Cyberpunk 2077 The Corpo Lifepath prologue. We’ll walk you through each part of the mission step by step. So strap on Choomba, the funs just getting started.

Cyberpunk 2077 The Corpo Lifepath

The Corpo Lifepath prologue starts with V, your character, vomiting in the bathroom. As you wipe your face, your friend Jackie calls you.

Choose any dialogue you like and in doing so, explain your current situation to him.

Once you’re are done, head out of the bathroom and make sure you learn all the commands as taught in the tutorial.

Jenkin’s Office

As you exit the bathroom, you are to get to Jenkins Office. Just follow the marker to get to the elevator that will take you to the floor where Jenkins is in his office.

Outside the bathroom, in the main lobby of the building, look on the table to the right just as you leave the bathroom to find a Shard lying there.

Shards are devices that hold pieces of lore in the game, helping you learn about Arasaka corporation, the building you are currently standing in.

Further up ahead, where two of the employees are talking, get to the table and pick up the cash lying there, along with another Shard.

With these picked up, get to the elevator and ride it. On the elevator, Jenkins will call you and ask where you have been and why you are late.

Just end the conversation and get off the elevator. As soon as you do, pick up another Shard near the corner on the biography of Yorinobu Arasaka.

Head for Jenkin’s office. Along the way, a guy will try to draw you into a conversation; it’s completely up to you to either indulge him or completely ignore him and head on to Jenkin’s office.

A Special Request

Sit down on Jenkin’s order, and he will tell you of his problem with his corporate rival, Abernathy.

He makes a “request” that you get rid of Abernathy and cannot deny this request.

Jenkins blackmails you that if any harm were to befall him, you would be dragged down with him due to his involvement with an attack on the European Space Council.

As you accept his offer, he hands you a Shard that contains information on Abernathy, along with cash for your task.

You are to hire people for this job and use this money so that no trail leads back to you. Pick up the money and Jenkins will offer you his AV to use for the job.

On the other side of the office, pick up a Shard on the table, then leave the office.

On the floor, you can find many Shards on the tables in open meeting halls. Pick them and Jackie will call you. Explain to him what just happened and he will invite you to Lizzie’s Bar.

As you leave the corporate building for the AV, you have the option to go and check files on your terminal. This is optional, and the only reason to do so is to get a booster drug in your drawer and talk to your colleague.

He will inform you that an espionage agent is being fed the wrong info and whether to pull him out or not.

Select the blue dialogue to find whether he is in a deadly situation or not, then decide what to do.

Lizzie’s Bar

Enter the AV and it will automatically head for Lizzie’s Bar when told by V. Drink some wine and get to the bar.

Whew, as the AV parks in a basketball court, get off and head to the bar entrance.

Talk to the bouncer who will let you in, then go and find Jackie. He will be on the main floor at the table at the end.

Jackie will recommend you to abandon the job as this is way above you and him.

As you both discuss what to do and how to pull off this job, some Arasaka thugs appear and forcibly terminate your company contract and retrieve all the data and a large amount of your cash.

Just as they decide to kill you, Jackie steps in to get the thugs off your back, and you are left bankrupt.

Most of your upgrades and implants like trackers and HUD elements are gone, and now you are left with nothing.

Jackie helps you up and declares this as the perfect moment for you to start fresh, a new life in your own control, and the game kicks off, showing a cutscene of Jackie and V doing multiple jobs together

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