Cyberpunk 2077 The Beast in Me walkthrough

Cyberpunk 2077 has many interesting side stories that provide great quests, rewards, as well as challenges. This Cyberpunk 2077 The Beast in Me guide will help you get through The Beast in Me side job in Night City.

Cyberpunk 2077 The Beast in Me

To start the Beast in Me quest, you need to get to Claire’s workshop during day time. If you get there during the night, simply skip time until it is daytime to access the mission.

Once you enter the shop, talk to Claire and she will tell you that she needs a driver to go in races for her to help her get the man who murdered her husband.

Accepting her offer means that you need to perform well in three separate races across the world of Cyberpunk 2077.

Once you accept her offer, you further have the choice to either race in any car that you own yourself or use Claire’s car, the Beast. With your choices made, it time to race.

There are three races, which have different tracks and locations in the world of Cyberpunk 2077.

You have to get to the designated starting point of each of these races to start them. Claire will message you their locations herself; then, you can head to the starting point and start the race.

The first race is in the City Center. The race track has many sharp turns that you will hit at high speed most of the time.

It is best to use a vehicle with the best handling so that you can easily make it through all the sharp turns in the track. The track has traffic, making it riskier to let your car get out of your control.

The second race is in Badlands. Although you do not have to face traffic or sharp turns, the race is mostly in the rough and uneven desert, so you will have to deal with the harsh terrain and many obstacles in your track.

Cars lose control when turning or driving too fast on the dirt. This means you need to have a good balance between speed and traction.

The third race is in Santo Domingo. This race is very technical, featuring 90 degree turns in streets filled with heavy traffic. You ascend North Oak Hills making your way on long straight sections and intense turns in this track.

With the third race done, Claire calls you and asks you to help her kill Sampson.

You have three choices to make, agree to kill Sampson with her, talk her out of it by saying that winning is your only priority, or refuse to play any further part in her scheme. The third option will end the side story right there and then, so it’s best not to select it.

Once all of these are completed, you enter a fourth race, which is the final race and determines the outcome of the quest.

The race starts as a regular race, but mid-race, Sampson’s car will break down, forcing him to pull out of the race. This is where the main choice kicks in. You can either go and win your race or go after Sampson.

If you decide that winning the race is what you want to do, then doing so will infuriate Claire and this will affect your relationship capacity with her when you encounter her later on in the game.

If you decide to go after Sampson, you will again have two different scenarios you can get.

If you attempted to talk to Claire to not kill Sampson before the final race, you would have the choice to approach her and try to allow her to let Sampson explain himself.

He lets her know that he was not responsible for the death of her husband. Sampson’s life will be saved and Claire will let him go. Otherwise, she will kill Sampson.

In either case, if you did go after Sampson, Claire will reward you for helping her and will gift you her own car, The Beast, whether or not you decided to use it for the races.

If you saved Sampson’s life during Cyberpunk 2077 The Beast in Me side job, he will also gift you his car as a token of gratitude for saving his life. This means you get 2 free cars if you save Sampson.

Tips for Winning the Races

  • Follow the direction marked for you. Make sure to not miss any of the holographic gates; otherwise, you would have to come back to get it.
  • Don’t opt for the fastest car. Yes, you need to get ahead of all the other races, but a fast car with bad control will ensure your defeat. A car well-balanced between speed and control gives you a better edge than a cannonball crashing at every turn.
  • Keep control. If you seem to start losing control, stop accelerating. Also, make sure to slow down near sharp turns to make sure you don’t slip out.
  • Try to drive safely. Do not damage your car otherwise, it will be harder for you to get through the rest of the race.

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