Cyberpunk 2077 Santo Domingo Side Jobs Guide

In this Cyberpunk 2077 Santo Domingo Side Jobs guide, we’ll be walking you through all the Side missions that you can find in the Santo Domingo district in Cyberpunk 2077.

Cyberpunk 2077 Santo Domingo Side Jobs

There are three Side Jobs currently available in the Santo Domingo district, which lies on the edges of the City Center.

You can get a lot of EXP, street cred and cash from these side jobs, so it’s pretty important to do them, as the rewards will help you out with the main campaign as well.


Epistrophy is a big Act 2 side quest that involves seven different Side Jobs. In these Side Jobs, your objective is to find and retrieve Delamain’s rogue cabs from various locations.

One of these locations happens to be in the Rancho Coronado area, which is located in the Santo Domingo district.

To get the Epistrophy side quest itself, you have to first play through the campaign until the point where you finish off the heist mission with Jackie Welles. This mission happens relatively early in the campaign, so this shouldn’t take much time.

Before you get this mission, you’ll get another basic mission called ‘Tune Up.’

You’ll get this mission after you pick up your car from the specified parking lot and subsequently get into an accident with a Delamain cab.

After you talk to Delamain himself, he’ll invite you to the Delamain HQ to compensate you.

After your car is fixed up, you’ll be able to start the Epistrophy quest by talking to him. In this quest, you’ll receive seven Side Jobs in your Journal, one for each cab. In this guide, we’ll be specifically talking about the cab that you’ll find in Santo Domingo.

When this quest starts, Delamain will give you a special scanner which you need to use to scan the cars.

You can do this by approaching the cars, scanning them, and staying within the scanning range until the scan is complete.

Rancho Coronado Delamain Cab Location
This Delamain cab is located in the residential area right next to the electric tower.

When you find the cab, it’ll run away from you when you approach it, so you’ll have to start chasing it.

While you’re trailing the car, you’ll get the strange objective to destroy 8 flamingos. The locations of these flamingos will be marked on your map by a yellow exclamation point.

There will be multiple flamingos in each of the locations marked by the yellow exclamation point, so you’ll be able to destroy eight of them pretty quickly.

After destroying all eight flamingos, interact with the cab again to finish this Side Job.

You’ll be rewarded with $1140, 872 street cred and 374 EXP for completing this Side Job.

Beat On The Brat – Rancho Coronado Side Job

This Act 2 Side Job will also take place in the Rancho Coronado area in the Santo Domingo district.

You’ll unlock this Side Job during your playthrough of the main mission called ‘Playing for Time.’

All you need to do for this Side Job is to defeat a man called ‘Rhino’ in a first fight.

Rhino hits really hard, so you’ll have to do a bit of preparation before you get into the fight.

The first thing you need to do is to level up your defense stats and get the following skills:

  • Cardio Cure
  • Invincible
  • Steel and Chrome
  • Like a Butterfly

If you go in without doing leveling up properly or getting any of those skills, he can literally knock you out in two or three hits.

When you’re ready to fight, head over to the Animal’s Club and talk to Rhino inside to start the fight.

The most important thing in this fight is to counter all of Rhino’s attacks. If you can consistently counter his attacks while landing some of your own, you’ll be able to beat him easily.

Beat On The Brat – Arroyo Side Job

This Act 2 Side Job will also get unlocked during the ‘Playing For Time’ main mission, but it’ll take place in the Arroyo area in the Santa Domingo district.

In this Side Job, you have to fight Buck, who is the champion fighter in the Arroyo area.

Before fighting Buck, buy the ‘Gorilla Arms’ Cyberware from the Ripperdoc, who can be found in the Jig-jig Street in Japan Town.

Once you have the Gorilla Arms equipped, talk to Buck and place your bet. If you fully believe that you can win, you should bet on the Sniper Rifle to get yourself a free weapon.

If you manage to defeat Buck, but you didn’t include the Sniper Rifle in the bet, you can still get it by killing him and his friends after the fight. It’ll be sitting inside the boxes near them.

The Beast In Me: Santa Domingo

The Beast in Me is a quest that spans multiple districts, it is first given to us by Claire who wants a driver to finish multiple races around the city.

For this guide we only cover the part of it in Santa Domingo. The Beast In Me is really a racing event in a lot of districts.

Once you reach the quest location call Claire. You can choose either her vehicle or your own for the race. If you are doing this at the early stages of the game, you should opt for Claire’s car as yours won’t be fast enough yet.

Go through all the designated checkpoints, don’t worry about combat as Claire will handle the shooting to support you.

There are a lot of sharp turns in this race, so be careful of going at full speeds and keep an eye on the map for your next checkpoint. For this you earn you’ll earn 242 EXP, 541 street cred and $2780.

Ezekiel Saw The Wheel

This quest requires you to have level 4 body. Go to the bar highlighted in your map.

Sit at the bar and order drinks, soon after some robbers will enter the bar, now you have two options:

  • If you have $2900, you will have no choice but to pay them $2900.
  • If you don’t have $2900, you will have to fight the robbers or run away from the area.

Any option you select ends the quest.

Cyberpsycho Sighting: Under The Bridge

When you arrive at this side quest area you will find a cyber psycho under a bridge.

Now there are two traps for you here, one that there is someone lying on the ground, approaching them will trigger turrets that will melt your heart, scan the area and disable them first.

The second body is also a trap but approach it anyway, when you do the actual cyberpsycho will jump out to get you, he just fires at you and tries to overheat you often. So just shoot at him till he goes down.

After dealing with him search around to find “Archived Conversation: Tamara Cosby and Tony Ludic,” this will change your objective and then your just text Regina to complete the mission.

Cyberpsycho Sighting: Discount Doc

Once you get to the area, there will be two enemies, a cyberpsycho inside of a mech and an attacker. Take out the attacker first before turning to the cyberpsycho.

Even on moderate difficulty a single attack from the mech is enough to kill you to be very cautious.

From a tech precision rifle it takes at least 12 headshots to take out the psycho. After you have dealt with him search his body for information shards.

Read it then do the same with the attacker you killed, then read the stuff from the computer inside of the garage. Text Regina to complete this side job.

A Day In The Life

Go to the designated vendor, talk to him until he asks you for help in dealing with some thugs. Agree and head over to the thugs. When the aggressive option pops up, then press it and fight the thugs, defeat them and then talk to the vendor again for your reward and to conclude the quest