Cyberpunk 2077 Release Date Hinted by Territory Studio?

Cyberpunk 2077’s release date is set for 2019 according to the latest leak. As revealed on Reddit, the game’s logo creator “Territory Studio” stated that the game is scheduled to release sometime in 2019. The statement was removed shortly thus sparking quite a bit of speculation. The aforementioned studio worked on the game’s motion title card.

It’s indeed possible since CD Projekt Red claims that the game will release whenever it’s ready so this might be the time. Territory Studio described the upcoming game as follows while stating its expected release date. Do take it with a grain of salt.

An ambitious open-world game, Territory came on board Cyberpunk 2077 to support brand and marketing with a logo ident and graphics package. Working closely with CD Projekt, we referenced a retro punk aesthetic that alludes to the attitude and energy of the game. Unveiled at E3 2018, we look forward to a 2019 release.

Whatever the case is, we won’t be hearing anything new about the game until at E3. The game’s marketing campaign continues in 2019 which is why PlayStation has released a series of videos titled as “Creating Cyberpunk 2077″. Just another hint that the game’s release date is coming close.

The game has been confirmed to be part of E3 2019. However, it’s very unlikely to happen that soon especially after the developer confirming that the game’s development is still “far from over”.

It’s not the first time that a leak has suggested that the game is coming out this year so there’s a chance too. With Territory working that close with the developers, it’s possible that they know some private information (release date) which is not meant for the public yet.

This news comes after the developer’s celebration of its 2077th tweet with a special message. The most interesting take out of the message was that the game is really big which is why it’s taking too long to come out. Moreover, the team talked about staying in touch with the community and building the game accordingly.

It’s been now confirmed that the game takes place fifty years after the original board game and takes place in the parallel timeline. The hype for the game is going to stay (maybe for years) despite the question of when it is coming out.

As for what’s confirmed, Cyberpunk 2077 will be released on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4 platforms.

With E3 just a few months away, we are expecting to hear about the release date at the event or even before that if the leaks like above keep coming in.

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