Cyberpunk 2077 Playing for Time walkthrough

This Cyberpunk 2077 Playing for Time walkthrough will take you through the entire Playing for Time mission, the first main job of Act 2.

Cyberpunk 2077 Playing for Time

Approach the stranger

V sees a stranger in the digital world that’s lurking at a distance. Try to approach the stranger as he disappears whenever you’re near him. You’ll finally catch up to him in a narrow hallway, after which you tap him on the shoulder.

Dig yourself out

Next scene, V gains consciousness in Municipal Landfill and not in very good shape. Follow the prompt to try and crawl out of the dump.

Moments later, two men appear in the distance by a car. One of them, Dexter, approaches you and drags you away from the dump and towards the car. The other man is Takemura, who is here for you.

Short cutscenes pass as you snap in and out of consciousness as Takemura drive you away.

He hands you an air hypo to use when suddenly three assassins appear on a motorbike, chasing your car.

Neutralize the motorcyclists

One of them is immediately crushed by Takemura while the other two rides ahead of your car. Aim low for the bike to set it on fire. Go for the one on the right first; the left one isn’t leaving you alone soon.

Shoot the right motorcyclists until it crashes ahead, then engage the left one.

Shortly thereafter, the last assassin jumps onto your car. Shoot at him. Aiming is going to be difficult with the car being steered so roughly.

Finally, the car crashes into a pole killing the assassin. Takemura urges you to call for Ripperdoc as you both are hurt badly. Call Delamain to pick you up.

At Viktor’s Clinic

A couple of cutscenes take place, Viktor fixes V up. After that, you converse with Viktor to enquire about the Johnny Silverhand scene, the stranger you encountered earlier.

There’s a lot of room to steer the conversation; it ends, however, with Misty wheeling you to your apartment where she hands you two pill boxes, one red and one blue.

At your Apartment

After she leaves, Johnny appears again and gives you a talk. The cutscene ends with you crawling up to the pill box and taking a pill.

When V comes to senses, your next objective is to leave the apartment with a couple of other optional objectives like checking your email and putting on clothes.

You can check your wardrobe to equip armor and weapons, then check your email at the computer.

Meet with Takemura

Right about when you leave the apartment, V gets a call from Takemura, who wants V to meet him at Tom’s Diner.

On the way, you get a couple of side quests that you can clear up. You get a message from Jackie’s Mom, Mama Welles, who wants you to call her.

When you call her, she asks you to meet her at El Coyote Cojo. What happens in this side mission, Heroes, depends a lot on the choices you make.

At Tom’s Diner

At the Diner, Takemura is waiting for V. They both sit down and have a conversation about V helping Takemura with his revenge, which leaves V with two main jobs; Automatic Love and Ghost Town.

Immediately afterward, Johnny appears, but now he wants him and V to work together. With this, the Playing for Time mission ends.

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