Cyberpunk 2077 Play It Safe walkthrough

This walkthrough will help you complete the ‘Play It Safe’ mission in Cyberpunk 2077. We’ll detail every part of the Cyberpunk 2077 Play It Safe main job step by step. Let’s get started.

Cyberpunk 2077 Play It Safe

The Play It Safe mission begins with the objective where you have to go and meet up with Takemaru.

When you receive the objective and you are free to investigate for clues, simply skip time for 24 hours and Takemaru will call you to the parade to start the mission. You need to go to the Bazaar in Japantown to formally start the mission.


As you meet up with Takemaru, he tells you that the parade where he is supposed to speak with Hanako is being overlooked by snipers to protect her and the floats that are to be used in the parade. He asks you to go and kill the snipers.

These are a total of three snipers that you need to kill in order to progress.

The problem is, all of these are very far away from each other. You need to get to each of them without being spotted or alerting anyone.

The first sniper is fairly close to the point where you start. All the snipers can be easily located as the path to each of them is marked by multiple markers to guide you. When you get to the sniper, simply sneak up to him, grab and then kill him.

The second sniper is far away. You first need to take an elevator to get to the higher floor, then cross a bridge to get to him.

As you go after him and climb the elevator, you get a call from Takemaru, who connects you to his earpiece, which informs both of you that Sandayo Oda is in the area and you need to act fast.

Climb the tower and get to the other side of the street, then drop down the platforms on the other side.

As you drop down, you need to be sure to take cover; otherwise, security drones will spot you. At the end of these is a guy who you can either kill or sneak past. After that, get in the room and kill the second sniper.

The path to the third sniper is booby-trapped, and security guards are patrolling as well. Here, hack different machines to distract the guards and then either sneak past them or kill them.

Keep pushing on until you get to where two guys are standing guard with their backs to each other.

Here, killing any one of them will alert the other, so make sure to carefully sneak past them, then sneak to the third sniper to kill him.


As you kill the third sniper, Takemaru tells you of a netrunner he spotted, and you need to kill her too so that your plan is safe.

Make your way to the Netrunner, making sure you are not spotted, then sneak behind her to detach her and kill her. As you do so, you are attacked by the boss of this mission, Odo.

Sandayo Odo Boss Fight

Sandayo Odo will break through the window and attack you. He uses two blades attached to his hands and will spend the majority of the fight aggressively attacking you.

Make sure to retreat fast and keep on shooting him. He deals heavy damage, so you need to watch your health.

During the fight, Odo will jump on to any of the platforms and shoot homing lasers that you need to dodge as they can easily one-shot you. Dodge them, then retaliate as you will get a generous opening to shoot.

Once Odo loses some of his health, he will retreat to any part of the floor away from you and regenerate his health.

Follow him quickly as he retreats and keep on attacking him to keep him from regenerating health.

Make sure to not get too close as you stop him; otherwise, he will launch a barrage of attacks with his blades, most likely killing you.

Use grenades and shotguns to stun and deal him heavy damage.

Once Odo is downed, Takemaru will ask you to show him mercy. Leave him and get to the console and plug in to jam the system so that Takemaru can approach Hanako.

As he does, Hanako attacks him, and he kills her. He immediately tells you to run.

You are now spotted, and the security drones will be shooting at you and you need to ignore them and just get to the elevator. Here, Takemaru again calls you and plans a meeting.

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