Cyberpunk 2077 The Pickup Job Choices Guide

We will guide you in choosing the right choices for the best possible outcomes in this ​Cyberpunk 2077 The Pickup Job Choices Guide.

One of the main story missions in Cyberpunk 2077 is ​The Pickup Job​ , where you are tasked with getting a Flathead bot for Dexter DeShawn. You will be given various Choices to make as you progress through the mission in CP 2077.

Cyberpunk 2077 The Pickup Job Choices

Your first task in the Pickup Job is whether you want to meet with the Militech agent Meredith or not.

Meeting with her will get you the option to take a chip from her that you can hack to clean it or leave it be.

When you get to the plant and meet with Dum Dum, Jackie will get heated with him, and you will be given a choice to calm Jackie down or let him cause havoc.

If you choose the option to stop Jackie, Dum Dum will bring out the bot, and you will start chatting with him about the bot.

But if you choose the other option, a fight will start, and now you will have to kill everyone and fight Royce.

After Telling Jackie to Sit Down

When you’re chatting with Dum Dum, Royce will come out and pull a gun on you.

He will ask for the money, and you will have to pay him with your money or with the Militech chip that you got from Meredith.

Pay Royce with the Money

If you decide to pay with your own money, you will have to kill him.

Killing him at the spot will make it much easier for you as you will keep the chip, and you won’t have to fight him.

You will also please Meredith and make her your client. But if you want to keep it clean, you can choose to pay with the chip.

Pay with the Hacked Chip

Furthermore, if you have hacked the chip, Royce will check the chip and know that Militech is about to attack.

He will thank you for letting him know and help you fight the Militech agents.

When the fight is over, Dum Dum will give you his inhaler, and the mission will be completed.

Pay with the Chip (Not Hacked)

Giving Royce the chip with the virus will cause a fight against him. You will find Royce in his mech suit in the loading bay.

Scan him to get his weak points and shoot him at those spots.

After defeating Royce, get the Chaos pistol from him and meet with Meredith.

She will be happy with your work and give you more jobs in the future if you are nice to her.

These are all of the choices and their consequences that you will face in The Pickup Job of Cyberpunk 2077.

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