Cyberpunk 2077 Pacifica Gigs Guide

Our Cyberpunk 2077 Pacifica Gigs Guide will provide the details of each and every gig in the Pacifica District of Night City, including their locations, their types, and what you need to do to complete them.

Cyberpunk 2077 Pacifica Gigs

You will find fixers with gigs in the Pacifica district just like any other district in CP 2077. Completing these gigs will reward you with experience, eddies, and Street Cred.

After entering the Pacifica district, Mr. Hands will contact you with gigs for you to complete.

Two Wrongs Makes Us Right
Gig Type: Thievery

This is a Thievery gig in which you have to take out a van from the Animal gang and drive it to the marker given on the map.

You can enter the animal base from the tunnel in the front. You can also enter through the roof, which will take you to the van without any trouble.

Once you enter the base, watch out for the guards and move forward towards the van.

Then enter the van and take it out of the Animal base. After that, take it to the marker and park it to complete the gig.

Rewards: 8580 eddies, +678 Experience, +1524 Street Cred

Cyberpsycho Sighting: Smoke on the Water
Gig Type: Unique

It is a unique gig which is part of the side job named Psycho Killer. In this, you have to take down enemies by using any weapon. It will lead you to Diego Ramirez.

For dealing with the Cyberpsycho, you can use cyberware Malfunction, which will stop them from moving quickly.

You can kill them easily, but Ramirez is good against melee and fire, so watch out for him.

Take out Ramirez and get the conversation shard from the body. It will be named “Archived Conversation: Ken Masuda and Diego Ramirez.” Now find a dead body with reed clothes.

You will get another shard from it named “Archived Conversation: Hideyoshi Ueno and Ken Masuda.” Now text this info to Regina Jones and your gig will be completed.

Rewards: 2170 eddies, +222 Experience, +499 Street Cred Experience

Cyberpsycho Sighting: Lex Talionis
Gig Type: Unique

In this gig, also you have to kill a Cyberpsycho. It is also part of the Psycho Killer side job.

For completing this gig, you have to follow the mission marker. This will take you to a dead body outside the garage. Get into the garage and hack the cameras and drones.

There is a Cyberpsycho Ben Debaillon with explosive robots so go in quietly.

Don’t get close to these robots when taking them out because it can cause serious damage to you. In this, you can also use Cyberware Malfunction.

This will help you in killing Debaillon. You can also go with a fire weapon since Debaillon is weak against it. After killing it, go back to their computers and search for info.

After reading the info from the computer, you will get an update. Now send these updates to Regina and the gig will be completed.

Rewards: 1050 eddies, +126 Experience, +284 Street Cred Experience

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