Cyberpunk 2077 Never Fade Away Walkthrough

Never Fade Away is a main storyline job in Cyberpunk 2077. You will get to this job after Transmission in Act 2. Here, we have a detailed Cyberpunk 2077 Never Fade Away walkthrough of the entire main job.

Cyberpunk 2077 Never Fade Away

When you are following Brigitte at the start of mission “Transmission,” keep talking to her through the walk’s duration and make sure that you get all the information.

In the end, you will get in the Ice bath and you will be inside some matrix-like area called data fortress.

Some cutscenes will appear and you will feel like you’re at some concert as Johnny Silverhand.

This will mark the end of the Transmission mission and transitions into your new job, “Never Fade Away.”

After the concert, go to the dressing room and talk to Kerry on the way there and then take the pills.

Alt Cunningham will be inside, waiting for you. Talk to her and a sex scene with Alt will play out and then after a hard talk with Alt, you both will go outside and get yourself into a fight.

After the fight, you will find yourself at the Ripperdoc clinic, talk to Thompson there for your next moves and then leave the ripperdoc clinic. Now get to Atlantis on the way to the Arasaka tower; you will need all the help you can get.

Ask around the area for Rogue. When you get the location go there and talk to the bouncer to get inside the private room where Rogue is.

When you get there, you will find Santiago there as well, talk to Rogue; she will be mad at Johnny. Convince her to help you through this job.

You will get into a fight there as well when Arasaka agents come at you, kill the enemies and escape from Atlantis with Rogue and Santiago.

Take the elevator to the parking, kill more enemies and get in the car. Arasaka agents will chase you, kill them, get rid of them, or escape from them.

Then you have to plan your next moves before you do anything, have a chat with everybody else in a safe place.

Start the riots at the gates of Arasaka tower to distract the Arasaka agents and then get inside the tower and find the mainframe.

When you are in the mainframe, a cutscene will appear after you find Alt, but you will come to know that she is dead.

Then you will be in the data center matrix where you as V will talk to Johnny. Johnny will tell you that Alt didn’t die, and she managed to escape.

Now get back to Brigitte and talk to her if they are ready to contact Alt now.

Everything else from here will be played out the same and you won’t have many choices. After some talks between Alt, Johnny and V about their plan, you will get back to Brigitte.