Cyberpunk 2077 Narrative Writing Approach Revealed By Writer

One of the writers of Cyberpunk 2077, Stanislaw Sweicicki revealed the complex process that is carried out to compose the game’s narrative. Official PlayStation Magazine published Sweicicki’s comments in the freshly conducted interview for the September issue. Stanislaw guided us into the vision that is adapted for in-depth narratives which CD Projekt RED games are known for.

Cyberpunk 2077 is written by a team of writers to add volume to the plot. When a bunch of people is applying their imagination to write we can certainly expect the narrative to be a combination of innovative concepts.

We got to know from the interview that writers are free to use their creative thought processes to invent ideas for the plot of Cyberpunk 2077. Therefore, the final act needed a couple of revisions before getting it right. Sweicicki reflected on keeping balancing between the Cyberpunk’s prior atmosphere and a totally original plot by saying:

“It’s around eight to ten people. Ten at the moment. So, it’s quite a team. At the beginning it’s like all the team sort and on a higher level it’s decided what’s the direction. And then we come up with sort of a story outline so to speak – a very bird’s eye view of how the story progresses. Narrative is key at CD Projekt RED. I like to say narrative is key, rather than story is key. Because it all comes down to all the narrative teams really working closely.”

As we know from previous reports that the writing for Cyberpunk 2077 is manifold, therefore Stanislaw also highlighted the layering course:

Every department has a different focus. Whether everything is logical, whether it works as levels, how good the cinematics and the mood of the scene is. Then it comes back to us and we organically change the scenes in that way, as the other teams suggest. We write the dialogue, it comes back to us again. So, it’s really a multilayered process.”

In the conclusion of his recent interview, Sweicicki insisted the drive and logic behind different gangs that we encounter along the gameplay:

The moment when trauma team is descending – I was on the team writing that. Trauma team and the meat wagon sort of mythos – so, you know, really tough guys in ambulances flying around, but also armed to the extent that you can’t really call them health care workers. They’re super-dangerous to be on par for this world. The moment when they descend it’s like ‘All right, yeah, this is the vibe I used to imagine’, and also the machine gang you make a deal with. With the gangs we really want to emphasize that we don’t want them to be our comic book-esque villains – they’re not abominations that decided for almost no reason to put cyberware in themselves. It’s a dark, dangerous world and some people who aren’t able to make it to the megacorps or don’t want it… It’s a human need to seek identity, and some people just gravitate towards the gangs. Although their faces are modified they’re still human underneath, you know. It touches upon a universal feeling we all have: the need to belong to a group.

So before you get pissed off at any gang you might remember the reason for their inception and the ideas behind their actions. CD Projekt RED has released 13 episodes of a series just to explain the background of Cyberpunk 2077 narrative.

Source: PlayStation Magazine

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