CD Projekt Red Wants Cyberpunk 2077 Music To Be Something That “Has Never Been Heard Before”

CD Projekt Red is taking its time with Cyberpunk 2077’s development and while the studio is not revealing anything about the game but the game’s composer has revealed that the studio wants Cyberpunk 2077 music to be completely unique.

Speaking with Audified, Cyberpunk 2077 composer, Bryan “Brain” Mantia, talked about the project and noted that CD Projekt Red wants Cyberpunk 2077 music to be completely unique.

According to Bryan, the studio wants Cyberpunk 2077 music to be something that has never been heard before and wants the music to be something that would be made in the year 2077.

“This project in particular has been a little challenging because the developers are looking for music that has never been heard before if that makes any sense… They are looking for music that would be made in the year 2077… I’m into it because I really love “white noise” and I figure that’s where music is gonna be in 60 years from now (lol)… Basically every frequency within the range of human hearing (20 hertz to 20 kHz)… Anyways, i’m really diggin’ the experimentation on this project!!!”

While the studio itself is very quiet about the game’s details but, a leak has made its way on the internet suggesting that the game is already in a playable state.

According to the leak, Sony has already received a Cyberpunk 2077 tech demo, hinting that the game is very much in a playable state. Also, there is a big Cyberpunk 2077 promotional campaign ahead hinting that we might get a glimpse of the game soon.

This is not the only rumor about the game that is making rounds on the internet as another report suggests that there will be a Cyberpunk 2077 Social Hub that will essentially be a bridge between the game’s single-player and multiplayer experiences.

Along with Cyberpunk 2077, developer CD Projekt Red is also working GWENT: The Witcher Card Game. GWENT has been very popular among the community but, the developers did not anticipate that this mini-game would be so popular among the players.

We wanted to make a fun mini-game that players would enjoy in between saving the world in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. That was the plan when we were creating GWENT. And then it turned out players were actually spending a whole lot of time playing GWENT, much more than we anticipated.

Cyberpunk 2077 is a Sci-fi action RPG in development at CD Projekt Red for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: Audified

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