Cyberpunk 2077: How To Level Up The New 2.0 Skills

Skills received their own leveling paths that are independent of perks.

Apart from your standard Perks and Attributes, there is another source of modifiers in Cyberpunk 2077 called Skills. They provide passive benefits to the associated Attributes depending on how much you make use of their abilities.

You can find the Skill Progression menu in the right corner of your Attributes screen under Character. It will display each Skill with your level of progression illuminated so you can check how far you have gotten.

These boosts are more related to a certain type of build rather than weapons or pieces of equipment. For example, the Netrunner Skill improves Quickhack usage, boosting the Netrunner build or Shinobi increasing Blade damage for Mantis Blades and Katana enthusiasts.

This is a unique and beneficial way to bring your builds together after the complete Skill overhaul in the 2.0 Update. This guide will explain how you can upgrade your Skills in Cyberpunk 2077.

How to level up the new 2.0 skills in Cyberpunk 2077

Following the 2.0 update, you now have a new skill progression system that is divided into five categories: Headhunter, Netrunner, Shinobi, Solo, and Engineer.

Each skill path revolves around a particular playstyle, which should be evident from their names alone. Performing certain actions that are associated with that playstyle is how you level up your skill in Cyberpunk 2077.


That, however, is not the only way to level up your new 2.0 skills in the game. Skill Shards were also changed with the 2.0 update. There are now five of them, one for each of the five new skills. They grant bonus XP to their indicated skill and help you advance your skill progression in Cyberpunk 2077.

You can find Skill Shards by defeating and looting enemies. Dogtown is an excellent location to farm Skill Shards if you have the Phantom Liberty expansion.

Take note that each skill can be leveled up to a maximum of level 60. You get a passive buff after every 5 levels and a bonus perk point at levels 15, and 35.

We will go over the new 2.0 skills below and explain what you need to do to level them up quickly and efficiently in Cyberpunk 2077.


The Headhunter skill path is related to combat proficiencies. These include actions like headshots, silenced weapon takedowns, and hitting enemies in their weak points.

A Stealth Assassin build is best for scoring perk points for Headhunter since it fully utilizes Cool for stealth and weapons designed for headshots. If you have the Phantom Liberty DLC, the Vulnerability Analytics Skill under the Relic Skill Tree will help expose weak points in enemy armor and Cyberware.

Skill LevelHeadhunter Skill Bonuses
Level 5Reduces Visibility to enemies by 10%
Level 10Increases Headshot Damage and damage to Vulnerabilities by 10%
Level 15Gives a bonus Perk Point
Level 20Weapons no longer sway while you are crouched
Level 25Reduces Visibility to enemies by 10%
Level 30Increases Headshot Damage and damage to Vulnerabilities by 15%
Level 35Gives a bonus Perk Point
Level 40When you are grappling enemies, Optical Camo is automatically activated
Level 45Reduces Recovery Time after you throw a throwable by 30%
Level 50Increases movement speed by 30% while crouch walking or sprinting
Level 55Retains damage bonuses from when you are not in combat for 3 seconds after entering combat
Level 60Optical Camo charge is increased by 15% if you neutralize an enemy while in Focus Mode, Deadeye Mode, or with a Thrown Weapon


Netrunner is the easiest skill progression path to level up in Cyberpunk 2077. All you have to do is hack everything you come across. That includes terminals, cameras, drones, turrets, doors, etc. We recommend using quickhacks, preferably with a Netrunner build, to advance quickly in your playthrough. 

Just remember a healthy tip: if an activity requires you to use your Intelligence perks, it is going to help you level up your Netrunner path. 

Skill LevelNetrunner Skill Bonuses
Level 5Increases your RAM recovery by 5 percent.
Level 10Increases your total RAM by 1.
Level 15Gives you 1 bonus perk point.
Level 20Increases your Smart Weapons’ lock-on range by 20 percent.
Level 25Increases your RAM recovery by 5 percent.
Level 30Increases your total RAM by 1.
Level 35Gives you 1 bonus perk point.
Level 40Decreases your RAM cost for quickhacks by 20 percent.
Level 45Increases your Control and Convert quickhacks’ duration by 15 percent. You also get 5 percent more damage with Combat quickhacks.
Level 50Increases your Overclock duration by 40 percent.
Level 55Decreases your health loss from Overclock quickhacks by 10 percent.
Level 60Overclock reveals enemies within 10 meters. You can also quickhack non-netrunner enemies through cover.


Shinobi is a unique skill progression path in Cyberpunk 2077 as it primarily depends on Blades but also gets points from using Assault Rifles and SMGs.

To get Shinobi Progression points, you need to neutralize enemies using Katanas, Mantis Blades, Assault Rifles, SMGs, and use maneuverability actions like Dash, Air Dash, Sliding, etc.

A Katana build will work wonders here and we recommend bringing your best katana out to have fun while farming skill progression points.

Skill LevelShinobi Skill Bonuses
Level 5It gives you a 5% Movement Speed
Level 10Reduces Stamina Cost of Dodging or Dashing by 5%
Level 15Rewards you a bonus Perk Point
Level 20Increases accuracy for a duration after Dodging or Dashing
Level 25Increases Movement Speed by 5%
Level 30Reduces Stamina Cost of Dodging or Dashing by 10%
Level 35It gives you an additional Perk, a Point
Level 40Increases Mitigation Chance depending on how fast you move
Level 45Increases Damage from Fast Attacks by 25%
Level 50Reloads 20% of your equipped weapon’s ammo automatically after Sliding or Air Dashing.
Level 55Low Stamina will no longer affect Ranged Shot Accuracy and Melee Attack Speed while attacking in mid-air or when time is slowed
Level 60Grants a 40% Crit Chance and removes Stamina Cost for all movements when Sandevistan is active.


Solo is the exact opposite of the Shinobi skill path. Leveling up Solo requires you to take up close-range weapons to deal heavy damage. These include shotguns, light machine guns, Gorilla Arms, and Blunt Weapons.

However, take note that Blade Weapons do not level up the Solo skill path in Cyberpunk 2077. Most players tend to make this mistake. If you must pick up a Katana, you must go with Shinobi.

We recommend a Solo build or Tank build which will provide you with the most useful kits for this Progression Path.

Skill LevelSolo Skill Bonuses
Level 5Carrying Capacity is raised by 50
Level 10Health is increased by 10
Level 15Grants a Perk Point
Level 20It grants a 20% damage boost and attack speed to Fists and Gorilla Arms, with Fists having a chance to inflict enemies with Bleed.
Level 25Carrying Capacity is raised by 100
Level 30Health is increased by 15
Level 35It gives you a bonus Perk Point
Level 40Increases Crit Chance by 10% when attacking enemies within a 5m radius
Level 45Strong Attacks and Quick Melee Attacks have their damage boosted by 25%
Level 50Performing a Finisher restores 25% of your Health
Level 55Adrenaline decay is slowed by 50% and cannot drop below 10% when Adrenaline Rush is active
Level 60After activating Berserk, you restore 50% of your Health, the Threshold to perform Finishers on enemies is raised to 30% of their Health, and Berserk duration is extended by 30%


Engineer can be leveled up by putting your tech gear to use. It includes Tech Weapons, Smart Weapons, Cyberware, Bolts, Projectiles, Crafting, Explosives, and Damage Over Time Effects from elemental abilities.

Using an Edgerunner build or a Lucy build is great for Tech weapons. To progress the Engineer Skill path in Cyberpunk 2077, you can also depend on non-combat activities like crafting but if you are using grenades and other explosives, then it will come naturally.

Skill LevelEngineer Skill Bonuses
Level 5Armor is increased by 15
Level 10Raises your Cyberware Capacity by 5
Level 15Grants an additional Perk Point
Level 20Grenade damage and explosion radius is increased by 10%
Level 25Armor is increased by 25
Level 30Increases Cyberware Capacity by 10
Level 35You get a bonus Perk Point
Level 40The Chance of inflicting Shock on enemies using a Tech Weapon or Electric Baton is increased
Level 45Improves Health Item effectiveness by 15%
Level 50Increases Cyberware Stat Modifiers by 30%
Level 55Bolt shots receive a 10% Damage increase with a 40% chance to apply Burn. Chain Lightening will also set enemies on fire
Level 60An occasional EMP Blast is released when Fury is active

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