Cyberpunk 2077 Legendary Armor Locations Guide

In this Cyberpunk 2077 Legendary Armors Guide, we will help you locate all of the highest stat Legendary Armors across Night City.

Cyberpunk 2077 Legendary Armors

In CP2077, Legendary Armors are the most premium grade gear you can acquire as you wreak havoc throughout Night City.

Each category of armor has its own Legendary variant, and there are 4 key ways to acquire these.

  • Bosses can drop Legendary Armor.
  • You can craft them.
  • You can get one as a reward after completing activities in the game.
  • Specific merchants also sell Legendary Armor.

This guide will cover all of the legendary armors that have been discovered in CP2077 as of yet. While there are most definitely many more weapons still hidden across Night City waiting to be found.

Kogane No Yume Titanium BD Wreath

This Face Armor is dropped by Sandayu Oda when you fight him in the mission “ Play it Safe”. Players should take note that this item only drops on a Higher difficulty.

Comfy Nomad Shorts

This Legs Armor is dropped by Matilda K. Rose, a.k.a Sasquatch boss during the story mission “I Walk the Line” in Pacifica. You will encounter her as the mission progresses.

Timeworn Trench Coat

Players can acquire this Legendary Outer Torso as they defeat the Placide Boss during the “Transmission” mission in Pacifica.

Arasaka Polycarbonate – Laced Bulletproof Aramid Vest

Sandayu Oda drops this Legendary Vest when you defeat him in the mission “Play it Safe”.

Gorilla Arms

This Legendary Cyberware’s exact unlocking parameters are still unclear but it usually becomes available after you complete the story and go to the RipperDoc in Watson.

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