Cyberpunk 2077 Best Legendary Armor Sets

In Cyberpunk 2077, Legendary Armors are the most premium-grade gear you can acquire as you wreak havoc throughout Night City. There are a total of 9 sets of armor that you can acquire in-game.

Each category of armor has its Legendary variant, and there are 4 key ways to acquire these.

  • Bosses can drop Legendary Armor.
  • You can craft them.
  • You can get one as a reward after completing activities in the game.
  • Specific merchants also sell Legendary Armor.

This guide will cover all of the best legendary armors that you can get in CP2077 as of yet. While there are most definitely many more weapons still hidden across Night City waiting to be found.

Best Legendary armor sets to get in Cyberpunk 2077

Nomad Armor Set

While Nomad armor isn’t that great looking it works the best if you are looking into survival playstyle.

With enough protection that the armor offers, you will be able to mitigate any type of damage meanwhile giving that nomad-style vibes with the armor.

The Nomad Armor Set comes with a mask, which allows you to breathe longer underwater and survive in an intoxicating place. The others are nomad Shirt and Jacket for which the location is given below.

Nomad Mask (54.8 Rating)

You will find the mask on the southeast outskirts of NC in the Badlands directly west of Autowerks fast travel point.

Nomad Jacket (4.6 Rating)

You can find the jacket beside the straight road, between the Regional Airport and Protein Farm fast travel point in the desert.

Nomad Shirt (157.4 Rating)

You will find the shirt on a straight road east of the Regional Airport fast travel point in Badlands.

Nomad Boots (94.3 Rating)

You can find the boots west of the old turbines on the east side of Badlands.

Solo Armor Set

The solo armor set has the highest stats in CP2077. The armor set is ideal for assassin playstyle or if you are looking more into melee playstyle offering the highest rating in the game.

Solo Jacket (190.7 Rating)

You can find the jacket in front of the Metro located north of the Glen fast travel point in Heywood.

Solo Shirt (17.5 Rating)

You can find the shirt east of Santo Domingo in the badlands. It will be close to V-Shaped crossroads.

Solo Pants (87.4 Rating)

You can get the pants west of Wellspring in Heywood close to the docks.

Solo Boots (83.5 Rating)

You can find the boots at the edge of Kabuki, Watson close to the circular building on the map.

Corpo Armor Set

The corpo armor set is the tankiest armor set you can find in the game. With the rating going up to 6000, you will be unkillable at that point.

Alongside that, it also offers you tons of mod slots to upgrade and create your menacing builds with a good rating.

Corpo Glasses (50.8 Rating)

You can find the glasses on the snake-type road at Santo Damingo Rancho Coronado. It will be located on the second loop if you come from the west side.

Corpo jacket (140.4 Rating)

You can find the jacket at the northern edge of Watson in Northside.

Corpo Shirt (172.4 Rating)

You can find the shirt located behind a construction site under the Downtown City Center, close to Heywood.

Corpo Pants (83.2 Rating)

You can find the pants at V crossroad at the edge of Northside, Watson.

Corpo Boots (83.5 Rating)

You can find the boots east of Charter Hills in Westbrook inside of the parking lot with some burning vans in it.

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