Cyberpunk 2077 Last Caress Walkthrough

Our Cyberpunk 2077 Last Caress Walkthrough Guide will cut out the work for you by covering the whole Last Caress main job of Cyberpunk 2077 from the get-go.

Cyberpunk 2077 Last Caress

Last Caress is the first main job after you complete the point of no return mission, Nocturne OP55N1.

Once you are done and dusted with the Nocturne OP55N1, Last Caress will start automatically.

Below, you’ll find all the steps that you’ll need to carry out to ace it. So, let’s begin!

Last Caress Walkthrough

As soon as the quest begins, you’ll have a small talk with Hanaka.

She’ll tell you that she has blocked all communications of Arasaka Estate from the outside so that no reinforcements can arrive.

Head to the Estate
Form your spawning position, head towards the easternmost stairway that leads to the estate.

To avoid getting detected by the Arasaka security, instead of ascending the stairs, climb up the pavement from the right.

Now, enter the gateway. You’ll see a group of boxes piled up right next to the entrance. Hide behind them while you scan the surroundings.

Camera 04: Zen Garden will be just a few meters north of these boxes. Scan it and use the Remote Deactivation quickhack to breach it.

Neutralize the Elite Guards
Once you’ve hacked into Camera 04, you need to make a move on the guards. There’ll be 4 elite guards and a bunch of other guards scattered all around the place whom you’ll have to neutralize.

Firstly, head in the north direction and silently take down the guard lounging about using his mobile phone.

There’ll be another one standing nearby. Once you shoot him down, the Arasaka security guard will be no longer oblivious of your presence and they’ll come for you.

Head to the stairway to your left and gun down the three elite guards coming from the first floor of the estate.

Next, make your way to the first floor and take down the fourth and final elite guard in the courtyard below.

Once all the elite guards are being neutralized, focus on knocking down all the remaining guards.

One of them will be on the roof. As soon as you kill him, use the advantage of height to kill all the guards at the courtyard near the entrance of the estate.

There is a possibility that on your way to the roof, you might have missed some of the guards on the ground floor.

Make your way to the ground floor and clear this ambiguity.

Next, head outside and you’ll see a mechanical robot named Arasaka Mech, moving inside the estate.

Destroy it using your weapon and explosives before it can enter the estate.

Talk to Hanaka
Once you’ve killed all the guards, you’ll receive a call from Hanaka.

Head inside the estate and make your way to the first floor. Here, go and talk to Hanaka.

Now, follow her to the car outside and then get inside the car.

On the way to the destination, you’ll be given a choice to either drink champagne or not.

It doesn’t matter which option you go with. Either way, once you’re at the destined location, the mission will be marked as completed.

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