Cyberpunk 2077 I Don’t Wanna Hear It Walkthrough

In this guide, we will provide you with a detailed, step by step Cyberpunk 2077 I Don’t Wanna Hear It side job walkthrough as you help out Kerry Eurodyne.

Cyberpunk 2077 I Don’t Wanna Hear It

At the start of the side job, Kerry will call you to meet him at the food stall outside the Riot club at 7 PM. Go there and walk around and wait for Kerry.

When Kerry appears, he will ask you to find a way to get into the club, and your objective will change to “Find a way to get into Club.”

How to Enter the Riot Club

For entering the club, you have a few options available.

You can buy a discounted ticket from the fanboy at the end of the line standing by the wall if you have the Street kid background. He will charge a lot of money for getting the tickets if you don’t have the background.

On the left of the front door of the club, there is a fire door escape. You can enter through that door.

You can jump there from the roof on the other side. You can get to that roof from the bridge. You can also shoot the ladder to drop it down.

You can also get into the club from the garage area. You will find two gates there which you can use to enter the club if you meet the specific requirement.

You can also steal the tickets from the two fans in the alley by scanning them. That is the simplest way to get into the club.

Once you get the ticket, take it to the bouncer and enter the club. After that, go through two-door and get in front of the backstage door. Here you will be stopped by a Club Hussle who will ask you for a pass.

Talk to Kerry

Now go to Kerry and talk to him in private. Here Kerry will suggest you distract the roadie sitting at the bar and he will steal his pass. Talk to him and get a drink for him and Kerry will steal his pass.

Go Backstage

Now again, go to the Club muscle, show him the pass and go backstage. Now you have to follow Kerry and he will take you to the Us Cracks.

Here you can talk to them in anger or choose the other option. The way in which you resolve the issue will impact the upcoming events and side jobs as well.

If they reach an agreement with Kerry, you will get a minor side job. So we suggest you resolve the issue positively and reach an agreement.

In the end, the Us Cracks will take a picture with Kerry and that side job will be completed.

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