Cyberpunk 2077 Hot-Fixes The Game-Breaking Takemura Bug

Cyberpunk 2077 has received an important hot-fix to squash a game-breaking bug which was prohibiting players from progressing any further.

According to the new patch notes from earlier today, patch 1.11 fixes the bugged “Down on the Street” questline in the game where Goro Takemura refused to present any dialogue options to players. Takemura plays an important role in the main storyline but being bugged meant that players were unable to interact with him through the rest of the game. That game-breaking bug has now been fixed.

The Takemura bug was actually introduced in Cyberpunk 2077 with patch 1.10 last week. CD Projekt Red states that the root cause was the patch version of the save file. Anyone who saved the said Takemura questline on patch 1.06 and then loaded on patch 1.1 found the character blocking all interactions. The developer notes that this save/load exploit will be investigated further.

The first of two major patches to address a long line of issues in Cyberpunk 2077 went live last week. Patch 1.10 was loaded with hot-fixes to address both gameplay and performance issues across all platforms. The developer noted at the time that the patch also laid the groundwork for all upcoming patches.

Hence, patch 1.2 will similarly pack a lot of hot-fixes when it goes live somewhere in February. What players should understand is that Cyberpunk 2077 will not be receiving any massive overhauls to its existing gameplay systems or mechanics anytime soon. CD Projekt Red aims to focus only fixes bugs and glitches, and stabilize the game, throughout the remainder of 2021.

Those rumors about a No Man’s Sky-like comeback should be taken as a rumor. CD Projekt Red is more likely to focus on post-release DLC plans parallel to fixing the game instead of writing the game code from scratch for say the braindead traffic routines or enemy AI.

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