Cyberpunk 2077 Heywood Gigs Guide

In our Cyberpunk 2077 Heywood Gigs Guide, we’ll get you up to speed with the step-to-step process which will lead you to the completion of every single one of the Heywood Gigs in Cyberpunk 2077.

Cyberpunk 2077 Heywood Gigs

A gig is basically a type of side-quest that is given to you by fixers in exchange for some hefty rewards.

In the Heywood District, you’ll get these gigs in three regions, namely Vista Del Rey, Wellsprings, and The Glen.

Our guide below details all the gigs that are currently available in these three regions.

So, let’s begin!

Vista Del Rey Gigs

Old Friends

Gig Type: Gun For Hire

Once you’ve arrived at the gig’s location, you’ll receive a call from Padre who will explain to you the gig.

So, firstly, enter the Karubo’s bar either through the front door. If you have Level 16, you’ll also be able to make your entry through the back door.

Entering through the back door will also neutralize Karubo without raising the alarm which is an optional objective.

However, if you can’t get in through the back door, get around to the back of the building and climb up to the rooftop using the dumpster.

Next, peek down the windows and kill Karubo using silence to complete the optional objective. After that, hop inside the bar and kill everyone inside.

Now, take Karubo’s body to the fixer’s car outside and head to the nearby drop point.

Collect your reward from the drop point to finish this gig.

Rewards: 565 EXP, 1470 Street Cred ($1317 + $3100 if you complete the optional objective)


Gig type: Search and Recover

Once you’ve arrived at the gig’s location, La Catrina Funeral Home, head inside, your objective here is to find Jim Greyer’s body and pull the shard out of it.

In the entry, avoid interacting with the machine on the left for Breach Protocol as it’ll prompt combat, and you’ll have a much harder time in completing this gig.

Head past the locked door on your right; if you have Level 8 Technical Ability, you’ll easily be able to unlock the door. Otherwise, you’ll have to smash open it.

Shut the door behind you and get on the elevator ahead that leads to the morgue.

Once inside the morgue, use your scanner to figure out which of the body is that of Jim’s.

It will be in the first room towards the right. There’ll be two guards nearby; take them down to be able to pull out the shard from Jim’s body.

Next, with the shard in your possession, ascend back up through the elevator and then leave the building through the garage on the left.

Head to the nearest drop point to deposit this shard and ultimately, complete this gig.

Rewards: $3100, 565 EXP, 1240 Street Cred

Sr Ladrillo’s Private Collection

Gig Type: Search and Recover

Fast travel to this gig’s location which is Dicky Twister, a nightclub in Night City. To get inside the club, you either need to pay $100 or have a Level 7 Technical Ability.

Now, head to the corridor on the right. There’ll be a guard on your way. To avoid combat and have a plethora of enemies rushing in on you, use a quick hack like Whistle to distract him.

Proceed forward and kill all the enemies that cross your path. Having done that, make your way upstairs.

Next, head into Sr Ladrillo’s office either through the right (if you have Level 18 Technical Ability) or left.

Knockdown all the enemies in the office and then retrieve the data on the computer.

After that, escape the nightclub to mark this gig as completed.

Rewards: $6810, 565 EXP, 1240 Street Cred

Wellsprings Gigs

Cyberpsycho Sighting: Seaside Café

Gig Type: Cyberpscyho Sighting

As soon as you arrive at this gig’s location, jump down to the balcony to begin a fight with the cyberpsycho by two dead bodies.

Unless you have robust melee capabilities, fight this cyberpsycho from behind cover. Other than that, Gorilla Arms and a Short Circuit quick hack can prove to be pretty handy.

Once you’ve taken care of this cyberpsycho, search its dead body to find the Epic power revolver, Overture, a Message to Dao Hyunh, and a Bounce Back Mk.1. Read the message to Dao Hyunh before moving on.

Now, search the dead body in the white dress on the same balcony. You’ll find a message to Linh Hyunh. Read this and then jump down below to the beach.

There’ll be more dead bodies there to search. Search the one in the dress to find the Saigon Sisters: Season Finale Script and go through it.

Finally, contact Regina to tell her about this cyberpsycho to complete this gig.

Rewards: $2910, 345 EXP, 210 Street Cred

Cyberpsycho Sighting: Letter Of The Law

Gig Type: Cyberpscyho Sighting

As soon as you’ve arrived at this gig’s location, you’ll get a call from Regina who’ll guide you to the auto shop nearby.

Once in the auto shop, head past the open gate on the left and either acquire the mines on the way (if you have Level 8 Technical Ability) or destroy them with a gun.

At the far end of the auto shop, you’ll encounter Gaston Phillips and a fight will start.

During the fight, steer clear of Gaston’s machine gun and focus on using the mines planted all over the place and your grenades to your advantage. Also, make use of the quick hacks if required.

After overcoming Gaston, search the whole area for information, including the computer, Gaston’s dead body, and other corpses (in one of these corpses, you’ll find an Epic Katana).

Having done that, message Regina about what information you’ve gathered to be done and dusted with this gig.

Rewards: $2910, 222 EXP, 210 Street Cred

On A Tight Leash

Gig Type: Gun for Hire

After arriving at the gig’s location, Padre will instruct you to go to the nearby bus depot.

Now, either sneak past the guards inside the compound or adopt a more open approach and shoot down everyone whom you encounter.

Once inside, proceed to the garage and interact with the boot under the cabinet.

Next, kill the two enemies by the Militech vehicle and then interact with the vehicle to learn some important information about the gig.

After that, exit the building and climb up the ladder to the west. There’ll be an office in front. Head inside either through the door (if you have Level 13 Technical Ability) or through the window.

Takedown the enemy in the office and then, comb through the area to find the shard Padre wants. Getting through the files on the computer will allow you to complete an optional objective of the gig.

With that being done, exit the bus depot and contact Padre. Select Arasaka when prompted during the conversation.

Finally, head to the nearest drop point to obtain your reward and to mark this gig as completed.

Rewards: $1254, 540 EXP, 1240 Street Cred

The Lord Giveth and Taketh Away

Gig Type: Search and Recover

After arriving at this gig location, two objective markers will appear on the map. Make your way to them.

You’ll encounter a total of 5 enemies on the coast around the desired enemy compound. After taking them out, move inside the building stealthily.

Keep looking until you’ve found the SUV – a black Militech vehicle. Once you’ve found it, get in and drive it to the assigned location about 400 meters away.

Lastly, park the vehicle and exit the garage. You’ll get a call from Padre, and with that, this gig will come to its end.

Rewards: $7270, 621 EXP, 1541 Street Cred

Hot Merchandise

Gig Type: Gun For Hire

After arriving at this gig’s location, you’ll receive a call from Rogue, who will tell you to enter the electronics store.

It doesn’t matter which entrance you take into the store. You’re always going to have to fight a ton of enemies at once so you might as well go in guns blazing.

However, if you have Level 15 Technical Ability or Level 15 Body, you can take the route around the back and enter the store. None of the enemies will notice you and you’ll be able to take them all out one by one.

After clearing out your path, look for Rebecca. Once you’ve found her, neutralize her and carry her out of the store.

Having done that, you’ll get a call from Rogue, serving as the conclusion of this gig.

Rewards: $11600, 678 EXP, 2435 Street Cred

The Glen

Fifth Column

Gig Type: Thievery

When you’ve arrived at this gig’s location, you’ll get a call from Padre telling you that you need to find some incriminating evidence on somebody inside the restaurant at the yellow objective marker.

For that, you’ll have to the office on the first floor of the restaurant. However, to get there, you’ll have to first get rid of the 20 enemies downstairs.

So, find yourself a good covering position and fire them all down.

After doing that, ascend the stairs and retrieve all the evidence that you need from the computer inside the desired office.

Finally, exit the restaurant. You’ll get a call from Padre, signaling the end of this gig.

Rewards: $3170, 565 EXP, 455 Street Cred


Gig Type: Thievery

After arriving at the gig’s location, make your way inside the building at the yellow marker.

Use the elevator to get to the 17th floor and then proceed to Room 1702. With Level 17 Technical Ability, you’ll be to open the door to the room.

Otherwise, head to the roof and drop down to the balcony of Room 1702 to be able to enter it. Grab Johnny’s pants from inside the room and move out.

Outside the room, you’ll see a guitar shrine. Use the code 2065 to obtain the guitar and exit the building.

Navigate to the nearest drop point where you’ll have to deposit the guitar. With that being done, this gig will be marked as completed.

Rewards: $3300, 565 EXP, 1524 Street Cred

Life’s Work

Gig Type: Search and Recover

Head to this gig’s location and wait for Padre to call you. He’ll instruct you to go to an auto shop.

Accordingly, make your way to the auto shop. Before you move inside, take down the guard positioned outside of it.

Once inside, kill the 3 enemies on the ground floor before you proceed to the first floor. You’ll encounter 3 more enemies upstairs so be sure to take them down as well.

Now, make your way to the office and install the software onto the computer.

Having done that, rush downstairs to Jake’s car. Get in and take the car to the yellow objective marker.

Park the car in the garage when you’ve arrived at the designated location and talk to Jake.

Finally, exit the garage and converse with Padre over the phone to finish this gig.

Rewards: $3100, 565 EXP, 1170 Street Cred

Going Up or Going Down

Gig Type: Thievery

As soon as you’ve arrived at the gig’s location, you’ll get a call from Padre who’ll instruct you to go to El Gallo’s Workshop (on the yellow marker).

So, make your way there and look for scandium rods inside. You’ll find them in a crate in the broken elevator.

Once you’ve found the scandium rods, exit the workshop and deposit them in the nearest drop point.

Rewards: $10900, 521 EXP, 210 Street Cred

Eye for An Eye

Gig Type: Gun For Hire

Firstly, head to the building at this gig’s location and take down the guard standing outside of it.

Do it stealthily to make your journey inside the building a bit easier. Now, head inside. You’ll come across 3 enemies; kill them before you move over to the next room.

Knockdown the 2 enemies inside the room and now, your objective will become “Find Tucker Albach.”

You’ll find Tucker on the second floor so head upstairs, dispatching any enemy who comes in your way.

Once you’re on the second floor, take out the enemy in front of the locked door and proceed to the next room.

Inside this room, you’ll find Tucker. Neutralize him and loot his body.

Finally, leave the building and attend the call from Padre to complete this gig.

Rewards: $7120, 670 EXP, 1170 Street Cred

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