Cyberpunk 2077 Glitch Lets You Run Faster Than Cars Can Load

One enterprising Cyberpunk 2077 player has just uncovered a glitch that lets you run faster than the game can load in cars, apparently. The Cyberpunk 2077 glitch, discovered by redditor Strikielol, relies mainly on you outfitting V with the proper augmentations, along with a little bit of good timing on your part.

Specifically, you need to augment V with the Maneuvering System cyberware. This upgrade, which you can find in the Arroyo sub-district of Santo Domingo, allows V to execute a mid-air dodge or dash in mid-air as well. However, with fine timing, you can also activate the glitch.

In order to do so, you have to do a mid-air dash just before V lands on the ground. This will confuse the game into merging both the dash speed and the running speed together. This will make you able to run so fast, that the game will struggle with loading in cars as you move.

While there’s been many a Cyberpunk 2077 glitch that has ruined someone’s enjoyment of the game, there are some, like this one, that at least let you have a little fun with the way the last-gen version of the game runs. And unlike many glitches, this one can be improved.

For instance, by going to the ripperdoc in Watson in Little China, you can get a reinforced tendons mod that lets you double-jump, which might make pulling off this glitch easier. And if you’re a speedrunner, the game is just another way for any speedrunner that makes ample use of glitches to help cut down their time.

So, whether you’re a speedrunner or just looking for a faster way to get around than a simple car, this new Cyberpunk 2077 glitch is for you. Just don’t get upset if you end up crashing into a car that hasn’t loaded onto the road yet.