Cyberpunk 2077 Endings Guide

Cyberpunk 2077 has multiple branching storylines that the players will be able to see as they re-visit the game multiple times and choose to go down a different path. In this Cyberpunk 2077 Endings guide, we’ll be showing you how you can achieve these different conclusions to the game.

Cyberpunk 2077 Endings

The endings of Cyberpunk 2077 are completely unrelated to how you play through the game and what other choices you pick in the different story missions. There’s nothing that will offset that course.

The deciding point for which ending you will get is during the “Nocturne Op55N1” mission. Here, your dialogue choice with Johnny Silverhand is what determines the ending you get.

To experience all the endings, you can just choose the “One More Gig” option after the credits, and you’ll be set before the Point of No Return.

You can replay the entire mission again and choose a different ending by simply selecting an alternative dialogue.

The better option here is to just keep a Manual Save prior to talking to Mysty on the balcony. Reload the save whenever you need to replay later.

Suicide Ending

“The Worst Ending” is fairly simple and a rather unsettling conclusion to the game in my opinion. The game ends with V ending his life at the very end of it.

When Mysty takes you to the balcony, and you initiate your conversation with Johnny Silverhand. All you need to do is pick the following dialogues.

“Could also just put all this to rest.”

“[Toss Pills] I know, exactly what we’re gonna do.”

The game ends, and the credits roll. V dies, and that’s it.

The Devil Ending

“The Devil Ending” has you helping Takemura to avenge the death of Saburo Arasaka. This ending takes you to the space station due to your severe injuries.

Here, you will have two options; either join the medical program and let the doctors take your mind and preserve it or go back to Earth and die in a few months.

Going for this ending unlocks “The Devil” trophy.

When you head on to the balcony and talk to Johnny Silverhand, pick the following dialogues,

“Think trusting Arasaka’s risky but worth it.”

“Take Omega Blockers.”

You will then find yourself in the ending missions “Last Caress”, “Totalimmortal” and “Where is my Mind?”.

Once you find yourself on the space station, you can choose two of the aforementioned options to decide the final ending. You can either virtually archive your mind or return to Earth to die in a few months.

Temperance Ending

“The Temperance Ending” involves you giving up all your control over your body to Johnny Silverhand. You will be stuffed away in the Cyberspace, while Johnny walks around Night City enjoying the life that you gave up.

Choosing “The Temperance Ending” path will unlock the “Temperance” trophy.

A few things need to be done in order to unlock the Temperance Ending.

Complete all of Panam’s Side-Quests so you can become allies with the Aldecaldos (Nomads). There are three side-quests in total.

  • Riders on the Storm
  • With a Little Help from My Friends
  • Queen of the Highway

Once you’ve done the tasks mentioned, select the following dialogues during your conversation with Johnny Silverhand in “Nocturne Op55N1”.

“[Call] Panam”

“Just need a minute.”

“Somethin’… I gotta do today”

“Gonna ask Panam for help.”

“Take Omega blockers.”

Choosing the above dialogues will then take you through three ending missions, which are “We Gotta Live Together,” “Forward to Death,” and “Belly of the Beast.”

After finishing the final mission, you will interact with Alt AI and go into Cyberspace. You will be able to pick the dialogue, “Body’s Johnny’s I’ll go”. This will let Johnny take over, and you will be shut off into the Cyberspace forever.

The Star

“The Star Ending” has you partnering up with Aldecaldos and Panam to leave Night City forever, and delete Johnny Silverhand from your memory completely.

This prevents Johnny from taking control over your body, and you get to live the rest of your days with the Nomads.

This ending will unlock “The Star” trophy.

Complete all of Panam’s Side-Quests to become allies with the Nomads. The quests that need to be completed are.

  • Riders on the Storm
  • With a Little Help From My Friends
  • Queen of the Highway

Select the following dialogue options while talking to Johnny Silverhand during the “Nocturne Op55N1” mission.

“[Call] Panam”

“Just need a minute.”

“Somethin’… I gotta do today.”

“Gonna ask Panam for help.”

“Take Omega Blockers.”

You will now go through the ending missions, “We Gotta Live Together,” “Forward to Death,” “Belly of the Beast.”

To trigger the Star Ending this time, during your conversation with Alt and Johnny, pick “Wanna live out whatever life I got left,” and enter the Well to go to your body.

The Sun

Going through with this ending will see you become a legend, and Johnny will become trapped in the Cyberspace.

Completing this ending unlocks “The Sun” trophy.

To unlock “The Sun Ending,” you need to have completed all of Rogue’s Side-Quests so you can have her as an ally. The side-quests that you need to complete are,

  • Chippin’ In
  • Blistering Love

After doing the two side-quests, all you need to do is talk to Johnny Silverhand during the “Nocturne Op55N1” mission and pick the following dialogues.

“Think you and Rogue should go.”

“Take Omega Blockers.”

You will now be doing the ending missions “For Whom The Bell Tolls” and “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.”

When you get into the Cyberspace, simply enter the Well to return to your body instead of giving up control to Johnny.

Cyberpunk 2077 Secret Ending

Note: If you die, the credits for the game will roll and you will not be able to finish the secret ending.

There is a rather secret ending to the game discovered recently by the community. To unlock this secret ending, you’re going to want to be really good friends with Johnny Silverhand.

The friendship between you and Johnny is tracked throughout the game with a hidden stat.

According to CD Projekt, you have to be just the right amount of nice with Johnny so he doesn’t think it’s fake.

Help Johnny out by visiting his old friends, let him take over your body and play in the band! Once you have bonded enough with the man, you can then continue to unlock the secret ending.

Go to the rooftop and when you finally have to make a choice; just don’t.

That’s right, just wait and look at Johnny and the gun until he speaks up and says that he will attack Arasaka on his own. This leads to a pretty tough mission with probably the toughest line-up of enemies yet.

Initiating the secret mission, you will be raiding the Arasaka Tower solo. The fun part about the entire thing is that you will have to do this in one shot.

If you don’t, the credits will roll and the game will end abruptly. Don’t attempt this until you’re absolutely sure you can pull it off.

The game will throw at you a number of high tier enemies. Utilize every ability, pick the best mods, and make sure you’re equipped from top to bottom with the best stuff you can find.

At the end of it you can decide to give control of the body to Johnny or to keep it to yourself.

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