How To Get All Edgerunners Items Cyberpunk 2077

The Edgerunners show for Cyberpunk 2077 launched to much acclaim and now thanks to the 1.6 update, you can use the items from the show in the game.

The release of Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.6 added items to the game from the much-acclaimed Netflix show Edgerunners. The game’s developers paid tribute to the anime series by including items of various types. 

The items included are of the following categories: weapons, clothing, drinks, and stickers. These are either found at locations or can be unlocked by completing certain tasks. Some are even purchasable by certain vendors. This guide will tell you how to get all the Edgerunner items in Cyberpunk 2077.

How to get Cyberpunk: 2077 Edgrunners Clothing

The only piece of clothing that made it to the game was the Jacket owned by David Martinez; the main character of the Edgerunners show. This jacket was a memorial to his mother Gloria. She owned it before and works in the Night City Medical Center. David has made this jacket iconic as he was seen wearing it. 

You must complete the Over the Edge Side Job to get this jacket. To find the starting location of this side job, go to the living quarters of David Martinez. This building is labeled as 04 in Santo Domingo, Metro Wollesen Street. This building in particular, is hard to miss as it will be decorated with warning signs all over it.

There will be a piece of graffiti from the animated series as well. Here, you will also find a brain dance headset. Equip it on, and you will see flashbacks from the series marking the start of your side job. You will get this jacket after completing the gig. 

How to get Cyberpunk: 2077 Edgerunners Weapons

The update also adds some of the most prominent weapons present in the hands of the David Martinez Crew. There are a few perks that come along with these weapons. For the most part, the bullets fired through these death machines will now start to ricochet off walls.

There are many of them, so you must be at it for a while to get all the Edgerunner weapon items in Cyberpunk 2077. 

Guts Shotgun

This is the most prominent weapon of the series. The game offers you a chance to go with the shotgun shown in the hands of Rebecca. This shotgun is a Legendary Iconic Tier weapon and is insanely overpowered.

The only downside is you never know when you may miss a shot from this weapon. It is described as unpredictable like it has a mind of its own. 

You can find this weapon in the bushes in the Memorial Park in Corpo Plaza. You can find some monks sitting and meditating. Look around the bushes near them, and you can find it in one of them.  


The Hypercritical is a precision rifle seen in the hands of Tiny Mike in Edgerunner. This rifle is an Iconic Tier weapon and is extremely powerful. It sits among the list of weapons that have the ricocheting bullet power.

The Hypercritical lives up to its name and is an awesome choice for knocking enemies on their knees. The final bullet in the magazine will always deal critical damage if it connects. 

You can find this weapon by completing the Concrete Cage Trap side job. This side job is available inside Tiny Mike’s apartment. This job will be offered to you by Regina Jones. Militech goons will surround Tiny Mike, and you will rescue him. 


As much as the name gives it the vibe of a gun, it is a lethally sharp knife. Just one little push and it can enter the body without any warnings. You can throw this knife if you have precision aim to make a deadly throw. 

The Headhunter is found at a vendor in the West Wind Estate. If you want to add it to your armory, head towards West Wind Estate to the melee weapon vendor. You can purchase it from him. 

Blue Fang

The Blue Fang lives up to the hype its name creates. This is a knife soaked in neurotoxin. Just a whiff of this blade and the victim will be out of commission. 

This Edgerunners item is available in Cyberpunk 2077 at the melee weapon vendor in the Badlands. 

Senkoh LX

This pistol packs a punch more powerful than a rifle round. It functions as a normal pistol, but it can dish out some serious damage if allowed to charge. 

There are two variants of the Senkoh LX which can be obtained in the game now. The first is the Epic Tier of this weapon which is obtainable after the Nasty Hangover side job. The Uncommon variant is buyable from Jinguji. 


Kappa is also one of the specialized Edgerunners items introduced in Patch 1.6 of Cyberpunk 2077. This pistol is fitted with special trackers that can hit up to two targets simultaneously. This pistol is especially useful if stuck in close-quarters combat. 

The Kappa pistol is purchasable from the Straight Shooters Gun vendor. 

VST-37 Pozhar

The Pozhar is a shotgun capable of bouncing tiny metal fragments off walls until they find a body to pierce into. This shotty is powerful and packs quite the punch for its small size. 

The Straight Shooters is where you want to be if you want to get your hands on the Pozhar. 


This LMG can deliver heavy machine gun performance in its small size. The bullets are hard-hitting and high-damage dealers. This gun can also bounce its bullets off walls, so you can reach enemies behind cover by firing at an angle. 

The Edgerunners item is purchasable from a weapon vendor found in Watson in Cyberpunk 2077. 


Kyubi is an assault rifle known as one of the best rifles in the game. It can deliver lethal blows to your enemies with a flick of the trigger. This rifle is also capable of ricocheting bullets off walls. 

You can buy the Kyubi from the Straight Shooters. 


The Cut-O-Matic is the perfect balance between a chainsaw and a machete. It is the fusion of both and can cut down anyone foolish enough to stand in your way. It is a treat for fans of the Warhammer 40k franchise as it resembles the chainswords used in various books, animated shows, and games of the franchise. 

This bloodthirsty melee weapon is available at the Melee Weapon vendor at Rancho Colorado. An Uncommon Variant of this weapon is also obtainable from Coach Fred in Watson. 


This is a machete sharpened enough to resemble a razor blade. This thin piece of metal is capable of slicing anything in its way, like butter. 

You can get this weapon from the Melee Weapon vendor in Rancho Colorado, or from Coach Fred in Watson. 


The Claw is the perfect melee weapon for those who wish to unleash their inner barbarian. This saw-toothed battleaxe is the perfect combination of death and suffering. 

You can buy the Epic Tier Claw from the melee weapon vendor in Santo Domingo. If not, you can obtain an Uncommon Tier Claw from Coach Fred. 

How to Get Cyberpunk: 2077 Edgerunners New Drinks

There is only one drink that has found some connection to the DLC. And this Edgerunners item in Cyberpunk 2077 is named after the lead character, David Matinez. The drink is called The David Martinez, and it is a mixture of both cola and vodka. 

This drink is available for a taste in the Afterlife Bar. 

How to Get Cyberpunk: 2077 Edgerunners New Stickers

Patch 1.6 also has a cool feature where you can use stickers from the show in your clicks if you use the photo mode. You will get 10 stickers in the game inspired from the Edgerunners show in Cyberpunk 2077.

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