Cyberpunk 2077 Double Life Walkthrough

In this Cyberpunk 2077 Double Life Walkthrough, we will take a look at the complete walkthrough of Double Life. We will take a look at all the steps needed to complete this quest in CP 2077.

Cyberpunk 2077 Double Life

The quest will begin with Evelyn being rescued. Her future is yet to be decided. You will have a chat with Johnny when you enter Judy’s apartment.

You can acquire several shards in this location and know about Judy’s backstory through her laptop.

Talk to Judy in order to advance. Judy will be a little on edge after she has investigated virtus. You will now get to talk to Evelyn.

When you are ready, sit next to Judy and start exploring the Braindance. Only the scan of the Visual layer is needed.

Your first revelation will be the real job of Evelyn which was to record a virtu along Yorinobu and get it to her employer. Everything else was Evelyn’s plan all along.

You will also need to go back to Pacifica and talk to the Voodoo Boys. Another virtu comes up that shows Evelyn sneaking and trying to listen in on a phone call.

Now turn to the audio layer and listen to what they are saying.

You will get a translation mod by Judy for being able to understand the conversation. There is a location called “Alt.” where they were expecting to be guided by Johnny. Leave Braindance after this.

There is a lot of confusion in this for Judy as she cannot comprehend that Johnny Silverhand is inside your character’s head.

You can tell her as much as you please and then you can talk to Johnny. He also wants to find the Netrunner woman who has information about the biochip.

You will return to Judy after your conversation with Johnny and complete your chat with her and finish the job as well.

The rewards for this quest are that you will get a street cred point along with a perk and an attribute point.

Now it is your choice to walk around in Judy’s apartment a little longer. You can inspect the things that have a speech bubble over them.

When you scan them discuss the scanned item with Johnny. If you are unable to go inside Judy’s room, get out of her apartment and press the buzzer on the right of the apartment door.

After you press the buzzer, you can call Judy and get inside the apartment again.

The mission is completed at this point.

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