Cyberpunk 2077 Don’t Lose Your Mind Walkthrough

In this Cyberpunk 2077 Don’t Lose your Mind Walkthrough, we will discuss the complete walkthrough of the side job.

We will take a look at how each part of the Don’t Lose Your Mind side quest will be completed. There will also be tips and tricks that would help you complete the quest in Cyberpunk 2077.

Cyberpunk 2077 Don’t Lose Your Mind

This quest will begin with a traffic accident next to the Corporate Plaza, and then you will have to call Delamain.

This will happen within the first 48 in-game hours, and if it does not, Delamain will call you. You have to get back to the Delamain HQ after you have talked.

When you get to the building, you will see a malfunctioning door and your task is to find another way to get in.

There are two ways to get in and for both of them, you will have to go right from the main entrance.

One is a door in the garage area but you need a technical ability attribute for this. The second is a grate on the roof. You can get to the grate by climbing on the crate in the alley.

Delamain HQ Infiltration
Now that you are inside the building you will head towards a small office that has a computer.

The password for this computer is “1234” which you will see in one of the emails on a different station. The gate will be unlocked from the local network lab.

Take the door and go through the hallway. There are drones in this hallway.  Be careful of the electrified floor in the workshop.

There is a door on your left that will lead you to the room with the car lift. Use the car lift to get to the ledge above the garage door by jumping on it.

Look to the southwest and you will see a window next to two large pipes. On the other side, there are stairs.

Take the stairs and pass through the walkway till you get to a room with a grate on the floor. You will have to push the car after dropping down at the bottom.

Use this car to get to the waypoint by climbing on it and leaping.

Take the ladder in the back and find the catwalk above. You will get to the garage by walking on the catwalk’s perpendicular section.

Once you are there you will have to go counterclockwise in the room to make it to the exit.

Take the stairs in the southwest corner, then jump across the missing floor panel and get to the small room using the pipes in the east.

Drop on the pipes on the other side and you will be on top of the control room. Use the hole in the roof to enter it.

Control Room
When you get in you will hear Delamains arguing. You will have a choice to make once you get to the core chamber.

The first primary choice is to destroy the core which will release the divergent Delamains. You can do this by shooting at the core from a safe distance.

The second primary choice is to reset the core. This will restore Delamain to its former glory but something will still be missing.

A third, not primary option will be to hack the Delamain core to merge all the Delamains but you will need a high level of intelligence for that.

There is a side exit available after you have made your decision and you will have a car waiting for you outside.

The Delamain on the car will react according to the choice you made.

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