Hilarious Cyberpunk 2077 Bugs, Glitches So Far

Cyberpunk 2077 has finally released worldwide but not without a fair share of bugs and glitches. Perhaps saying fair would not be…fair for some players as the game appears to have quite a lot of bugs and glitches. Nearly all of them though are not game-breaking but most of them are pretty hilarious.

The following were just taken right off social media platforms. Remember to download the new Nvidia and AMD drivers because that will help address some of the issues. Expect CD Projekt Red to roll out at least one more patch before signing off for the holidays. 2021 will mostly be the developer ironing out every single bug and glitch in the system.

T-1000 roams Night City

Seeing non-playable characters body-clip through environments and objects is pretty common in the current build of Cyberpunk 2077. Some of them may as well be the T-1000 as they get back up from potential death and flow straight into vehicles like liquid metal.

Jackie wells up

Jackie knows all too well the current status of Cyberpunk 2077. His hard stare straight into the camera says a lot about what he thinks about the bugs and glitches in the game so far.

Balding punks

It does not matter what players wear in Cyberpunk 2077. The mirrors of Night City always show something different. Whether that includes players showing up as naked in a mirror or completely bald.

Invisible ice-skaters

One of the most famous Fallout glitches have made it into Cyberpunk 2077. Some of the roaming characters of Night City not only fail to load but also fail to walk. These invisible people only need to make the infamous t-pose while ice-skating on the streets.

Dystopian iPhones

Cyberpunk 2077 provides a glimpse into what a dystopian future may look like if mankind continues to depend more and more on machines. This character as an example is apparently able to use not one but four phones all at once.

Penal augmentations

Cyberpunk 2077 allows players access to genital customizations. This however is not something by design.

Teleporting no-face

Remember that infamous no-face glitch from Assassin’s Creed Unity? It got upgraded with teleportation in Cyberpunk 2077.

Textured nightmares

Seeing characters body-clip all over Night City is not enough. Some of them even have their faces body-clipping back inside. In a lesser nightmarish example, some characters do not have any faces or textures at all. The same goes for objects as well and has nothing to do with popping textures. Their textures really are gone.

Miniature trees

Every dystopian future is always facing climatic challenges. Cyberpunk 2077 appears to take place during a time where trees can only grow as tall as a dime. They also appear to be floating in air for no reason at all.

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