Cyberpunk 2077 Bosses Guide

There is a good variety of bosses in Cyberpunk 2077. In this guide I have explained the strategies you can adopt to deal with the bosses in Cyberpunk 2077 as well as the rewards you get for taking them down.

Cyberpunk 2077 Bosses

It’s not mandatory that you will have some of these boss encounters in Cyberpunk 2077 as they depend on your choices. In case you miss out on a boss, don’t worry as you will not be losing something considerable.

All the bosses are explained in a chronological order. The bosses mostly start with melee attacks and then shift to ranged weapons as their health depletes.

Also in case are absolutely helpless against boss you can always lower the difficulty level. Let’s start with Royce.


You could have different scenarios with Royce, he can be avoided or dealt with which depends on how you approach the ‘’ The Pickup ’’ mission.

If you accept money chip from Meredith and give it to Maelstrom Gang then you will face off the boss towards the exit of Food Processing Plant.

He will be shielded and will send rockets your way which you can avoid by dodging and by hiding behind cars.

Attack the orange area behind his back to deal considerable damage as that is his weak point. Use a shot gun to slide behind his back, shoot the orange area and retreat.

Repeating the process will surely kill him and he will drop Epic Spiked Maelstrom Short-Sleeve Jacket and Rare Iconic Chaos which is a tech pistol.

Matilda K.Rose

You will encounter this boss while completing the ‘’ Find the agent in the cinema’’ objective in ‘’ I walk the line’’ main mission. Matilda is a slow moving boss and your speed will be her biggest disadvantage. She does melee attacks only which is also a plus.

Dodge her attacks by double pressing the crouching button and then deal damage to her using her firearm.

Your main priority should be dealing damage to the glowing tech on her back. Once her weak spot is destroyed, she will not be able to recharge her health.

Finally, use shotguns or assault rifles against her and shoot at her head to bring her down.

If she manages to pin you down, just tap the attack buttons to get out of her grip fast. She will drop a Legendary M-76E Tech pistol and Legendary Comfy Nomad Shorts.


Akira is very easy boss as you will not even notice him while you are slaying other enemies playing ‘’ Never Fade Away’’ main mission.

He uses a rifle and switches to melee when you are close to him. You also will have support in this mission so everything will work out well.

Deal with the other enemies first and then head to the boss. Since he is very easy to beat, just deal damage with standard attacks. Also you shouldn’t be expecting any dropped items.

Oswald Forrest

To encounter this boss you need to play ‘’ Automatic Love’’ mission where you will be supposed to interrogate him.

When you meet him, refuse to pay him which will trigger the boss fight. He will use melee attacks first and then shift to a gun as his health depletes.

The best way to deal with him is to pick up the Katana from the restricted area going into this office and then using that against him.

Katana approach is much more favorable as with bare hands, at higher difficulties, you could easily die from the bullets he will fire at you.

After he is dead, interact with his computer. He will drop Epic M251S Ajax, a power assault rifle.


While playing ‘’Transmission’’, you will encounter Placide outside the Voodo Boy’s Hideout, on your way to the exit.

This guy uses a shot gun so make sure you are not too close to him. This way you will be able to avoid his shotgun pellets.

Deal damage to him from afar and then close in by sliding and damaging him using Melee attacks. He is fairly easy to kill and will drop a lot of items.

Legendary Timeworn Trench Coat, Common Chapel Access Key, Uncommon Ram Jot and Common Wooden Beads are dropped by him.

Sandayu Oda

Your boss fight with Sandayu Oda will start as soon as you pull the cable out of Netrunner in the “Play it Safe” mission.

This is one of the very complicated bosses as he has a number of movesets. He starts with dual-wielded melee weapons which you must avoid by dodging to the sides.

Make sure you shoot his head using the revolver as it will be very accurate for this purpose.

To make sure you have plenty of ammo, equip different weapons in each weapon slot. You will be using ranged weapons against this boss so make sure you have a revolver, AR and a Sniper.

He will also jump and send down bullets your way but he takes breaks in between which will be your golden chance to use your sniper against him.

To avoid his bullets, always stay in cover. Most importantly you must absolutely dodge his melee attack where he jumps in air and tries to slam you down.

After his health depletes he will start using the invisibility cloak, don’t worry as you can find him one of the construction hut, trying to recharge his health.

You will see the blue outline of his cloak and you must shoot him to stop him from recharging.

If your health gets very low, just do what he does, run and hide around in the construction huts.  Make sure you stack yourself up with ammo and health items before the fight starts.

He will drop Epic iconic Jinchu Mari Melee Katana, Legendary Arasaka Polycarbonate Vest, Legendary Face armor and Heat Resistant Military Boots.

Adam Smasher

You will encounter Adam Smasher at the end of Totalimmortal main job.

Adam Smasher starts with melee attacks but he loses his arms he will shift to using the Rocket launcher against you. You must equip a revolver, assault rifle and a sniper rifle for this boss.

When he loses his arm he will start to call in some lesser enemies near his health drops.

These enemies are ninja like and can be easily killed using the frag grenades. His rockets are fairly easy to avoid if you keep moving.

To make him loss his right arm you need to repeatedly shoot it, when he losses the arm he will then only do ranged rocket attacks.

When the ninjas are spawned, keep your focus on them only. Finally shoot the rocket launcher on his back which will make is defenseless and you can get close to finish him off with a melee attack.

He will not drop anything but if you’re following the Totalimmortal route for the ending then he will drop an Access Card.