Cyberpunk 2077 Badlands Side Jobs Guide

In this Cyberpunk 2077 Badlands Side Jobs guide, we’ll be showing you a detailed walkthrough for all of these gigs scattered around the district.

Cyberpunk 2077 Badlands Side Jobs

Badlands is one of the many areas in Cyberpunk 2077 full of side jobs for you to complete.

Epistrophy: Badlands

Rewards. +842 Street Experience, +374 Experience, 1140 Eddies

Location. Eastern Badlands

You can find this rogue Delamain Corporation cab on just the end of the Eastern Badlands. As you get near the cab, you’ll get a call requesting you to get into the cab. You will have a conversation with the cab, and the AI will warn you to stay out of their way.

As soon as you get out of the cab, you’ll get a call and it’s none other than Delamain AI with your reward. Going through this short yet brief process will thus complete the Epistrophy: Badlands side job.

Following the River

Rewards. +2755 Street Cred, +1225 Experience, chance to romance River

Location. Joss’ House

Wait for River to call you and offer you this side job; it should happen 24 hours after you complete ‘The Hunt’ mission. Go to Joss’ house and wait around for River to show up.

For the rest of the job, you’ll be stirring the jambalaya, talking to River and grabbing rice from the kitchen.

Play the game with the children afterwards and let them win. You will then be attending dinner with River and Joss along with the children.

If you want to get involved with River, then select the “I do” option when the children poke fun at you and River for being a couple.

Follow River up to the water tower and select all options that show interest in River.

Dialogues to select:

“Your Pistol?”

“That a pick-up line?”

*Continue with five pick-up lines afterwards*

“I can see what you’re doin’.”

“Just don’t fall in love.”


A few things to keep in mind if you want to romance River are:

  • Only select options that would please River.
  • Try to kiss River every time when presented with the choice.
  • Select “I feel good around you” to avoid staying in the friendzone.

This completes the side job “Following the River”.

These Boots Are Made for Walkin’

Rewards. +2051 Street Cred Experience, +912 Experience

Location. Eastern Badlands

After Act 2 in Badlands, you’ll receive a text from Thorton Galena 80845 who will be sending you co-ordinates to your new car.

Once you open the hood and check the engine, a lady named Lana will walk in and ask you to take your hands off her car.

You can choose to buy the car here for 100 eddies, threaten her or just give it to her.

Threatening leads to you getting the car but a resentful Lana.

Giving her the car gives you a happy and grateful Lana.

Once you’ve made the decision, the side-job ‘These Boots Are Made For Walkin’’ will be completed.

Riders on the Storm

Rewards. +1290 Street Cred, +573 Experience, Overwatch iconic weapon

Location. Eastern Badlands

Meeting Panam
After 12 hours, you’ll get a call from Panam asking you for help. Meet her at the Aldecaldos camp and agree to help her.

Follow Panam to the planning area and Mitch will hand you over a shard and ask you to check a Wraith camp near where Saul is being held prisoner.

Scan the camp gate, tire tracks, guard building, wraith truck, and skywalk between the buildings to complete this part.

Disconnect from the shard and either initiate an optional dialogue with the Aldecaldos near the car or go to Panam and Mitch to get a SuperJet injector from Mitch.

Drive with Panam towards the Raffen Shiv camp and prepare to stealth your way in.

Finding Saul
Go to the left side of the camp and sneak through the path. Head to the main building and use the garage door to enter (Easiest path).

Stick to the left wall inside the warehouse and take the stairs going down. Walk past the guards and you’ll find a guy operating a computer.

Take him out and in the next room is Saul strapped to a chair. Inject him with SuperJet and leave the area. You can exit through the maintenance tunnel if you have Technical Ability 9.

Take shelter with Panam and go back to the fuse box. Saul will say that it’s getting too cold.

Fix the heat outside when Panam asks you to.

Romance Opportunity
Sit down near Panam and listen to Saul talk. “Let’s take it easy – you’re both tired.” Back Pam up by saying, “Shitty idea, Panam’s right.”

Continue with the dialogues:

“Prolly just the meds.”

“And? This any better” or “NOMAD Hard to get used to”

“Pleased with your stay, ma’m?”

“You’d be more comfortable with your shoes off, ma’m.”

“[Touch Panam’s thigh] Got a few ideas” or “You choose. Customer’s always right.”

Panam will then start to doze off. Go outside to find Panam and Saul waiting after talking to Johnny Silverhand. You’ll get your reward but stay near her to trigger a timed choice.

“[Stop Panam] Wait. About last night…”

Get the Overwatch iconic weapon and rifle after stopping Panam. This will complete the ‘Riders on the Storm’ side job.

With a Little Help From My Friends

Rewards. +1471 Street Cred Experience, +654 Experience

Location. Eastern Badlands

After completing ‘Riders on the Storm,’ Panam will ask you for help with one more matter.

Offer your help to Panam and head to the Aldecaldos’ camp. You can choose to back Pam up in the conversation between Panam, Mitch, and Saul with timed dialogues. However, none of these are necessary for romancing Panam.

Tell them you’re in once the conversation ends to continue with the mission; choosing otherwise will fail the mission.

Follow Pam or get to the next point and let Pam talk, once finished, she will ask if you have any questions.

You can choose to talk to other nomads for additional optional dialogue or continue to proceed through the entrance into the control tower.

Punch Card
As you get to the top, Panam will call to Carol and you will have to search for a punch card. It can be found in a drawer. Bring it to the marked location and move the train.

Romancing Panam
Meet Panam near the window and use the following choices and dialogues to romance Panam.

[Stand by Window] Missed you.

So, let’s start.

Great plan. What went wrong?

Guess you gotta start somewhere.

Why’s it different with me?

[Touch Panam’s hand] Next time, try following that impulse.

Go outside the tower and you will get a text from Saul asking you regarding Panam. You can defend her by saying you don’t know. Sit next to Panam and continue with the romance.

“[Sit] Worried about Saul?”

“Think I’ll try and get some shut-eye.”

“[Scooch closer] Gotten kinda cold.”

Continuing with the Job

Wake up the next morning and get into Panam’s car. You will find yourself in the turret. Shoot the train car coupler in front of the last train car (Optional goal).

Destroy the two drones flying out the front. Take out the Militech members on foot where Panam parks her car. After you’ve dealt with everything, get back into her car and go back to the camp.

The quest will complete after a small conversation between Saul and Panam at the Aldecaldo camp.

Queen of the Highway

Rewards. +1471 Street Cred Experience, +654 Experience

Location. Eastern Badlands

24 hours after the previous side-job, you’ll get a call from Panam asking you regarding the Basilisk and whether you want to drive it. Agree and go to the marked location.

Talk to Panam and Mitch. Climb aboard the Basilisk and make sure to get the timed dialogue option to comment on Panam struggling to turn it on.

Learn how to use the Basilisk and use the turrets to destroy the five cars around you. You can choose to initiate a sex scene with Panam depending on your choices up until now.

To initiate:

“[Let Panam touch you] Oh, yeah. Let’s go”

To decline:

“Nice, but I’ve had enough, thanks”

If you chose to have sex, the scene will be interrupted by Raffen Shiv attacking the Basilisk and the Aldecaldos camp. Kill all 28 to save the camp and further the objective. If you chose to have sex, you’ll be naked outside of the Basilisk.

Follow Panam to a conversation with Saul. Afterward, grab a beer or lemonade and she will ask you to stay with her.

If you don’t deny her romance, you’ll wake up in a camp with the ‘Queen of the Highway’ side job completed.

Fortunate Son

Rewards. +1140 Experience

Location. Eastern Badlands

After completing ‘Queen of the Highway’, head to one of the tents at the new Nomad Camp to find an injured nomad. You will be asked to help by going to Night City. Agree to start the Fortunate Son side job.

Trying to save Jake
Meet up with the employee, and he will give you a kidney inside a briefcase. The doctor will run away as the police arrive on the scene. Take out all of the cops and interrogate the doctor nearby.

If you have Level 11 Intelligence, you can choose to ask the doctor regarding any tampering with the implant, to which he’ll say there’s a virus on it and give you a shard.

Alternatively, you can spare him and start walking away, he will shout for you to wait and give you the shard anyway.

Head back to Bob with the implant and wait eight hours. Depending on your choices involving the doctor, Jake will respond to the implant differently

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