Cyberpunk 2077 Attributes and Perks Guide

Being an RPG, your character V in Cyberpunk 2077 needs to have the right combination of attributes and perks. To help you out with the complex systems, we have prepared this Cyberpunk 2077 Attributes and Perks Guide to break them down and help you invest points in the right places.

Cyberpunk 2077 Attributes and Perks

Character attributes, perks and skills are pretty convoluted and complex in Cyberpunk 2077 but to save you the hassle and ensure you make the right choices, we prepared this guide to provide explanations for everything.

Character Attributes

The game provides you with five different aspects of your playable character that you can upgrade throughout your journey in Night City. Upgrade each one based on your unique playstyle, and create your own favorable situations where needed.

As you begin to level up, you will start earning Attribute points that can be invested in the menu.

Upgrading gives you the edge over enemies in later encounters. These Attribute categories represent the maximum level of your respective Skills.


The Body attribute in Cyberpunk 2077 is designed to make you an absolute tank with great power, yet with a considerable compromise on mobility. Your brute force is your biggest asset.

Alter your surroundings to create alternate pathways by opening doors, knocking enemies out, and blocking bullets using other people as meat-shields. Heck, if you’re feeling a little too creative, you might want to pick up an entire turret to fire away at your enemies. Every level up to the Body Skill gives you:

  • +3 Stamina
  • Increased damage from Gorilla Arms (3 every level)
  • Increased damage with melee weapons by 1.5%
  • Less movement penalty while grabbing an enemy and holding an HMG by 1.5%
  • Increased movement speed while grappling an enemy and the duration for grapple is increased by 5 more seconds

Body tree expands into four other skills. You can invest further points into these perks to customize your playstyle.


Regeneration – Constantly regenerates HP bar

Pack Mule – Max Carrying capacity gets increased by 60.

True Grit – Stamina increases by 10%.

Steel and Chrome – Melee Damage Increases 10%.

Epimorphosis – This allows you to regenerate health to 70% after combat.

Like a Butterfly – Stamina will not be consumed when using dodges.

Dog of War – During fights, health regeneration gets increased

Multitasker – Allows you to shoot at enemies while running, vaulting, and sliding.

Marathoner – Stamina will not be consumed when sprinting.

Soft on Your Feet – Fall damage gets reduced by 5%.

Transporter – Allows you to carry a body while sprinting or shoot with revolvers and pistols.

Wolverine – During combat, health regeneration gets activated 50% quicker.

Gladiator – Blocking melee attacks consumes 20% less stamina.

Cardio Cure – While moving, regain 25% health.

The Rock – You will not get knocked down by enemies using this perk.

Stronger Together – Outgoing damage to enemies gets increased when carrying a body.

Steel Shell – 10% increase in armor protection.

Divided Attention – Allows you to reload weapons during sliding and sprinting.

Human Shield – While grappling an enemy, armor gets increased by 20%.

Indestructible – Incoming damage gets reduced by 10%.

Hard Motherfucker – When you enter combat, armor and resistance gets increased by 10% for 10 seconds.

Street Brawler

Payback – With every 1% health you lose, the damage from your blunt weapons gets increased by 1%.

Dazed – Chance to stun enemies using blunt weapons increases by 15%.

Crushing Blows – 30% damage increase from strong attacks using blunt weapons.

Opportune Strike­ – Blunt weapon damage to enemies increases by 50%.

Thrash – If you hit an enemy with a strong, blunt weapon, the enemy’s armor gets decreased for 10 seconds by 30%.

Furry – Blunt Weapon combo attacks do 30% more damage.

Human Fortress – Blocking attacks using blunt weapons use 50% less stamina.

Frenzy – Killing an enemy will increase blunt weapon damage by 100% for 10 seconds.

Juggernaut– When getting attacked by a blunt weapon, armor increases by 15% for 10 seconds.

Biding Time – Using block attacks with Blunt weapons will increase health by 10%.

Rush – 3% health gets regenerated for 2s when you perform a successful blunt attack.

Breathing Space – Using block with a blunt weapon increases stamina regeneration by 50%.

Dazed – 15% chance to apply stun when using attacks with blunt weapons.

Reinvigorate – If you kill an enemy from a blunt weapon strong attack, you regen 10% stamina.

Unshakable – Stunning enemies with blunt weapons will regain you 5% stamina and health.

Efficient Blows – Blunt weapon attacks use 25% less stamina.

Relentless – Enemies who get stunned from blunt attacks restore 20% stamina.

Guerrilla – From this perk, critical damage will get increased by 60% for 10 seconds when you start a fight.


Dead Center – Damage to torsos increased by 10%.

Momentum Shift – Beating any enemy will increase your movement speed by 10% for 10 seconds. Pretty good ability if you want to keep moving around the fighting field.

Pump it, Louder! – Recoil of Shotguns and Light Machine Guns reduced by 10%.

Speed Demon – Deal more damage the faster you move.

Hail of Bullets – Shotguns and Light Machine Guns deal 3% more damage.

Mongoose – Evasion increased by 25% while reloading.

Manic – Movement speed increased by 20% for 10 seconds when you enter combat mode.

In Your Face – Reload time of Shotguns and Light Machine Guns reduced by 20%.

Massacre – Critical Damage increased with Shotguns and Light Machine Guns by 15%.

Burn Baby Burn­ – Double the duration of burn.

Heavy Lead – Light Machine Guns and Shotguns are able to knock enemies back with even greater force.

Poppin’ Off – 25% chance of dismembering enemies with Shotguns.

Bloodrush – Movement speed increased by 5% while carrying a Shotgun or Light Machine Gun during combat.

Skeet Shooter– 15% more damage to moving targets.

Hit the Deck – Damage to staggered and knocked enemies increased by 10%.

Unstoppable – Dismembering an enemy will increase your rate of fire by 10% for the next eight seconds. Stackable thrice.

Biathlete – Movement does not decrease weapon accuracy.

Bloodbath – Reduce weapon recoil by 50% for the next six seconds when you dismember an enemy.


Reflexes help you to better familiarize yourself with the environment around you. With this tree, you’ll be focusing on your evasion, and increasing your critical hit chances. You will also become more proficient with Rifles, Pistols and Revolvers.

With each increase in Reflexes level you gain:

  • 1% increase in Evasion
  • 1% Crit Chance increase
  • +3% Mantis Blade damage
  • Increase in Attack Speed
  • Increase in Movement Speed
  • XP gain increase for Rifles, Pistols and Revolvers
  • Greater handling for Rifles, Pistols and Revolvers


Desperado – Damage with Pistols and Revolvers increased by 3%.

High Noon – Crit chance increased with pistols and revolvers by 4%.

O.K. Corral – 50% more damage with pistols and revolvers to enemies with health less than 25%.

Attritional Fire – Consecutive shots with a pistol or revolver increases damage by 10%.

Gunslinger – Reload time for pistols and revolvers decreased by 10%.

Steady Hand – Pistol and revolver recoil decreased by 20%.

Acrobat – Dodge while aiming with a pistol or revolver.

Brainpower – Crit chance increased by 25% for five seconds after a headshot with a pistol or revolver.

Rio Bravo – Headshot damage multiplier increased with pistols and revolvers by 10%.

Vanishing Point – Evasion is increased by 25% for six seconds after a dodge roll with a pistol or revolver equipped.

Wild West – Damage penalty from pistols and revolvers removed when shot from a distance.

On the Fly – Draw/holster time for pistols and revolvers decreased by 25%.

From Head to Toe – Damage to limbs with pistols and revolvers increased by 7%.

Westworld – Crit chance for pistols and revolvers increased by 10% if completely modded.

A Fistful of Eurodollars – Crit damage with pistols and revolvers increased by 10%.

Snowball Effect – Fire rate for handguns is increased by 5% for six seconds after defeating an enemy. Stackable for 5 times.

Long Shot Drop Pop – Damage with handguns to enemies increased by 15% if said enemy is more than five meters away.

Grand Finale – Final bullet in your handgun clip deals twice as much damage.

Lead Sponge – Shoot while dodging with handguns.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly – Successful critical hit with a handgun, increases your damage and armor by 30% for five seconds.


Eagle Eye – Time to aim down sights with rifles and SMGs reduced by 10%.

Duck Hunter – Rifle and SMG damage to moving enemies increased by 10%.

Named Bullets – Crit damage increased with rifles and SMGs by 35%.

Bulletjock – Damage with rifles and SMGs increased by 35%.

Shoot, Reload, Repeat – Defeating an enemy with a rifle or SMG will reduce the reload time by 20% for five seconds.

Skull Skipper – Headshots reduce recoil with rifles and SMGs by 5% for 10 seconds. Stacks 5 times.

Savage Stoic– Damage with rifles and SMGs increased by 35% when standing still.

Covering Killshot – Crit chance with rifles and SMGs increased by 10% when firing from cover.

Nerves of Steel – Headshot damage increased with sniper rifles as well as precision rifles by 20%.

Bunker – Armor and resistances increased by 15% when using rifles and SMGs from cover.

Trench Warfare – Rifle and SMG damage increased by 5% when firing from cover.

Bullseye – Rifle and SMG damage increased by 10% while aiming.

In Perspective – Bullets from SMGs and Rifles ricochet twice.

Too Close for Comfort – Melee attacks with rifles and SMGs deal 50% more damage.

Feel the Flow – Reload time for Assault Rifles and SMGs reduced by 10%.

Recoil Wrangler – Recoil with Rifles and SMGs reduced by 10%.

Executioner – 25% more damage with rifles and SMGs to enemies whose health is above 50%.

Hunter’s Hands – Recoil with rifles and SMGs decreased by 20% when firing from cover.

Long Shot – Damage from Rifle and SMG increased depending on how far you are from your enemies.

Punisher – Defeating an enemy with a rifle or SMG will prevent any weapon sway and limit weapon spread for the next 10 seconds.


Sting Like a Bee – Attack speed with Blades increased by 10%.

Roaring Waters – Strong attacks with blades deal 30% more damage.

Shifting Sands – Dodging recovers 15% stamina.

Judge, Jury and Executioner – Damage with blades increased by 50% if enemy is at max health.

Stuck Pig – Bleeding duration increased by three seconds.

Fiery Blast – Damage with blades increased by 1% for every 1% of health the enemy is missing.

Crimson Dance – Blade combos have a 15% chance to apply bleed.

Blessed Blade – Crit chance with blades have a 15% chance to apply bleeding.

Crimson Tide – Bleeding effect can be stacked thrice with blades.

Flight of the Sparrow – Stamina cost of all attacks with blades decreased by 30%.

Bloodlust – Recover 7% health while you bleed an enemy or hit an enemy affected by bleeding.

Slow and Steady – Armor increased by 15% while moving.

Unbroken Spirit – Counterattacks with blades restore 25% health and stamina.

Deathbolt – Defeating any enemy will restore 20% health and increase your movement speed by 30% for five seconds while you’re wielding a blade.

Offensive Defense – Defensive attacks with blades deal 200% more damage.

Float Like a Butterfly – Dodging will increase damage with blades by 25% for five seconds.

Dragon Strike – Crit damage with blades increased by 25%.

Technical Ability

Investing in your Technical skills will prove you to be a better Engineer and Craftsman, both of which are essential for survival in the modern world of Cyberpunk 2077.

As you become more and more efficient in the tree, you will become better at crafting, better against drones, mechs and other robots in combat.

Each Technical Ability level increases:

  • +5% Armor
  • Crafting efficiency
  • Tech weapons efficiency
  • Able to take down drones, mechs and robots easily
  • New Tech dialogue options
  • New obstacle interactions


Mech Looter – 25% chance of finding a weapon mod or attachment from looting drones, mechs and robots.

Grenadier – Explosion radius of grenades is visible.

Blast Shielding – Damage taken by explosions reduced by 10%.

Lock and Load – Smart weapon reload speed increased by 5%.

Gun Whisperer – Charged tech weapons do not shoot automatically.

Mech Looter – Looting drones, mechs, and robots may yield a weapon mod or attachment (25% chance).

Up to 11 – Ability to charge tech weapons up to 75% capacity.

Insulation – Immunity to shock.

Superconductor – Tech weapons will ignore armor.

Can’t Touch This – Immunity to all effects from your own grenades.

Bigger Booms– 5% more damage dealt to enemies from grenades.

Fuck All Walls – Charge amount required reduced for tech weapons to penetrate walls by 30%.

Shrapnel – Grenade types deal 20 damage in addition to their normal effects.

Lightning Bolt – Crit chance increased with tech weapons by 3%.

Lickety Split – Tech weapon charge time is reduced by 10%.

Tesla – Charge multiplier for tech weapons increased by 15%.

Play the Angles – Ricochet deals 50% additional damage.

Bladerunner – Damage to drones, mechs, and robots increased by 20%.

Ubercharge – Charged tech weapons deal 50% more damage.

Jackpot – Enables grenades to deal critical hits.

Revamp – Damage from tech weapons deal 25% more damage. Charge damage from all chargeable weapons and cyberware increased by 10% as well.


Mechanic – More components gained from disassembling.

Ex Nihilo – 20% increase in chance to craft an item for free.

Cost Optimization – Component cost of crafting items reduced by 15%.

True Craftsman Craft rare items.

200% Efficiency – Crafted clothes will gain 2.5% more armor.

Waste Not Want Not – Get attached mod backs when disassembling an item.

Field Technician – Deal 2.5% more damage from crafted weapons.

Let There Be Light! – Reduce component cost of upgrading items by 10%.

Scrapper – Automatically disassemble junk items.

Tune-Up – Upgrade lower quality components into higher quality ones.

Innovation – Consumables’ effects are improved by 25%.

Grease Monkey – Craft epic items.

Cutting Edge – Damage and damage-related stats of crafted weapons improved by 5%.

Workshop – Item disassembly has a 5% chance to provide you with a free component of the same quality as the disassembled item.

Efficient Upgrades – 10% change to upgrade an item for free.

Edgerunner Artisan – 10% chance to upgrade item for free.

Sapper – Deal 10% more damage with grenades.

Crazy Science – Sale price of crafted items increased by 10%.


By enhancing your intelligence attribute, you will be able to improve your hacking abilities on the field. You can start unlocking interesting hacks or buy them off of black-market vendors.

Each level up in Intelligence will increase your cyberdeck RAM capacity by 4%, quickhack damage by 0.5% and quickhack duration by 1%.

Breach Protocol

Mass Vulnerability – Unlock Mass Vulnerability daemon which grants you additional Physical Resistance for all enemies that are in the network by 30% for the next 3 minutes.

Datamine Mastermind – Amount of components acquired from access points increased by 50%.

Mass Vulnerability: Quickhacks – Mass Vulnerability can now cause enemies in the network to take 30% more damage from quickhacks.

Big Sleep – Disable all cameras in the network for three minutes.

Turret Shutdown – Disable all security turrets in the network for three minutes.

Cloud Cache – Breach Protocol reduces the RAM csot of your next quickhack by X times the number of daemons uploaded.

Buffer Optimization – Duration of daemon effects increased by 100%.

Almost In! – Breach time increased for Breach Protocol by 20%.

Total Recall – Icepick daemon reduces quickhack costs by an additional RAM unit.

Mass Vulnerability: Resistances – Reduce all resistances for enemies in the network by 30%.

Turret Tamer – Set the status of every turret in the network to friendly for three minutes.

Head Start – Upload the first daemon in the list at the start of Breach Protocol.

Advanced Datamine – Increase amount of Eurodollars acquired from access points by 50%.

Datamine Virtuoso – Chance to acquire a quickhack from access points increased by 50%.

Hackathon – Three or more daemons in the same Breach Protocol being uploaded shortens quickhack cooldowns by 33% for 5 minutes.

Extended Network Interface – Highlight nearby access points automatically.

Efficiency – Three or more daemons uploaded in the same Brech Protocol will increase cyberdeck RAM recovery rate by three units per 60 seconds. Lasts for a total of 5 five minutes.

Compression – Length of the sequences required to upload daemons is reduced. Two is the limit.

Transmigration – Breach time of Breach Protocols increased by 50%.


I Spy – Reveal the location of an enemy netrunner when they are trying to hack you.

Biosynergy – Recover RAM during combat. 4 RAM units per 60 seconds.

Bloodware – Deal 10% more damage with quickhacks.

Signal Support – Quickhack duration increased by 25%.

Critical Error – Quickhacks deal critical hits based on your crit chance and crit damage status.

Weak Link – Required cyberdeck RAM reduced for quickhacks on devices by one unit.

Plague – Spreading quickhacks jump to one additional target.

Forget-Me-Not – Killing any target affected by quickhack will immediately recover one RAM unit.

Subliminal Message – Quickhack deals 50% more damage to unaware targets.

Hacker Overlord – Crafting specs unlocked for epic quickhacks.

Hacker’s Manual – Crafting specs unlocked for uncommon quickhacks.

Diffusion – Spread distance for quickhack increased by two times.

Optimization Cost of quickhacks reduced by one RAM unit.

I Spy – Enemy netrunner revealed while they try to hack you.

Mnemonic – Cost of quickhacks reduced used against enemy affected by a quickhack by two RAM units.

Anamnesis – Cyberdeck RAM can not drop below two units if available.

Daisy Chain – Cooldown for active quickhacks reduced by 10% if you eliminate a target affected by quickhack.

School of Hard Hacks – Crafting specs unlocked for rare quickhacks.

Bartmoss’ Legacy – Crafting specs unlocked for legendary quickhacks.

Master RAM Liberator – RAM recovery rate increased by 50%.


The ‘Cool’ attribute leans towards stealth and recon gameplay. The reason for the name is because as you start to go all-in on ‘Cool,’ you tend to learn how to be completely calm in extremely tense situations.

You will be able to improve your weapon handling in tough combat without any problem. The ‘Cooler’ you are, the less pressure you will feel while combating an entire army.


Crouching Tiger – Movement speed increased while sneaking by 20%.

Dagger Dealer – Ability to throw knives.

Sniper – Damage from headshots outside of combat increased by 30%.

From the Shadows – Critical chance increased by 25% for seven seconds upon entering combat.

Silent Finisher – Enemies that have less than 15% health die instantly when damaged with a knife. No effect on enemies with a higher threat level.

Silent and Deadly – Damage done by silent weapons increased by 25% whilst sneaking.

Leg Up – Movement speed increased by 30% for 10 seconds after a successful takedown.

Ghost– Detection time increased by 20%.

Hasty Retreat – Boost movement speed by 50% for five seconds when detected by an enemy.

Hidden Dragon – Perform non-lethal aerial takedowns on unaware targets.

Cutthroat – Throwing knives deal 30% more damage.

Commando – Undetectable underwater.

Neurotoxin – Poison damage doubled.

Strike from the Shadows – Crit chance increased by 15% while sneaking.

Aggressive Antitoxins – Immunity to poison.

Venomous Fangs – Knives apply poison on enemies.

Hasten the Inevitable – 20% more damage to enemies affected by poison.

Clean Work – Pick up an enemy’s body after takedown by holding the carry button.

Rattlesnake – Poison affected enemies are slowed down.

Cheat Death – If your health drops below 50%, all incoming damage is reduced by 50% for 10 seconds. Limited to only once every minute.

Assassin – 15% more damage to human enemies.

Stunning Blows – Quick melee attacks with ranged weapons will stagger enemies.

Restorative Shadows – Health regen increased by 25% if you’re in stealth.

Ninjutsu – Attacks while crouching from stealth with melee weapons deal 100% more damage with a guaranteed critical hit.

Toxicology – Duration of poison applied to enemies increased by 5%.

Cold Blood

Cold Blood – Gain Cold Blood for 10 seconds and increase movement speed after defeating an enemy.

Will to Survive – Resistances to everything increased by 2.5% per Cold Blood stack.

Coldest Blood – Max stack amount for Cold Blood increased by one.

Cold and Calculating – Critical hit has a 25% chance of applying Cold Blood stack.

Rapid Bloodflow – Health regen increased inside and outside of combat by 50% per stack of Coldblood.

Bloodswell – At 45% health, a max stack of Cold Blood is automatically activated.

Icy Veins – Weapon recoil reduced by 2.5% per stack of Cold Blood.

Frozen Precision – Headshot damaged increased by 50%.

Coolagulant – Cold Blood stacks are removed gradually, instead of all at once.

Frost Synapses – Quickhack cooldown reduced by 3% per stack of Cold Blood.

Blood Brawl – During Cold Blood, your melee weapon damage is increased by 5%.

Pain is an Illusion – During Cold Blood, reduce damage taken by 5%.

Critical Condition – Duration of Cold Blood increased by 5 seconds.

Predator – Attack speed increased by 10% per stack of Cold Blood.

Unbreakable – Max stack for Cold Blood increased by one.

Defensive Clotting – Armor increased by 10% per stack of Cold Blood.

Quick Transfer – Quickhack upload time increased by 1% per stack of Cold Blood.

Immunity – During Cold Blood, you are immune to bleeding, poison, burn and shock.

Merciless – During Cold Blood is active, increase your critical chance by 10% and critical damage by 25%. +1% crit chance and +3% crit damage per level of this perk.

We will continue to update the guide with more details about all the perks and attributes in Cyberpunk 2077.

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