Cyberpunk 2077 is Being Developed Based on Feedback and Iteration Process

CD Projekt Red is one of the most famous developers in the gaming industry right now. After a hit like Witcher 3 and now Cyberpunk 2077, the team has come so far and recently, Maciej Pietras, the lead cinematic animator sat down in an interview to talk about the challenges faced by the studio.

Maciej Pietras talked about how they the made the transition from Witcher to a sci-fi game like Cyberpunk 2077. He also discussed the challenges and the pressure surrounding this project.

Maciej Pietras said:

The NPC’s set in that world are fully fleshed out characters [and] not just templates, because we approach design like that. It means that you somehow got here. You’re here, you’re doing your job, you’re working, and I approach you and we have a discussion. The outcome is mostly dependent on the player choice. I could pull out the gun and the conversation will go in a very different direction. This example outlines how we think about cinematics and narrative content. So obviously it’s a huge challenge when compared to The Witcher. It’s an open world, one big city that you can explore. There are no loading screens, except for fast travel, and because of that, we have to keep the player as immersed and focus on what’s happening as possible.

Afterwards, he was asked about the distinctive style of Cyberpunk 2077 and how the studio was able to bring it to life.

It’s a never-ending process. I think the best way to describe it is: what we do at CD Projekt is try to create this iterative process of feedback and iteration. So basically when we make something we look at it very closely from all the angles and we get feedback and iterate on that and then we’ll pick it up again and iterate, etc. This is because we are not using any procedural aspects to create the world while still developing our tools sets. I think every team has developed some kind of toolsets that not only speed up their work but also increase quality and the way it all binds together is literally though reviewing the game constantly. The game has to run over again, all the time. Regardless if it is done yet, or not, it doesn’t matter, it has to be played constantly, and you basically iterate based on that

Currently, there’s no release date for Cyberpunk 2077 so we will have to wait more to finally play this masterpiece by CD Projekt Red. CD Projekt Red is proud of it and they have already mentioned that they want to bring change in the industry with Cyberpunk 2077.

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