Custom Xbox One Controller Drivers Released for OSX

A new driver has been made and released that allows users to use the Xbox One controller on the MAC OS X operating system.

According to a lengthy post by FranticRain (creator of the drivers), the controller must be connected via the USB cable in order for the drivers to work.

Simply run the installer located on the official page and then reboot your system. Finally, connect the controller without powering it on and then wait for the drivers to pick it up. The controller should light up soon.

The current release is Beta 0.4.1 and should be used “at your own discretion.” The package comes with its own uninstaller and can be used to safely remove the drivers if you need it done.

Currently it supports the following features:

  • Performs custom startup and handles all buttons on the controller
  • Customizable deadzones for both sticks and triggers
  • Invert X and Y for each stick individually
  • Preference pane allows you to see your controller in action
  • New awesome graphics, thanks to k1down
  • Signed

In the future the creator intends to bring Force Feedback (Rumble), compatibility with games not using Steamworks API, wireless implementation, and the ability to change controller input to keyboard input (setting) so as to support unsupported games.

Source: GitHub

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