Custom AMD RX Vega Graphics Cards Might Be Seen At Computex 2017, According To Powercolor Event Invite

We know that AMD RX Vega GPUs will be coming out sometime before June but we do not know when exactly. Invites for Computex 2017 from Powercolor may have just hinted that there might be some custom AMD RX Vega GPUs at the event. This is no confirmation, so you should take this with a grain of salt but there is nothing wrong with assumptions either.

Computex is a huge platform where companies show off their products and it is highly likely that we could see some custom AMD RX Vega GPUs at the event as well. Computex 2017 starts on May 30th, which is not too far from now. According to the invite, Powercolor will be showing new technologies and products and I assume that the company is teasing Vega.

Other than that, there are inside sources that claim that Vega could make an appearance at the event. If AMD is planning on showing off the new high-end GPUs then it seems that Computex would be a great platform to do so. We also talked about the supply of AMD Vega GPUs and that they will be shipped in small quantities at launch. Be sure to check out the article to learn more.

Custom AMD RX Vega

While custom AMD RX Vega GPUs might be around the corner, there is much that we still do not know about the upcoming GPUs and how well they will perform. The official word from AMD is that the Vega will compete with Nvidia GTX 1080 as well as the Titan XP but we have seen some leaks that tell us the exact opposite.

It is safe to say that there is a lot of mystery surrounding Vega and that there is also a bit of confusion as well. All this might become clear if we see custom AMD RX Vega GPUs at Computex 2017.

Let us know what you think about all this.

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