Curse Voice Beta Claims to Protect You Against DDoS and SWATing

Curse Voice has now officially entered open beta, the company has announced.

The new application is completely free (supported by ads), is light on your system, has an in-game overlay for easy access, an invite system, and an impressive voice-matching feature which alerts you when your friends join in and automatically begins a chat session.

Besides being a direct competition to the currently popular Skype application, Curse Voice also looks to protect players from online attacks. These come in two shapes. The first is Denial of Service Attacks which cripple your connection and is made possible when users get hold of your IP information through a number of software easily found on the web.

The second is termed as SWATing where players get hold of your house address and using that, inform authorities about possible malicious threats at your residence. This leads to law enforcements ramming down your doors and finding you playing games on your computer.

Current voice applications like Skype fail to protect your online identity and using them means giving easy access to your private information to attackers. Curse Voice looks to correct that by keeping players safe and in turn hiding their information.

You can try out Curse Voice here. The program is currently only available on the PC, but the beta is said to be coming to Mac as well.


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