Cuphead Wally Warbles Boss Guide

This Cuphead Wally Warbles Boss Guide will give you some very useful tips and tricks so that you do not get stuck on this fight and can quickly sail through to the next part of the game.

Wally Warbles is a mysterious bird which grows and shrinks through the course of the fight. The fight itself is not very complex but there is a plethora of stuff that you have to watch out for which makes this fight a little difficult.

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Cuphead Wally Warbles Boss

During Wally’s first form, just try to avoid the birds which should be very easy as they tend to fly in straight lines.

There are two different attacks from the boss which you need to worry about. The first is the egg which you can avoid by sticking to the far left side of your screen.

Now jump whenever an egg comes your way. The second attack is a hand that pops out of the hole where Wally’s head normally is. The hand will shoot three bullets at once and you need to move in between the gaps to make sure that you avoid them.

After this, the next phase of the battle begins in which Wally only has one attack. Wally will start screeching and send a ton of sharp blue feathers which will fly through the screen.

They are not really that difficult to dodge but you also need to watch out for smaller birds which will block the top or bottom of the screen. Keep on shooting as you dodge the attacks until the boss falls and a smaller bird takes it place.

The tiny bird which is surrounded by spikes can be a handful. Make sure you avoid the eggs which rotate around your target and move in a pattern. Occasionally, the bird will fire pink blasts which you will need to parry. Avoid the attacks and do damage until you get to the final phase.

Lastly, two small birds will come at you from the bottom of the screen while carrying an injured Wally. You need to avoid everything that they throw at you such as the pills which split apart when in the sky and the bullets that Wally fires.

Wally’s head will also sometimes transform into garbage can and throw trash at you. Dodge it while parrying the pink items.

Wally’s heart will sometimes jump out of his throat and start firing bullets at you. At this point you need to shoot at the heart.

Dodge everything and continue to shoot the boss at every available opportunity. Try to switch to your bombs and do a bombing run to get to the other side of Wally. Repeat this process enough and the boss will be as good as dead.

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