Cuphead Sheet Music Released By Studio MDHR For All Tiers Of Musician

One of the many things that made Cuphead special, aside from its gameplay and animation style, was the highly catchy music that went along with the game. Now, if you want, you can buy the official Cuphead sheet music for your high school band, professional orchestra, or even a barbershop quartet!

So, whether you’re singing about the graces of King Dice or just playing one of the many frenzied boss themes, picking up the actual sheet music for Cuphead could definitely be an interesting idea for any band or orchestra.

At the same time, however, there are only a few songs that are included in the various different packages, each of which you’d have to pay for, so this is something more suited to you doing it as part of a performance, rather than for fun.

There are two high school packages for the Cuphead sheet music, which include “Die House” and “Inkwell Isle 1” for high school concert band, and “Carnival Kerfuffle”, “Closing Credits”, “All Bets Are Off”, and “Floral Fury” for High School Jazz Band.

For the professional package, you can have your audience experience the sultry tones of “All Bets Are Off”, “Carnival Kerfuffle”, “Clip Joint Calamity”, “Closing Credits”, “Floral Fury”, “Sugarland Shimmy”, and “Threatenin’ Zeppelin.”

For the last category, which allows you to do the songs a capella as part of a barbershop quartet, you can sing “Don’t Deal With The Devil” and “A Quick Break” which were sung by Shoptimus Prime on the original Cuphead soundtrack.

The various different packs of Cuphead sheet music can be bought for $30 for high school concert band, $35 for high school jazz band, $50 for professional music, and a measly $5 for barbershop quartet variants.

So, if you’re a high school band director looking for something silly to play for concert season, or are part of a barbershop quartet looking for new material, you can find all of the available Cuphead sheet music by clicking this link.

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