Cuphead Sales Pass 2 Million In Three Months After Selling One Million In Two Weeks

The developers of Cuphead have now been vindicated on their decisions to re-mortgage their homes and quit their jobs, since Cuphead has now hit the double platinum mark in terms of units sold. Cuphead sales have now hit two million units on both the Xbox One and the PC.

While there’s no specific breakdown over which platform got the most sales, the fact that a game like this managed to get two million units sold in such a short period of time is almost unprecedented. The game, which came out on September 29, had previously been delayed multiple times before finally releasing to rave reviews. While hand-drawn animations had been getting used in a number of other games before Cuphead had come out, there hadn’t been anything done in that style, which was similar to the Max Fleischer style of Popeye and Betty Boop among others.

Cuphead’s surprisingly deep gameplay, variety of challenging bosses and levels, and unique art style all combined to give it very positive reviews, and while there hasn’t been any announcement of a sequel, the boys over at StudioMDHR can rest easy knowing that they have brought something unique to video gaming in general. Unfortunately for Playstation 4 players, due to Microsoft helping MDHR publish the game, the game won’t be coming to the Playstation 4, ever.

Considering that the game has only been available for three months, it’s likely that Cuphead sales will only go up in the future, from two million to however much it will end up selling hbefore the gaming world has finally given it all it can.

With all the Cuphead sales that have both already happened and the ones that are coming sometime in the future, hopefully we’ll get something from Studio MDHR in the future, possibly either Cuphead-related or something of the same art style.