Cuphead Playstation 4 Port Released Yesterday

A Cuphead Playstation 4 port was announced and released yesterday by developer Studio MDHR, opening up a new platform to the wildly successful arcade shooter. The game was announced with a special stop-motion trailer, and there had been no hints of a Playstation 4 port recently (though it had been rumored for years.)

Cuphead is a platform shooter game animated in the style of 1930s Fleischer cartoons that tells the tale of Cuphead and his brother, Mugman as they attempt to collect contracts on souls for the Devil, putting them up against a wide variety of bosses.

Despite its enormous difficulty, Cuphead proved to be extremely successful, which is definitely vindicating for MDHR, considering the two original developers of the game had to re-mortgage their houses to fund the game during development.

Cuphead has had a massive amount of success on the Xbox One and PC, and also came out on the Nintendo Switch last year, so hopefully the Cuphead Playstation 4 port will be similarly successful even if it’s been three years since the game came out.

Hopefully the fact that a Playstation 4 port has come out means good things for the game’s DLC The Delicious Last Course, which was announced back in 2018 to be a continuation with more levels and a new character, Mrs. Chalice, who was originally a side character. There was also a release of sheet music for the game’s soundtrack.

There hasn’t been any news of that DLC since its announcement (aside from it being delayed to this year to avoid crunch), but with the announcement and release of the Playstation 4 port it’s nice to know that Cuphead is still being worked on in some form or another, and hopefully DLC work will get an update at some point.

Either way, if you haven’t played Cuphead yet but have a Playstation 4, or want to play it again on the Playstation 4, you can pick up the Cuphead Playstation 4 now on the Playstation Store.