Cuphead Pacifist Achievement Guide

Cuphead Pacifist Achievement Guide to help you learn everything that you need to know about unlocking the Achievement that requires you to complete all levels without eliminating a single enemy. In order to unlock the Pacifist Achievement, you need to complete all the Run & Gun levels without killing enemies with your damaging abilities.

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Cuphead Pacifist Achievement

One important thing that you need to bear in mind while going for this Achievement is that you are allowed to shoot enemies as long as they do not die.

In addition to this, you are also allowed to eliminate an enemy using a Regular Parry. Completing a Run & Gun level with all these conditions fulfilled will allow you to earn a ‘P’ rating – the highest rating a player can receive in a Run & Gun level.

You will often have to get past some impassable objects and the tricks to pass them are different for each of them. Like you can parry a mushroom before the acorn dispenser that puffs out small clouds and you can dash through the bug at the end of the stage Treetop Trouble.

Although doing so is fairly challenging, you should definitely consider seeing the Turtle on the docks of World #3 after completing all six stages without killing an enemy.

Speaking to the Turtle on the docks will enable you to unlock a couple of filters i.e. A black & white visual filter and a vintage audio filter that will change your game’s sound entirely.

So yes, if you were looking forward to playing the game with a black & white filter or change its sound as if it was coming from an old radio set you now know how to do so.

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