Cuphead Items Guide

In this Cuphead Items Guide, we will guide on different items that you purchase in Cuphead. Our Cuphead Items Guide also explains how you can equip and un-equip these items easily.

Cuphead is a nostalgic game with visuals coming straight from 1930s cartoons. There are many items that you can use to make the game easier and we have listed all of them in our Cuphead Items Guide.

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Cuphead Items

Numerous items are available for sale for you at Porkrind’s Emporium. You can buy these items with coins that you collect during your adventure. The game allows you to equip four items at a single time out of which two are Shots; one is Super while the last one is a Charm.

You can try out all the diverse items with each other to form the best combination that suits your game style. We have mentioned all the items below according to their category.


Shots are basically your Main Weapon that you will shoot at the enemies. Cuphead features six different types of shots each with their own good and bad features.

Some of these guns are really useful during certain situations so make sure you try out each and every one of them to get used to them.

Chaser – 4G
Chaser has long range but lower damage when compared with other weapons. However, the best part is that you do not need to aim when shooting with Chaser equipped. It features homing shots and will automatically seek and damage enemies.

Spread – 4G
Spread is like a shotgun. It is a close range weapon and will deal a great of damage if you fire it near the enemy.

Roundabout – 4G
Roundabout features great coverage with decent damage. To increase the range, aim backward and fire.

Lobber – 4G
Lobber is a slow firing weapon. It lacks for the slow rate of fire with heavy damage and medium damage.

Peashooter – Default
Peashooter is your weapons from the start. It is a decent enough weapon, good for many situations and features long range with average damage. It will be good until you can buy another Shot to alternate with it.

Charge – 4G
The Charge is a slow firing weapon mainly because you need to charge it up before firing. It has no quick fire mode so you cannot fire it rapidly. Make sure each of the shot counts.

Super – Special Abilities

Super is your Special Abilities that you can use when are on full power. Full power is denoted by five cards located at the bottom left of the screen. You get Super Abilities by completing Mausoleum Challenges. They cannot be bought using Coins.

Energy Beam
Energy Beam is unlocked when you complete Mausoleum challenge 1. It is a heavy damage attack and good against Bosses.

It is unlocked when you complete Mausoleum challenge 2. It makes you invincible for a short time.

Giant Ghost
It is unlocked when you complete Mausoleum challenge 3. It grants you great attacking power.

Charms – Passive Abilities

Charms are Passive Abilities that you can equip and they will keep granting you bonuses passively. You can purchase them just like shots using Coins that you collect while playing.

Heart – 3G
The Heart will grant you another hit point so you can take another hit before dying. On the downside, it will reduce your attack power.

Smoke Bomb – 3G
Smoke Bomb makes you invincible during your dash making it a great defensive ability. Recommended during boss fights.

Coffee – 3G
Coffee makes your Super meter fill continuously. You also fill it normally when you hit enemies but coffee will even fill it when you are not attacking.

Whetstone – 3G
Whetstone is basically your first parry move. With Whetstone, you not only get a parry move but also an axe attack which features heavy damage.

Sugar – 3G
Sugar is your initial parry move, unlocked right from the start. Simply jump towards the enemy you want to parry and you will parry them.

Twin Hearts – 5G
Twin hearts is a great alternative to Heart. It allows two extra hits before you die and the amount of attack reduction is also more than that Hearts. Switch to Twin Hearts as soon as possible.

This concludes our Cuphead Items Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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