Cuphead Hilda Berg Boss Guide

Cuphead Hilda Berg Boss Guide to help you defeat the boss that appears in A Threatenin' Zepplin with our in-game tips and strategies.

Hilda Berg is one of the first bosses that you will face which will cause you some problems. This is also the first boss that you will fight inside a plane. This Cuphead Hilda Berg Boss Guide will tell you how you can beat this boss without too much of a hassle.

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Cuphead Hilda Berg Boss

We have detailed everything you need to know about defeating Hilda Berg in the game.

In her first form she is a giant blimp riding a unicycle, floating on the right side of your screen. Since you are on a plane, you will not be able to dash and will only be able to shoot forward.

You do have the ability to shrink your plane that will give you the chance to be able to dodge more attacks. Apart from your equipped charm, none of your other equipped items will work.

How to beat Hilda Berg in Cuphead


First of all, you have to dodge shots fired from smaller enemies and kill them in the process. At the same time, try to peel off the health of the boss. Do not let the ‘HA’ attacks touch you and beware of the tornado attack.

To dodge the tornado attack, move to the top or bottom of the screen when you see it forming. In the end, Hilda Berg will expand and launch herself at you.

Now the boss will change its form and the form will be randomly selected. If it is a bull, then make sure you are either above or below the bull as it sprints across the screen, otherwise, it will do a ton of damage.

If it is the twins, they shoot orbs in a counter-clockwise pattern so try to avoid them. If it is Cupid, then it will fire arrows and stars which you will need to avoid. Hilda will eventually return to normal form before transforming once again.

The last form of Hilda Berg is the mechanical moon. Her face will shoot a powerful melee attack and random stars, both of which you need to avoid.

When her face is out of the moon, UFOs will appear on the top and fire powerful beams that you must dodge.

Just remember to parry attacks that are pink to get you EX meter filled up quickly and avoid damage throwing some of it back even.

Keep on shooting straight at the boss while you are dodging these attacks until the boss is defeated to complete the stage.

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