Cuphead Grim Matchstick Boss Guide

This Cuphead Grim Matchstick Boss Guide will give you numerous tips and tricks on how to beat the boss and move on in the game. Before we start the battle, it is worthwhile to bring Lobber and Spread to this fight.

The fierce dragon known as Grim Matchstick can cause quite a kerfuffle for players who are going through the story of Cuphead. Beating the boss requires quite a lot of intensive mechanics and practice.

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Cuphead Grim Matchstick Boss

Phase One
During Phase one, you must understand Grim’s tactics. You need to make sure that you hop from cloud to cloud to avoid the circular beams.

Sometimes cloud poisoning plays an interfering role in your dodging. Therefore, observe carefully and try to counter each of his moves, specially the Eye laser.

Grim has three Attacks in his arsenal. Eye laser, Tail stab and Flame ball belch.

Using the Eye Laser, Grim is able to shoot fire beams out of his eyes. Counter them by dodging them. Also, try to parry the last beam so that you can build your EX-gauge.

Tail Stab allows Grim to wiggle his tail and create a wall infront of you. If you somehow come in contact with the wall, you’ll seriously get damaged.

As for the last attack, Flame ball belch. You will be taking in fireballs which are easy to dodge since their tail does nothing.

Keep an eye out for the tail of the boss as it will snap up in an instant and try to stab you.

Counter these Fireballs by waiting down at the bottom of the screen and once they dip down, you leap over them. Jump from the middle if two fireballs are shot at once. Keep on avoiding all of these attacks and attacking the dragon itself to move on to the next phase.

Phase Two
This Phase is by far the easiest phase of Grim. All he does it stand at the left side of the screen and shoot Small Flames out of his tongue.

All you need to do is to watch out for the fire emanating from his nose and you are good to go. It is quite easy to do as all that is required of you is to stay above the nose at all times.

However, apart from all the ease, this Phase also has a hard side in the form of little flame soldiers.

The little flame soldiers that are on the bottom of the screen are much harder to get rid of as they might jump at you at any time. They always make a sound before they jump so watch out for the sound and then get ready to dodge their leaps.

Phase Three
Unlike the Second phase, the last section in this boss fight is really difficult and a little different than the rest in the fact that you do not need to hold down the shoot button at all times. Grim will now have three heads and they will fire bubbles that are filled with flame.

Try to dodge them as that way they will disappear and never come back. If you shoot them, then they will burst and fly up and down which will make it a lot more difficult for you to dodge them.

Make sure to jump on the upper or lower clouds once one of his heads open its mouth.

This way Grim will transform his central head into a flamethrower and you need to make sure that you avoid it by staying on top of the screen as much as possible. Keep on shooting Grim until he falls and the fight is over.

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