Cuphead Goopy Le Grande Boss Guide

In this Cuphead Goopy Le Grande Boss Guide, we will guide you on how to defeat the boss. There are different bosses in your adventure that you will need to defeat and Goopy Le Grande is one of them.

We have curated this Cuphead Goopy Le Grande Boss Guide with tips and tricks so you can easily defeat the boss battle of Goopy Le Grande.

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Cuphead Goopy Le Grande Boss

Goopy Le Grande is a fairly easy boss. You will need to defeat it in three phases.

Goopy’s First Phase

During the first phase, Goopy Le Grande will be in his small form and will bounce around the screen trying to crush you, avoid him by running left and right and under him while he is in the air.

Usually, he’ll either jump high with a short range or hop lower with a longer range. You can also counter his leap attack by hiding at the sides of the screen.

During this, he will occasionally stop and turn into a Giant boxing glove to perform an attack by extending to either left or right side, depending on where he is facing.

Avoid his attack by either duking down or staying as far as possible from him. Keep shooting him, until he stops, flips a coin and then turns into a bigger version of himself starting the second phase of the battle.

Just keep in mind that Goopy will get enraged after swinging and jumping down at you therefore, be careful and try to stay away from his reach.

Goopy’s Second Phase

During the second phase, the strategy is the same however, you need to be more vigilant in trying to escape Goopy Le Grande’s bounces because he is now huge and will cover more ground. Keep shooting at him while avoiding him and he will eventually stop for a punching attack.

Maintain distance or duck down to avoid him. Keep at it until he turns into a gravestone and the last phase of the attacks starts.

During the last phase, Goopy Le Grande turns into a gravestone and will slide left and right at a high speed. He will occasionally drop on you trying to crush you.

Point upwards and then shoot in order to damage him during this phase. Keep avoiding his attacks and shooting him and he will die soon. Once he dies, your boss battle is over.

Goopy’s Third Phase

Although Goopy is defeated, your battle is not quite over. You still have to destroy Goopy’s Tombstone.

The Tombstone tries to shuffle out your attack but keep shooting at Goopy’s face and once the Tombstone stops, it’s your queue to get out of harm’s way as soon as possible.

If not then the Tombstone will crash down upon you and you can’t avoid it due to its massive size.

Goopy’s Charms and Weapons
The best and the most highly recommended weapon to defeat Goopy is the Chaser. The Chaster is the best target aimer in the game and can really help you defeat Goopy, especially in the third phase where you’re supposed to stay under the “soon to be crashed Tombstone”.

Also, the Chaser is not an expensive weapon and you can purchase it easily from the Porkrind’s Emporium.

As far as Charms are concerned, even though the Heart charm helps you add a hit point on your health, it’s highly recommended to use the Smoke Bomb as it makes Cuphead or Mugman invincible when dodging. The Smoke Bomb is one aggressive Charm and can really ease up your battle throughout all of Goopy’s phases.

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